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Domestic Terrorist Watch

George II arrogantly upholds "right" to surveill U.S. citizens as "domestic terrorists."
BUSHINGTON, D.C.(Dominion of Cheney) - In another nationally televised tirade of the usual ad nauseum rhetoric on CNN (Comedy News Network), and Faux News, the clueless Emperor declared that total surveillance of the U.S. public was "vital" to the security of the Empire, that it was legal and necessary to rooting out "internal 'domestic al Qaeda terrorists' " plotting attacks on unspecified targets in unspecified cities and towns.

Attempting to be assertive, George II defensively defended his policy of
spying on U.S. citizens, saying that he was doing everything the American people expected him to do in fighting the war on terror and protecting their freedom and democracy.
When asked about the wiretap leak, Bush hotly declared that the revelation was shameful because it would alert "al Qaeda terrorists now in America planning further terror attacks" and prevent the Department of Homeland "Security" from protecting the rights and freedoms of all Americans.

Bush's Dream = World's Nightmare
When asked by reporters if he was assuming dictorial authority, George II said, " Absolutely, I have the legal authority to do this."
No surprise there, as Bush has said several times that he should be a dictator....that as dictator he would make everything easier for the American people.
"This was one of the most classified operations conducted by the U.S. government" said AG Alberto Gonzalez, "and I support the administrations policy of monitoring all telephone calls and e-mails within the United States (and elsewhere) of American people (domestic terrorists) who are involved with "al Qaeda and other terrorists."

Stuck in the Spin Cycle
Regardless of the Emperor's bluster and the "howls of outrage" from the U.S. Congress, with Republicans and Democrats " 'demanding' an investigation" ---such as Jay Rockefeller (D, W.Va), a member of the Senate "Intelligence" Committee who was briefed by Chick Deney two years ago, and has just released a handwritten letter stating his "concern" over domestic surveillance. Rockefeller claims that this information was so classified, that he "could not fully evaluate nor endorse the program" --- as well as "expressing his concern" about the governments policy on technology, security and surveillance.
Jay Rockefeller, and family, whose involvement in the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, and other like-minded organizations is well-known, and all of whom fully support Bush and the coalition of the swilling.

Read his lips, warmaker lies.
Bush, the coward-in-chief, again repeated the lie that al CIAda "failed" to
provide him with a reason to invade and occupy Iraq and Afghanistan, the al CIAda terrorists gave Bush the "reason" to attack Iraq by staging the attack on 9/11, as well as the earlier bombing in the WTC garage.
"I will continue to monitor the activities of the American people" said Bush, "because it is vital in the war against terrorism. Homeland Security, the NSA spying program and the Patriot Act are the tools we are using to root out the terrorists and protect the public."
Emperor-in-waiting Chick Deney and Extreme Court Justice Alito also endorse the "domestic terrorist watch."

George II, with a confused gee-i-wish-i-could-be-assertive look demanded that Hillary Clinton and others(who are actually supporting Bush & court) pass the Patriot Act, saying that this "filibuster" to block this policy is both inexcusable and unpatriotic. "I want these Senators, from Nevada, California, New York and other states" said Bush, "to tell the American people why their safety and freedom are at risk from terrorist attack because they won't pass the Patriot Act."

In a desperate attempt not to lose his public worship and their support for the war, Bush had CNN & Faux News run three "national polls", asking about 810 people on their opinion of Bush's leadership.
Not surprisingly, the two networks announced that Bush's approval rating suddenly jumped from 32% to 57%.
Apparently, according to their news reports, Bush has been handling the war quite well....he has made great progress in Iraq and that he is winning the war on terror.......at the cost of only about 2,170 GI's (GI casualty rate is much higher than Pentagon will admit) and well over 100,000 Iraqi civilians.
George II and cabal have arrogantly said that they do not really care about public opinion concerning the "controversy" concerning the war on terror, the al CIAda "extraordinary rendition" flights, the secret torture prisons, spying on the public, and other top-secret government black-ops. The so-called "uproar" and "outrage" by politicians demanding answers and and investigations concerning the White House conduct is only a smokescreen.......these politicos are only trying to cover their asses.

Such as Democrat Tom Daschle who said that he was briefed on the surveillance program by the Bush administration between 2002-2004.
"I was not told about key details of the spy program" said Daschle, "and with some of the "more troublesome and possibly illegal provisions "blacked out", I still "expressed my concern" to the president about his actions."
Democratic Senate Leader Reid said that he was given one briefing on spying earlier this year and claims that the important provisions were ommitted. Reid also said that there should be an "investigation" into Bush's authorization of the NSA spy program.
Pat Roberts(R - KS), the chairman of the Senate "Intelligence" Committee
said he has received regular briefings from the White House. In a statement
released by his office, Roberts said the spy program is allowable and legal
by U.S. laws and the Constitution, and that he was talking to other Senate
leaders about expanding this oversight by Congress.

George II stated at a news conference, repeating the usual spin he learns through headphones while sleeping, that he is permitted by U.S. law to spy on the public. "I have used my presidential authority to allow surveillance" said Bush, "and Congress also gave me the authority after 9/11." Bush also stated that the Congress and Constitution allowed him to use military force against the terrorists in America.

"I can fully understand why some members of Congress are expressing concerns about your civil liberties" Bush said. "and I expect the American people to understand that I will do whatever I have to do to protect them,and I am doing that, protecting American Democracy."
Attempting to regain public support for the war on terror, Bush repeated the word "understand" over twenty-five times.
"The American people should understand that the terrorists will still attack
the U.S." said Bush, "and it is very dangerous for them not to be vigilant."
He also said that African-Americans who do not support him should understand that he really "cares about them."

The political lawmakers agreed to extend the Patriot Act up to four years after a ranting harangue by Bush.
"The NSA spy program will allow the government to move faster to catch terrorists" said Bush, "and I have to think on my feet, to be quick to catch and prevent the terrorists from attacking us again."

Bush quickly vetoed any kind of investigation into his spying policy.
"An investigation into the spy program will alert al Qaeda terrorists to what I am doing. These terrorists are an enemy that can adjust and prepare quickly" Bush said, "and Congress has consulted with me over twelve times to ensure that America will be protected."

In response to questions concerning White House claims of Saddam Hussein's WMD's and links to Usama bin Laden/al Qaeda, Bush said that this intelligence will make it very difficult for him to deal with other terrorist threats, like Syria and Iran.
"The American people need to understand that the intelligence about Iraq was good, and that they should believe and trust me about the intelligence I have on Iran and Syria and their threat to our democracy" said Bush. "Thank you and God Bless America."

Apparently after feeling exhausted due to his heavy and tiring workload, Bush said that he is headed back to his ranch in Crawford to relax.
"It helps me to unwind and think" Bush said, "while I watch some of my favorite soap operas -- like "As The World Burns" and "One World To Conquer."
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the Resident Evil and their co-conspirators (Rep & Dem) in Congress should be tried and executed for treason. fuck impeachment.