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UH OH New Orleans

looks like the only natural disaster new orleans might face in the near future is the roving gangs, aka "police", capping its citizens. what a shame, already off my x-mas list for another year...
YOU KNOW THE STORY: the man shot was apparently waving a three-inch blade before a wild-eyed gang of "cops". they sprayed him with some pepper spray, waited till he staggered too close to one of the members, and then opened fire, killing him with some half dozen shots. it is still not known why these gangs, who REALLY get off on locking innocent people up in cages, are now more than ever preferring to kill their unarmed prey. perhaps it is linked to the mind-numbing substance "turkey", which they consume in overwhelming quantity during this time of year? GO VEGAN< put down YOUR guns, and stop ruining your, my, and everyone else's f***ing life. (lowdown gutless killers)

check out justiceforpat.org for a similar story. remember i'll always be unarmed.