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Juan Rubio

Juan Rubio arrested again.
Can anyone explain to me why Mr. Rubio was arrested again. I don't see a crime in trying to get answers into his son's death.

?? 27.Dec.2005 18:01


who is juan rubio?

when? Where? 27.Dec.2005 18:12

juan segin

Perhaps, if the when, and where were available, we could research the answers? Juan has a really in your face thing going on, and Sandy police have not shown a lot of patience in the past, no reason to expect any real humanity to emerge at this time.

Who? 27.Dec.2005 20:03

Funken Wagnal

He is the paternal unit of one Carlos Rubio, formerly of Sandy, Oregon. To tell you more would be to deny you the pleasure and learning experience of using the "search" function of Indy. Hint: type the name "rubio" into the subject search bar, and you may learn much, Grasshopper.

yes, the search function 27.Dec.2005 20:33


but that would deny the "author" of an "article" to explain what they're talking about.

"author?" 28.Dec.2005 08:34

Wuz nun

All I see are a couple of questions. Those who wish answers must search elsewhere...

How to use Indymedia 28.Dec.2005 09:24

Regular Reader

It's really distracting to me when people post one-line questions like this. Indymedia is a news source, not a blog. If you have information and news to share, this is your forum. Post it. But please do not just throw out useless little one-liners like this. It's a waste of time, space, and resources. Please take the time to actually write an article, or just sit back and read other people's articles. Why not make a phone call or something, and actually find out what happened with Juan Rubio, before just lazily posting something useless like this?

And indy editors, can u compost this? Seriously. I mean, I know who Juan Rubio is, and I'm very interested in this story. That's why I clicked on this link. But this is not an article, it's not news, and it's not informative. It's a waste of time.

Or perhaps-? 29.Dec.2005 10:23

notha mo niter

Maybe, if someone has answers to the original question, it may get posted here for all to see? Juan's story is a sad one, and not a lot of information is forthcoming from either the cops, or the corp asswipe, so perhaps, if the poster is not as "regular" as the room monitor above, and does not know how to find sources, someone with time to kibutz, who does have access to info sources, will just answer the freakin question. Indy is about idea sharing, as well as professionally researched and well written articles sucha as was written by the bran eater.

notha mo niter 29.Dec.2005 10:51


Thank you! I appreciate your kindness in my defense. I just care and was hoping that someone could enlighten me, as there was no media on this to my knowledge, just word of mouth.

No problem 29.Dec.2005 17:24


I was just sorry that you got trashed for asking a question, which is one of the purposes that we all visit this site. I was even sorrier that no one seemed to have an answer for you. I have checked with everyone I can, and can find no word. Do you know where he is jailed, or when it happened?

NrM 29.Dec.2005 21:00


Clackamas Co. jail is the information that I got.

Not at Clacko Hotel 29.Dec.2005 21:35


I checked the jail roster for tonight, puzzled. He is not there at this time. Doesn't mean that he has not been there. You could call them, if you desire.