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Examples of irregularities and other harassment

These are excerpts from a letter I've been writing
People placement

This is an episode that is strongly suggestive of people placement. It happened on March 4, 2005, and I should note that when my job working for a Hewlett-Packard contractor ended after one month, there was a corresponding increase in what I believe were harassment and irregularities stemming from surveillance. I worked on the HP campus through February. I don't know why this increase happened.

On March 4th I was going north on the Tri-Met #6 bus in north Portland. I got off at a stop next to the Safeway at Jantzen Beach, and then walked over to the nearby Taco Bell. In doing so, I passed by a traffic island that separates the exit/entrance ramps to the freeway. The traffic island is a spot where homeless and transient people often stand with signs, asking for money. My Dad and two or three of his acquaintances were regulars at that spot, and at others spots around Jantzen Beach.

As I walked to Taco Bell, I rounded a corner in front of the restaurant, and I saw that my dad was across the street, and walking parallel with me in the same direction. He hadn't seen me, so I ducked into a path between a fence and a big green electrical box. (I was used to evading my dad and a couple friends of his whenever I happened to see them). Just in case he hadn't seen me, a car close to me started honking just as I ducked away from the sidewalk. This may have prompted my dad to look over, but I don't know if he saw me at that point.

I ate lunch at Taco Bell, feeling very self-conscious for various reasons. I was worried about leaving the restaurant and possibly running into my dad, his girlfriend, or one of their acquaintances. When I left, I walked out the east door, walked to the sidewalk, and began walking toward Safeway. About 2 seconds later, I noticed my dad's girlfriend standing on the sidewalk about 60-70' in front of me, with someone else. As soon as I saw her she began yelling something incoherently. I instantly turned around, walked back onto the Taco Bell parking lot, and then I could see my dad running across the street, across the crosswalk, and toward Taco Bell. He was crossing the street from the grassy area due west of Taco Bell, out of sight and sound from where his girlfriend was. It was as if he had been signaled to come running, as I walked over. His girlfriend was much too far away for him to hear or see, so she wasn't the one who signaled him. Also, he hadn't seen me and wasn't looking in my direction.

At that point, when I saw him running across the street, I froze. Then I turned as if to walk back into Taco Bell, stopped and turned again, and headed for the same small path between the fence and electrical box. My dad had walked beyond that point and may have been circling around the parking lot on the sidewalk, so as to meet up with his girlfriend. I crossed the street and went over to the bus stop, which is across the freeway from there.

I could recognize that this was not an authentic episode. It's hard to explain why I felt that way, for various reasons. For one thing, the explanation requires that I explain about my family and our relationship. It's hard to explain why I have avoided my dad and his friends for years, whenever I happened to run into them, or almost run into them. More accurately, in explaining that I have done this, I then might come across as both an unhelpful family member, and someone who doesn't practice the social equality principles that he preaches.

For years, I've taken efforts to avoid contact with my dad and his friends whenever it seemed like I might run into them in public. That's what made this episode so questionable to me—that in the midst of an apparent surveillance and retribution scheme, I would see my dad right where I was, twice, within less than half an hour, and also see two of his acquaintances. I feel strongly that my dad had been urged or cajoled by someone into being in the same spot as me, twice. He didn't know I was close by, in either case, yet there we were, two pedestrians in an otherwise auto-dominated environment. Again, I feel like this was a case of social engineering, or social tweaking, as I believe the appearance of my roommate in December of 2004 had been. I figure that one of my dad's acquaintances may have urged him to move in my direction, without him knowing why. In such a case the acquaintance may have been urged to do so by some intelligence intermediary. Or some covert agent may simply have urged my dad to move in my direction, by saying, "OK, I'll give you some money if you meet me over at Taco Bell in five minutes," or something like that. My reactions to seeing my dad were likely monitored and gauged, so that makes it "intelligence work."

A separate occasion gives more credence to my belief that my dad has been placed in my vicinity, in what amounts to social engineering. On April 2nd, I was heading home on the #6 Tri-Met bus, as it came to Jantzen Beach. My dad, his girlfriend, and a friend of theirs got on the bus at Jantzen Beach, (in north Portland). The #6 northbound stops in Jantzen Beach on the way to Vancouver, which is just across the I-5 bridge over the Columbia River. The bus was full at that time, and at the second stop at Jantzen Beach, several people got off. My dad and his girlfriend had been standing, and when several people got off, my dad happened to sit right in front of me. He didn't know I was there, though his girlfriend or other friend may have known. So I sat there on the short trip to Vancouver, in a seriously awkward situation in which I didn't want to talk to my dad or his friends, for reasons that can be imagined.

