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woody incarcerated for a fight at the fence, he was confiscated by yamhill co. dog control10/30/03.
now on doggy death row with appeals ongoing for his life and the truth to prevail. the first day of trial was lost in recording. one year so far, to have it recreated. first lawyer in case refused to help recreate it for 8 months.
owner refuses to give up and wants justice to prevail. now she is being charged with animal abuse while visiting her dog while being guarded by inmate help at the yamhill county dog pound, mcminnville, oregon
Please Help!! The situation is out of control. Woody has been incarcerated in Yamhill Co. pound since 10/30/03. He has been subjected to rats in his pen, loose cat attacks and altercations, kennel cough, a bleeding bladder infection, coccidiosis-parasite infection, flea infestation. He is getting bald places on his skin. He gets raised red blisters that turn into bald skin after a week, fresh scratches on his face, nose, and ears. I have been told he is peeing into his water bucket (people are not there 24x7 to keep him in fresh water). The pound has open sewer, open chain link gates for vermin and cats to go into, out of and under. His teeth are covered with tarter and his gums bleed when I give him a 'greeny' chew.

My arraignment is 12/17/05 Tuesday at1:45 PM.

Woody has been bleeding from his penis, which I noticed on two occasions when I was allowed my weekly 1/2-hour supervised visit in a 3x5 foot cold cement dog kennel. I sought vet care the first time I saw it. The bleeding has still continued. For the past two weeks, the pound has refused to allow Woody to go to the only vet that has been following his care since a puppy. The vet said he needed to come to the clinic to have further tests done if the bleeding continues. They have not taken him, nor returned calls to the vet to get him there. I have been paying for most all medical and food costs for Woody while at the pound. I have brought him pet vitamins, fresh fruit, water to the pound to give him a bath, and washed him with pet wipes when it is too cold. I continually scratch and love on him for the 1/2-hour visit allowed. I have been his protector, not his abuser.
There is full documentation on these allegations and picture also. I just do not know where to go with them.
Yes, I have a lawyer. He is appealing the primary case.
He says we cannot sue the government.


I am talking about getting this pound for their offenses. If it were not for the neglect and mismanagement in the pound the primary case, (which was a fight at my fence line with another dog which stuck its head through to my side of the fence, was injured and lived) would have been won. Because of the rats and loose cats and untrained inmate help from the Yamhill County Jail, my dogs were not even charged, yet were found guilty of being dangerous because of the events that happened in the pound. Some testimony is not even substantiated with documentation.
Please, help in anyway you can, email me back to let me know anything you know of to help.
Give 'em HELL! 27.Dec.2005 06:01


If you have the time/money, take GOOD photos of his wounds, have them enlarged, then set up a sign/table in front of the animal prison. Besides depriving them of large sums of money, nothing checks abusive/corrupt government better than honest public exposure.GOOD LUCK!!!