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Neighborhood Public Radio in Portland

Looking for local speakers/broadcasters for a public broadcast from January 5th - 10th.

Hello all and sundry...

Neighborhood Public Radio is coming to Portland on January 5th as part of Red 76's Ghost Town project. We are now belatedly, but actively, soliciting your participation in this endeavor.

Here're the details:

NPR will be operating a radio station from the evening of January 5th until the morning of January 10th. During that time we hope to feature the contributions of a wide variety of Portland residents. Though we will likely be under the umbrella of an "art" context we do not intend to be limited by this notion. If you have something interesting to say about Portland and it's political, cultural, economical situation then we want to hear from you. If you have a killer collection of music that you want to play for people to hear, we want to hear from you. If you know a group of teenage troublemakers who would soil their pants for an opportunity to be on the local Clear Channel Affiliate... send 'em our way. We will be broadcasting from a store front very near the Welcoming Center/ Clothing Exchange... so passersby will ideally be interacting with us as we broadcast. It will be far more entertaining than the Today show, we promise.

Another idea we had that we are excited about involves setting up a Ghost Town News Bureau. Do you have a cassette recorder and a microphone (or better)? Do you already know how to, or would you like to learn how to, edit audio? Do you like to explore the city of Portland? Do you like to stop people on the street and ask them random questions? If so, we really want you to help form the temporary Ghost Town News Bureau at Neighborhood Public Radio.

Now, we acknowledge we're a bit behind the curve in doing this recruitment so we are very eager to hear from you. Feel free to answer us with a statement as simple as "I'ld love to help. Tell me what to do." Or you could feel free to be more descriptive of what you have in mind. We'll take whatever the neighborhood has to offer.

Send enthusiastic words of support, encouragement, and or commitment to npr_user [at] conceptualart.org.

Thank you for your support,



homepage: homepage: http://www.conceptualart.org/npr

we want to bring this to Corvallis 27.Dec.2005 15:01


How do we sign up for getting email about this project. We want to bring this project to Corvallis. Corvallis residents are trying to form a media collective that will have a news gathering service, website, IPOD service, Low powered FM radio, and multimedia website to hold video and audio files as well as graphics and information.

We would love to learn more about your project.
Do you have a listserve. Email list. What?

img 27.Dec.2005 16:49



Why I do not listen to NPR 27.Dec.2005 18:05

I love pdx imc web radio

1-Corporate media! Their biggest corporate sponsors are Walmart, ADM and Monsanto.

2-NPR and the National Association of Broadcasters has fought against low power fm radio broadcasts, starting with a bill in 1978 that banned low power fm. They still continue with their fight against LPFM.

3-Government controlled! Yes, they get money from the government. Could this also influence the kind of stories they put out? You bet!

Here is their public treasurers report:

 link to nprstations.org

this is from their website 27.Dec.2005 18:27

they're just detourning the "NPR" initials as a joke

Neighborhood Public Radio welcomes you !!
October 23rd, 2005

Neighborhood Public Radio is an independent, artist-run radio project committed to providing an alternative media platform for artists, activists, musicians, and community members.

Our motto: If it's in the neighborhood and it makes noise .. we hope to put it on the air.

At few times in recent history has it been more imperative that communities find ways to make their voices heard. As the FCC attempts to make it easier for radio stations to be co-opted by large corporations, and as the Corporation that runs our one National "Public" radio outlet conspires to exclude all other voices from the left end of the radio dial, individuals in the Bay Area are making it known that they will not be restricted from accessing the airwaves that are rightfully their own .

Neighborhood Public Radio has been named "Best Super Local Radio Station" by San Francisco magazine and we have been featured in Punk Planet magazine, Artforum, and the Chicago Reader. As a traveling band of guerilla broadcasters, folks from NPR have hosted thematic broadcasts far and wide, including both Artist's Television Access and Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco's Mission District, Chicago's Version 5 Festival, and a recent trip to collaborate with the neighborly media folks of kuda.org in Novi Sad, Serbia (a trip made possible by a grant from CEC Artslink). Visit our blog to read all about NPR's adventures across Europe during Summer 2005.

Reading is nice, but sometimes it's even better to listen.

You can listen to a highlight reel here. Be sure to also check out our extensive archive of broadcasts for more exciting independent, free-spirited radio listening.

My bad 27.Dec.2005 18:48

I still hate NPR

I was fooled by the logo.....

I appreciate you all using their initials, image and logo but I wonder how many were disgusted by the graphics and similarities and thought, I don't plan on supporting!

that's kinda silly 27.Dec.2005 18:59


but suit yourself.