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mail for mcgowan

I just talked to people in Eugene at Lane County Jail about ways to contact Daniel McGowan...he can call us collect, he can get money orders that will go onto his commissary tab so he can buy things like stamps, etc. His visitor set up is pretty grim...
I just talked to Lane County Jail where Daniel McGowan is being held. They say he can get letters with just pen and paper or print, but nothing inside, no glitter, etc. Also standard postcards are allowed. They said if inmates get enough glitter it can be a weapon for eyes so they are not allowed anything with glitter on it.

They said we can send pictures but not polaroid pictures as they have two parts where things can be hidden.

No incoming calls to inmates are allowed but the inmates can call you collect. So that is another option.

Visitation seems improbable for anyone outside of family and attorney. Apparentyly they get to list 3 people on a visit list and they can change those 3 people every 4 weeks. Depending on the classification of the inmate, they can have 1-3 visits a week most commonly, outside of attorney visits, the jail said.

They said he can receive money orders in mail and then the jail guards have him sign it and it goes on his tab for stamps, etc thus sending a money order with your letter is not a bad idea.

Also, they said their address was W. 5th Avenue, not 5th Street as had been previously posted on the internet elsewhere.

So, Daniel's address right now is
Daniel McGowan
Lane County Jail
101 West 5th Avenue
Eugene, Or 97401

Send him a plain letter without glitter, or a photo but not a polaroid!

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Money Orders 27.Dec.2005 18:55


Most jails, and I believe Lane County is one of them, require that just the money order be in the envelope and no letter. If they are both included, I'm not sure which of them will be delayed or trashed. I only know that from speaking with various county facilities, including Lane if I remember correctly, that this is a requirement they have. Best to be on the safe side and just send the money order in one envelope and the letter in another.

How do we send books 30.Dec.2005 19:53

Ben There

Letters, cards, photos, help keep spirits up. Books can help to pass the time and are a great mental escape. How do we send books? Are there limits to how many a prisoner at Lane Co can have? Are there limits to how many can come in a package? Hardcover or softcover? Different jails have different criteria. Does anyone know Lane County's criteria?