The very curious thing is what compelled them to take the bus to Vancouver. It was in the afternoon, and it was clear to me that they weren't going to get off the bus in Vancouver, but were going to stay on the bus and circle back to Portland. In fact, my dad and his girlfriend had done this once before. I know something of their habits, and the afternoon or late afternoon is usually when they call it a day and head home. (My dad lived in north Portland at the time). So taking the bus to Vancouver made no sense. Though it does circle back to Portland, it runs every fifteen minutes, and the ride from Jantzen Beach over to Vancouver, and back, takes at least twenty minutes. That means they could have waited at Jantzen Beach another five minutes for the next bus that goes south into inner Portland, rather than take a twenty minute trip to Vancouver and back.

When the bus reached Vancouver on this occasion, my dad's girlfriend asked of my dad, "We're staying on the bus?" I didn't hear a response to the question. But it indicated that she at least didn't know why they had taken the bus to Vancouver, simply to ride it back to Portland. I considered that someone urged them to get on the bus, for whatever reason. Again, given that my dad and his friends stand at the freeway exit and entrance ramps asking for money, it's very possible that someone promised them some reward for getting on the bus.

I've made a discreet inquiry into the matter, asking my sister if she knows anything about it. She keeps in touch with my dad and his friends, so I thought she might have some information about the matter, but she doubted the likelihood that people were prompting my dad to do things, as a way of getting at me. She thought I was being paranoid.

There's thick irony, or the suggestion of thick irony, in the fact that I would write about this. An intelligence analyst or right-wing critic might point to my allegations and say, "Boy, you're really a jerk for ignoring your family, AND in spite of all the liberal whining about privacy, here you are writing publicly about personal aspects of your life, for anyone to examine, AND you're a drug addict or mentally ill, as evidenced by your paranoia."

Mail irregularities

Since September 2004, and even before then, there have been many occasions when I've received a letter that's already been opened, (apparently a result of lack of adhesive on the envelope), and after September 2004 I noticed two or three packages that had much more wear and tear than would be expected. Also since September 2004, I've been getting catalogs in the mail that haven't been mailed to me in years—that is, my name got back on these companies mailing lists, or else they tracked me down from two addresses ago. One of the catalogs is for metal detectors, which I had a fleeting interest in years ago. But there have been two irregularities regarding mail delivery that were more significant, and gave the impression of planning and plotting.

The first case was in January 2005. For several days I didn't get any mail, beginning January 1st, so on the 6th or 7th I called the post office and found out my mail was being held. I went and picked it up, and the post office worker asked me if I was having it held. I said no, and the worker was confused but offered no explanation for the irregularity. On the 7th I called the post office and asked why my mail had been held for a week. The reason given had to do with a yellow slip that was put in my mailbox, from the post office, asking who lived at my address, (this was apparently prompted by my roommate moving out in December). Twice I received one of these yellow slips, in late December 2004. On the second one, I wrote my name on the slip, followed by my roommate's name, then in parentheses I wrote "through December" to indicate that my roommate was living there through December.

The manager at the post office told me that my mailman saw that slip and thought that both me and my roommate were living there only through December. The mailman then decided to have my mail held. I pointed out to the manager that this was extremely prudent on the part of the mailman, and asked him if mailmen make their own decisions like that often, or ever. The manager said that it's up to them. I believe though that the chances of a mailman doing that, without being prompted to, are zero.

Complicating the matter was the fact that my rent was due on the 5th of January. In my stack of mail at the post office was a weekly unemployment check, which I was hoping to get into the bank quickly to cover the rent check which I'd already turned in. It turned out that the rent check was cashed before I had adequate funds in the bank. So I asked the post office manager if I could be compensated for the bank's overdraft charge if I could prove that the holding of my mail led to the inadequate funds in my bank account. The manager said that all state government checks were late in January, due to a computer malfunction. He likened it to the "Y2K" scenario which never came about at the turn of the millenium. On top of that, state government checks have no postmark on them, so there's no way to prove when it's been mailed, though that can be found out another way.

My new roommate had just moved into my apartment, and by coincidence she was late with her share of the rent. This complicated the matter even further, since I had no way of knowing if my roommate or the post office was more responsible for my inadequate rent money that month. In other words, since there were two separate reasons why I came up short on rent money, I couldn't fully blame either one. These kinds of frustrating coincidences began happening frequently in late 2004. In June of 2005 an almost identical scenario played out involving my roommate and mail delivery.

In June, my roommate delayed her share of rent money. As in January, I was expecting my roommate's share of the rent as well as a letter in the mail, with a check, as the 5th of the month came around. My roommate delayed her rent payment, and by coincidence, the check I was expecting from my mom in Bellevue, WA, was delayed. My mom had sent the letter on June 1st, and I was expecting it in two days, which is the usual time it takes for mail from Bellevue to Vancouver. But when my rent was due, I still didn't have the letter. Likewise, my roommate delayed her share of the rent for several days after the 5th. So again, there were two reasons why I didn't have adequate funds in my bank account to cover the rent, meaning that I couldn't fully blame my roommate or a mail irregularity.

