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Tribute to Avalon

For those who aren't aware, Bill Rodgers was known to many in the activist community by his forest name, Avalon. This is a tribute to this gentle spirit from one who knew and loved him.
Avalon, gentle elf
caring spirit caught in the tumult
of these interesting times
hearing wild earth's cries
your eyes sparked
with the magic of her songs...
Your tales of spelunking,
wriggling through her tight
womb-caves and
dark stone-cool depths
of meandering tunnels,
inspiring and awesome
was your thirst for adventure...
Teacher, at EF! RRR's
of how to move
and see in the night...
you knew well how to evade
their traps of darkness.
Caught, they thought they could
entrap you, silence your spirit,
but they knew you not -
elfin Houdini shape-shifter,
weaver of optimisms magics
always waits the chances of freedom... .
Their flimsy pretense of a case
cobbled of lies, deceit, treachery
ignorance, brutality, and founded
in insatiable corporate greed
- perhaps they knew
they would never hold you?
knew they were unlikely
to convict you with their
pick-up-sticks piles of lies...
They dare say that you
"committed suicide"
but any who knew you
saw your shining elf spirit
know you would never
do their death-work for them.
And where, in a one room jail cell,
might a plastic bag
large enough to cover one's head
come from anyway?
Like the exposed suffocation tortures
conducted by the US military
on prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, and...
- did they intend to kill you
when they forced the bag
over your captured head?
Or was this "just a ploy"
an attempt to scare you,
borrowed from their deadly Iraq games?
Is this part of their plans
for activists of integrity
who will not capitulate
to police state brutality?
Are they seeking to
spill fear throughout
the "movement"
reeking with the stench of
blood, vomit, and horrors...
Let them seek, then
for they will not find
that they cannot understand...
death comes for all eventually.
Like an Oroborus
- fabled serpent which eats its own tail,
emblem of bu$h skull & bones -
they will eat the tail
of their own fears,
consumed by their own shadows
- haunted, in dreams where they will
know no peace... your killers,
for ending the life of such a magical
gentle soul, as you,
will face karmic tortures of their own creation...
And you, though untimely and unexpected
and not without great sadness
to the hearts of your many kindred friends,
are free from this world of too many contradictions...
free to dance again
with the wild spirits of elves, the disappearing wildones
and the ancient ones who yet remember
what life is really of...
free, in spirit, to help midwife the birth
of wild nature's re-emergence
as the insane vapid and brutal powers
around us, over-reach, topple
and vanish into the shifting sands
of their karmic fate...
Avalon, gentle elf,
we see you still
smiling in the swirling night's starry skies
in the spark of fire
in wild nature's eyes
as she comes up, again,
ever batting last...
Beautifully Done 25.Dec.2005 01:09


I read this on a night which has always been hard for me. A phony overlymaterialistic ritual based upon lies and selfishness. The writer of the poem is most powerful. If only that kind of compassion could invade each and everyone of us at sometime, what a world we might possibly have. I did not know Avalon, but from reading this poem, I can gather that he stood up for the lesser among us and sacrificed the comfortability of conformity.Many among us realize that the system we grew up under is brutal and predatious, yet we fail to do the things that are needed for change to come about. Avalon,is the beacon of light we all should look to and find the strength to jump off the cliff into a new paradigm.