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imperialism & war

no war with iran!

Let's just stop this one cold
Last week it was reported that Porter Goss, the new CIA head, had met with Turkish officials to arrange (I presume) flyover rights during a combined Israeli/US strike on Iran. It would appear that the scheme may have been delayed somewhat by the fact that Iraqi freedom fighters are succeeding against the invaders of their country.

The US has supplied Israel with bunker-buster bombs by the shipload. All is in readiness for Unser Fuhrer's continued world war plans. The fact that Iraq is coated with blood means nothing to the grand plan. Or that's my opinion, anyhow; I haven't noticed rationality or compassion having anything to do with the neocon cabal's activities so far.

We really have to run these thugs out of office NOW. Here's more, from Al-Jazeera:

 link to www.aljazeera.com
o 27.Dec.2005 08:03


lets pray for a dispute!

ah, then they will stop the tyrant as we are rendered useless until then!


let's pray for iran!

just like ((if the left wanted victory in november 2004 they would've voted for Bush who wbrings change by the minute!))


lets pray for their souls!

US damned and shunned by the rest of the world 27.Dec.2005 10:33

Lawrence Maushard

The possibility remains great that the US and Israel will attack Iran before Shrub leaves office. And just as Shrub and his war criminals didn't count on the quagmire that developed in Iraq, they certainly have no idea about the bloodbath and regional and possibly worldwide warfare that will be unleashed with an attack on Iran.

Tehran is a powerful regional state with the ability to absorb losses and inflict pain. That's why I believe the US will eventually go nuclear in Iran. When that happens, with the horrific killings we will all be responsible for, the US will be forever damned and shunned by the rest of the world, much moreso than it is now, if that's possible.

And just like with the invasion of Iraq, I don't believe that those opposed to these war crimes will be able to stop Shrub & Co. They just don't respond to our voices in these situations.

Of course, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. We truly are living in the darkest days of the foulest empire on earth.

"What did you do during the war, daddy?"

"I played with my iPod, shopped at WalMart, and vacationed in Aruba, sweetie. God bless Amerika."

Lo-rent 27.Dec.2005 10:44


"What did you do during the war, daddy?"

"I played with my iPod, shopped at WalMart, and vacationed in Aruba, sweetie. God bless Amerika." - -

- how we are on the same page (if i may) brother.

p.s. 27.Dec.2005 10:47


march 28th israel has stated as their 'deadline' for iran to be referred or 'brought'(wrong word) to the u.n. security council... and then...

which is:
Elections to the 17th Knesset are expected to be held on March 28

this war is already done 27.Dec.2005 11:14


it cannot be stopped. At least not by the American people at this stage of their involvement. Has no one learned from the Iraq war protests? where they not large enough? Protest politics do not work, they never did. A real social movemnt is not based merely on reaction to war, but combatting the conditions that create it. At this stage of worker consciousness however, the causes of war remain unconnected to the profit system of free enterprise. Connect the dots.

look out! 27.Dec.2005 14:30


Soon we will have a shiite country to assist Iran.

meaning 27.Dec.2005 16:20


Zaki: Intelligent, Sinless, Chaste.

Max: Can't give up so easily 28.Dec.2005 03:15

Marik marik@aracnet.com

We cannot give up hope because conditions are not what we would like them to be. This period of low class consciousness can be frustrating, I agree. You seem to understand the nature of capitalist production, and the nature of the class struggle. We need to work to bring this understanding to the various workers struggles in this country and elsewhere.

It is absolutely true, the failure of the anti-war movement in it's current state is it's failure to adopt an anti-imperialist platform, or pole. Ultimately, it is 'our' (our being communists/anti-imperialists/would be revolutionaries) failure for not fighting hard enough against the reformist misleaders that dominate the various workers struggles. The Iraq war is the necessary result of an imperialist nation, unable to sustain it's vast credit induced economy, desperately seeking the last vestiges of resources and workers to exploit. No where is this line given except in small comments on indymedia (like this one!).

Personally, I think this is because we very much divided from each other. We have no common program of work. We are but individuals acting for the most part on our own. We are not engaging the working-class with revolutionary consciousness, atleast, not in a systematic, powerful way. Not that I've found anyways. Although, some of us are trying to work on it!

To Max (and anyone else interested): Without sounding too much like a cheerleader, I would urge you to check out the media weapon project. We are a community of anti-imperialists dedicated to usurping the reformist misleaders dominating the various workers struggles. We work to develop alternative, working class, news outlets and channels. We work to *try* and develop that common program of action. We work to bring revolutionary consciousness to the people. Atleast, that's the idea anyways. Time will tell I suppose.