The letter from my mom, mailed on the 1st, arrived on the 9th I believe. I called my mom and talked to her about the lateness of it. She told me that the mail system at her apartment complex is unique in that she hands her mail over to her apartment manager, who then puts it out for the mailman. It doesn't go directly to the mailman, in other words. However, since she mailed it on the 1st, she assumed it would have been picked up on the 2nd. The most improbable aspect of this irregularity is that the postmark on the letter is so faded, that it's very hard to tell if the date is the 2nd or 7th of June. The top of the number is barely visible, just one line, so it's hard to tell which number it is. There are probably very few combinations of numbers that would produce this same result—in other words, the shape of the top part of each number are very similar, especially when stamped in very faded ink. Yet upon very close inspection, the number appears to be a 2, which would mean it took seven days, rather than two, for the letter to get to me. That would also mean that the office manager at my mom's apartment wasn't responsible for not mailing the letter, which seemed like a possibility.

It's the cumulative effect of so many irregularities and improbabilities that is so frustrating.


These are the most glaring examples of a surveillance and harassment scheme which yet can't be concretely "proved." That may be beside the point however. There are many varieties of proof, and the agencies involved with spying and harassment have a multitude of ways to avoid any culpability in their activities, no matter what proof is offered. I do feel however that my lack of response to spying and harassment leaves me more vulnerable than others. For instance, if I carried a camera with me, that might substantially decrease irregularities and other suspect incidents in public.

Since September 2004, harassment and irregularities have been a daily occurrence, not just once a week, or once a month. Some have been more significant than others, such as the ones I've written about here. I wrote this just to give an indication of how pervasive the scheme is, and the moral depravity that is associated with it.

It has occurred to me in the past year that because I don't have a career that can be compromised, because I don't have a marriage that can be compromised, there has instead been an attempt to compromise my environment. This has involved a constant stream of irregularities and harassment coming from all angles, yet with a limited depth. Many of the instances, on a day-to-day basis, are fleeting and only cumulatively "effective" in disturbing or rattling me. Then again, there have been countless instances of innuendo and suggestiveness which are very subtle and fleeting yet have had a profound effect on me. The effects may be distraction, increased stress, depression, and so on. There have been countless instances in which a subtle bit of innuendo or suggestiveness in public, recognizable only to me, led to me being distracted or more anxious or depressed (than I would normally be) for hours. Sometimes it may be the nature of the harassment, but many times it has to do with my existing feelings at the time. The more serious instances of harassment have had more serious effects on me, ranging from sleeplessness and increased anxiety, to bouts of angina.

Harassment out in public involves people, obviously, yet due to the nature of the unique harassment I have experienced, I seldom come face to face with the people tasked with harassing me. A large volume of the harassment is done by manipulating auto traffic in various ways, whether this involves one car or several. I ride a bike, so it's very easy to use vehicles for intimidation purposes, either by maneuvering them in aggressive ways and acting aggressive behind the wheel, or using them in other suggestive ways. Other methods include positioning vehicles so I'll be dosed with exhaust fumes, generally thick, substantial exhaust fumes, or coordinating the movements of a vehicle so that an exhaust trail is left behind, directly in my path on a bicycle. I've noticed this maneuver throughout 2005. Once, I made mention of this in a posting to Portland indymedia, (a comment below an article about the death of a bicyclist) and thereafter I noticed an increase in the occurrences. So it seemed as if my indymedia posting directly correlated to the increase. Vehicle coordination in general is a pillar of the harassment and intimidation routine. Coordination just means that vehicles will often come and go in concert with me, whether I'm leaving or arriving at home, or vehicles will sometimes meet up with me at certain local stop signs, for instance, in suggestive manners.

As an example of coordination, there's a stop sign about a mile up the street from where I live that I pass by everyday going to work. I never stop at stop signs, (on my bicycle) unless it's necessary, but it's usually only necessary to slow down a little. Twice at this particular stop sign, a vehicle approached the intersection from the right, (a 4-way stop intersection), and a driver or both the driver and passenger were compelled to signal to me that I'm supposed to stop at stop signs. The first time, a male driver simply yelled out that I was supposed to stop, as he passed me in his vehicle. A second time, a driver honked at me as I passed by him, as he was stopped at the sign to my right. He then took a right turn and passed by me, and I yelled "What?" at the vehicle. A woman in the passenger side held up her hands as if in exasperation, as the driver said something to the effect that I'm supposed to stop at the stop sign. In those two cases, there was no argument or question about right-of-way, because the vehicles hadn't yet come to a stop, as I passed them. The drivers were just pretending to be concerned about traffic violations.

