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AUDIO 911 Official Fable refuted by Former German Minister for Research and Technology

At time of audio capture, September 11th 2005, it was still being claimed by America's Regime that the aircraft Black Boxes had not been recovered.
Subtitle: Former German Minister for Research and Technology refutes the official 9/11 story
Program Type: Speech
Featured Speakers/Commentators: Andreas von Buelow
Producer: Finnish 9/11 Action Group
Broadcast Restictions: For non-profit use only.
Summary: von Buelow shows why the official 9/11 story cannot be true and why the terrorists acts committed on 9/11 2001 fit better into the paradigm of covert operations done by secret services.
Credits: von Buelow spoke in a seminar organized by the Finnish 9/11 Action Group in Helsinki.
Notes: In the seminar von Buelow's speech was partially interpreted into Finnish. In this recording the Finnish language sections are cut off. The original version with interpretations is available on the web site of the Finnish 9/11 Action Group www.11syyskuu.org.

phone: phone: 503 287 3473

pentagon fallacies 26.Dec.2005 16:50


Unfortunately that group seems to be a no-plane-at-the-Pentagon group.

The primary fallacy made is that they know the exact dimensions of the hole. But the reality is, not a single picture ever shows the entire hole, and most that appear to show a small hole are not showing the much larger hole in the ground floor underneath.

Pentagon Strike, not fallacies! 28.Dec.2005 01:39


Do a keyword search for Pentagon Strike and watch the flash film. I remember watching the news on 9-11-01 minutes after the pentagon was hit, and I kept thinking: Where is the plane? I saw the small round hole in the building, before the collapse, before the corporate press started not showing that image, and I saw the larger hole along the length of the lower level, which is much smaller than even a small commercial jet. I have also seen photographic evidence that what actually hit the Pentagon was a Global Hawk Predator Drone. This evedence includes photographs of engine wreckege taken at the scene compared with scematics of the Global Hawk. Plus there are other little things, like not one useful image of the plane inpacting the Pentagon. Now I ask you, would there really be no image of the plane hitting the Pentagon, the most secure building in the world? Be real; and what of the camera footage from the Hilton Hotel, and the gas station, and the freeway cameras the plane would have had to pass in order to strike the pentagon? All of the video evidence from these sources, not to mention the security cameras at the Pentagon have been confiscated or suppressed by the FBI. Why? Because it was a Global Hawk Predator Drone that hit the Pentagon, and those among our government responsible for the mass murder of thousands of our citizens that morning don't want the people to know they MADE 9-11 happen. Wake up, please!