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Trouble Down Under

At the present moment a naval battle is occurring in
the Southern Ocean near Antarctica. The Sea Shepherd and
Greenpeace organizations are engaging a Japanese whaling
fleet. Unite to protect the earth and life from the
depredations of the murderous.
Make no doubt about it, there is a MIDWAY type naval battle ocurring
between Australia and Antarctica. A fleet of Japanese whalers are intent
on harpooning to death any whale they see and these boats are being
opposed by Greepeace and Sea Shepherd vessels. To see a first hand picture
of the harpooning of a whale see Greenpeace. Although these incidents are
being widely covered on Oceania Indymedia there is no news of this in the
Northern Hemisphere. Remember that once there were abundant numbers of
whales in the Northern Pacific. But these were long ago decimated by
whaling fleets. Now they come down South, to a designated Sanctuary. Yes,
its just like Pearl Harbour in a way.
img 27.Dec.2005 21:22


Greenpeace fights whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary off Antartica.
Greenpeace fights whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary off Antartica.

JapanHighlightsAustralianWeakness 27.Dec.2005 22:43


Despite requests from the Australian Green Party the Australian
Government refuses to send naval vessels into their own territorial
waters to escort the Japanese fleet out. The Japanese are in Australian
territorial waters because they perceive Australia to be weak. By adopting
a postition of appeasement the Australian Government is indirectly
surrendering the Antarctic waters to future exploitation and destruction.
If Australia is too weak to fight to protect these waters they do not
deserve them. It is then up to a stronger country, such as the United
States to take up the challenge that the Japanese have belligerently
offered. Something has to be done to show the Japanese that the Western
Alliance is not weak. We will always fight with action the slaughter
of the helpless.

Teach thy children well 03.Jan.2006 06:41

David Shaman@nativepuppets.com

Education and a traditional Media Sprawl is another great tactic. Show them a picture of a whale being cut open and ask the question, "Do you want to eat this butchard animal"?

I know many people who beltch at the site of animal mutalation, but the next hour go to McDonald's and order a burgar.

Being philosophically correct is living and eating in the right way. In other words, be a vegatarian; it is great for your sanity and the animal and God thanks you.

It never too late!


"All my Relations"