A third time at this intersection, I rode through the stop sign, and an SUV driver to my right positioned his vehicle so that he'd be facing me more clearly, turning it to the right to get a better angle. When I was almost halfway through the intersection, the driver, a man of about 30-35, yelled at me, "You're supposed to stop there asshole." I then slowed down as I passed him, and stopped on the side of the road as he took a right turn around me. I yelled at him that I was on a bike, trying to point out the distinction between a bike and car running a stop sign. It's hard to make this argument in 1.5 seconds as someone drives by. Also, I was trying to infer that "road rage" doesn't really apply to a bicycle running a stop sign. I yelled loudly, but I was so shocked by what the guy said that I didn't clearly understand the improbability of the scenario. There was already the unlikely scenario of a driver coming to the intersection at the same time as me, then apparently becoming enraged at a bike running a stop sign, in leafy, quiet east Vancouver. The driver had positioned his vehicle in a way so that he'd have a better vantage point from which to yell. Also, I happened to be upset about something as I rode my bike that day, something that occurred about ten or fifteen minutes prior to that, and I'm rarely upset about anything. So the scenario already seemed somewhat staged.

But the driver in this case was ostensibly upset not just because I had run the stop sign, but because I had gone before him. It almost appeared that way, but the driver was yet about two or three feet from coming to a stop. Plus, since he had to maneuver his vehicle to get the good yelling vantage point, he was still rolling as I passed through my stop sign. At his stop, there was no white line to mark the stopping point. I think he was supposed to get to the intersection about one or two seconds earlier, so as to coordinate with me, then make his yelling seem more justified. I didn't realize this aspect of it until the next day however. When I yelled back at the guy, it was due to frustration and a gut feeling that it was a staged maneuver. That might explain why the guy kept on driving, as well.

The other major source of harassment in public is through subtle innuendo and suggestiveness, often in conversations that I can't help but overhear. In both examples, auto irregularities and overheard conversations, it's impossible to nail down concrete proof that these are an outgrowth of a political surveillance and retribution scheme. In most cases, the nature and circumstances of the harassment suggest that it's a community effort, just regular folks; moms, dads, their kids, senior citizens, the busdriver, etc...and that it has nothing to do with government initiated surveillance and retribution. To me, this seems like a very cunning maneuver, meant to make me feel like a pariah within the community, and to re-enforce any feelings of isolation within my community that I might have.

Recognizing and describing the tactics also makes it very easy for the perpetrators, whoever they might be, to point out that such a description of a surveillance and retribution scheme mimics the symptoms of schizophrenia, or methamphetamine use. The similarities also would tend to keep a victim quiet about the harassment, so as not to be labeled mentally unstable or a drug addict.

Subject Matter

What I've described is a multi-front effort to harass and intimidate. The methods touch upon every aspect of personal life, and use all conceivable manner of suggestiveness, innuendo, personalized references, and so on to achieve the desired effect.

The most objectionable aspects of what I've experienced are also the hardest to write about. They are surely used for that very reason, and not just for shock value. Thus, the tactics serve many purposes at once. With each tactic and maneuver, there is built-in plausible deniability.

Some of the key characteristics of the harassment scheme are innuendo and suggestiveness involving associations with sexuality, racism, drug abuse, poverty, and mental illness. There is a reliance on negativism, often an anxious negativism, and specifically in coordinating tactics with the subject's current moods or frames of mind, and this usually involves negativism.


I saw a coyote on McGillivray Blvd. a few nights ago, coming home from work early in the morning. In fact, it was at the same intersection at which the above mentioned traffic incidents took place, and I think it was the same day that I began writing about that.

I could hear the coyote howling long before I reached the intersection. At the intersection, I spotted the coyote and followed it up the street a little ways. As one would imagine, coyote was skittish and fearful of me.

It's odd, because it's the first time I've seen a coyote "in the wild" and I lived out in the country for years when I was younger. I heard them every night out in the country, but never saw one.
Coyotes Howl 03.Jan.2006 18:05

Matt O

I've heard chatter about the NSA using trained coyotes as covert operators. They're fitted out with miniature optics and bluetooth wireless devices for remote monitoring. It was probably dodging you because it thought it had been made...

Stalking/Harassment - Vancouver, Wa 31.Jan.2006 18:40


I am on the recieving end of one of these stalking groups. Not sure what they are after, unless they are just perverted or have a few loose screws. They are persistant and quite evil. They take lots of pics of kids. Maybe they are peadaphiles, or a child abduction ring. They do need to be stopped.
Also, not quite sure why so many people reply to us targets in a negative way unless they are trying to hide something. Otherwise, they should have no interest.
We need to stop these evil perverts as I believe they are also causing many of the car accidents lately. People are being seriously hurt and killed in these "accidents".