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Actions taken against the WTO's minions.

This was a day of solidarity among people who stand for justice. It was a day of action on different fronts, in a common struggle.
We would appreciate if the brave people who took this action didn't use this forum to describe the tactics we used to make this possible. This is just one step in a long path to real change. Loose lips sink ships.

On Saturday December 10th approximately 40 participants of Portland's Black Bloc, and a number of Anti-Imperialists marched in solidarity with democratic labor, against the forces of the WTO, and its minions. Shortly after the march began we broke off and stormed the libertarian Cascade Policy Institute in order to demonstrate our disgust with their private market, think tank activism.

Libertarian think-tank Cascade Policy Institute ( http://www.cascadepolicy.org/) leads the way locally in confronting smart growth "myths" and presenting alternative policy solutions.

In contrast to community based democratic planning the Institute's alternative solutions rely on property rights, and market incentives. Their response to land governance advocates decentralizing, or breaking up the power of local democracies to plan the future of their land and resources to the benefit of all.

Cascade Policy's stand on unbridled "lazie fare" capitalism, and their statement of principles illustrates that even the thinly-enforced, loosely defined environmental protections still in effect are too much for this hard-right think-tank.

With statements like:

"Over the last three decades America has increasingly looked to the federal government to protect the environment. Yet laws such as the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, Superfund, and The Endangered Species Act have proven costly and disappointingly ineffective." CPI clearly demonstrates their intent to rob us of our few hard won gains.

CPI's president and CEO published the following classics:

Free Market Environmentalism: Not an Oxymoron
Wheels to Wealth: Why Low-Income Workers Need Cars, Not Transit
Save the World, Ignore Global Warming

These are just a few examples of CPI's efforts to normalize the hard-right's conspiracy to privatize our common resources. Their efforts stem from a bipolar worldview of America's political landscape. CPI's president John A. Charles, Jr. marks himself as the vanguard of this mentality with statements like:

"Distribution of power is the central issue of how we organize ourselves. There are two basic ways to approach this: one is to centralize power in government (creating a Political Society), and the other is to disperse power among individuals (known as Civil Society)."
( http://www.cascadepolicy.org/pdf/misc/irrelevancy.htm)

Statements like this purposefully disregard the democratic heritage of this country. Purposefully disregard the vote, and civil rights inherent in every human being. Civil rights intended to be expressed in a political, and societal commons. Not separate, but equal ideas. Guess it's all in a day work at the "think tank."

On one hand this organization calls itself libertarian and speaks as if it is a front against "big government." On the other hand, this organization stands in solidarity with the forces of privatization spearheaded mainly by internationalist world government, and capitalism's elite. On the frontlines of this effort is an organization called the WTO. The WTO seeks reform nation's laws to make them consistent with an international standard or practice of privatized "free" trade. The WTO and its related organization the World Bank use strong arm loans, and international threats of organized economic sanctions to force countries into compliance with their un-elected, anti-democratic world government.
International law is international "government" and these "libertarians" do nothing to stand against it! Rather, they're known to do "favors" for money.

Recently libertarians ran a 100,000$ Enron funded campaign to keep "Portland's" General Electric private. The people of Portland need to ask our selves:
"What do we stand for?"
-Wars to steal whole nation's of people's resources?
-Inflated gas prices, and record oil profits?
-Rolling blackouts?
-Do we stand for medicine priced beyond measure?
-Privatized WATER?
-PGE/Enron Park anyone?

Or do we stand against privatization, and the WTO's minions?
False dilemma 26.Dec.2005 14:23

g.d. dem

A good espose of those who disguise their classist perspective as "libertarian". My observation is that so-called "libertarians" or capital L Libertarians, are nothing but closet Republicans -- they talk about liberty and the rights of individuals, but when it comes to crunch time, they invariably vote for and support thet Republican corporatist agenda.

FALSE DILEMMA: "Distribution of power is the central issue of how we organize ourselves. There are two basic ways to approach this: one is to centralize power in government (creating a Political Society), and the other is to disperse power among individuals (known as Civil Society)."

That false dilemma begs several questions: (1) Do we not have an extreme case of a "Political Society" today, such that talking as though we had any non-political voice in the distribution of power is more and more a delusional gambit? (2) If "we" are able to decide issues of the dispersal of power among individuals, will that dispersal be equitable -- or will it perpetuate the existing inequities of the class system? (3) What about a truly democratic (more or less socialist) society?