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Updates on Eco-defense prisoners

Below is a statement from Bill's support campaign.

>Prescott community mourns passing of William Rodgers
>by Friends of the Catalyst Thursday December 22, 2005 at 03:08 PM
> info@catalystinfoshop.org

>Statement from the Friends of the Catalyst
>We mourn the passing of our dear friend and community member, Bill
>Rodgers, who worked tirelessly for the causes of social justice and
>environmental sustainability. We ask that he be remembered as the gentle,
>kind, and compassionate person we all knew and loved here in Prescott. We
>remain committed to continuing the work of community building and
>ecological awareness, through the Catalyst Infoshop, as part of the legacy
>Bill helped to create. We wish our friend the peace and serenity that he
>strived so hard to create in this world. This is a great loss for our
>community. We love you, Bill.
> http://www.catalystinfoshop.org
> http://www.supportbill.org
Naturally ELP's thoughts and feelings are with Bill's family and friends.

We understand that following Bill's death at least one of the others,
arrested at the same time as Bill, has been put on suicide watch and we urge
everyone to write urgent letters of support to all the prisoners and to help
keep their spirits high.

On that note, ELP is also sad to report that we have removed Stanislas
"Jack" Meyerhoff details from our prisoner list. As has been widely
reported in the media, one of the defence lawyers fighting this case has
publicly named Meyerhoff as a police informant. ELP has not seen any
evidence ourselves of such informing but likewise we have no reason to
disbelieve the honesty of the lawyer in question. Therefore, pending
further investigation, ELP has withdrawn Meyerhoff's details from our
prisoner list.

The remaining defendants are:

Chelsea Gerlach #1308678
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401, USA.

Sarah Harvey
Coconino County Jail
951 E Sawmill Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86001, USA.

Daniel McGowan #63794-053
FDC Sheridan
PO Box 6000
Sheridan, OR 97378, USA.

Kevin Tubbs #1213751
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401, USA.

Also should people be interested, support campaigns now exist for almost all
of the people arrested on the 7th of December.

Chelsea's support campaign can be contacted via

Daniel's support campaign can be contacted via  FriendsofDanielMcG@yahoo.com

Kevin's support campaign can be contacted via  supportkevintubbs@gmail.com

As far as ELP is aware no support campaign has yet been started for Sarah,
however we will naturally inform everyone as soon as one has been started.

With other news, former Canadian ALF prisoner, Darren Thurston, who was also
arrested on the 7th of December, has been charged with possession of a false
"Green Card" (which allows people to remain in America). So rather than
being deported back to Canada, Darren has been remanded into custody and
moved to a new prison in Portland. His new address is:

Darren Thurston, #701415
Multnomah County Inverness Jail
11540 NE Inverness Dr.,
Portland, OR 97220, USA.

A support campaign has been set up for Darren. It can be contacted via
 freedarren@resist.ca This group has also set up a website which can be
viewed at  http://freedarren.org/

And finally, despite all this bad news, there is some good news. Italian
Anarchist Black Cross activist, Massimo Leonardi, who is a defendant in the
Cervantes Trial accused of activities linked to the FAInformale, has been
released from prison under house arrest. We are of course delighted for
Massimo about his release and we will keep everyone informed on the further
developments in this trial.


3) Kevin Tubb's support campaign < supportkevintubbs@gmail.com> has told ELP
that following Bill's death, Kevin has been put on suicide watch. To
translate this, the "caring" prison system has moved Kevin into a tiny cell,
which he is locked in for 23 hours a day, and he has had all his personal
property taken from him, including all his letters and photos.

Kevin has told his support group he really appreciates all the letters he
has been receiving, from friends and strangers alike, and these letters are
helping to keep his spirits up. So please, do write again to Kevin,
urgently, because, as we said, they have taken away all his letters and he
really does appreciate your letters of support.

Also, when you do write to Kevin, please write your address on your letter
as well as on the envelope. Apparently the envelopes are being withheld
from him and this means he can not reply to his letters of support as he
doesn't know who sent them to him!

To remind everyone, Kevin's address is:

Kevin Tubbs #1213751
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401, USA.

4) Staying with mail problem news. Chelsea Gerlach's support campaign
< freechelseagerlach@hotmail.com> has told ELP that Chelsea (also now on
suicide watch following Bills death) has also been having trouble getting
her mail.

The facility Chelsea is in will not accept letters written on colour paper.
Nor will they accept letters which have been corrected with liquid
correction fluid (what in Britain is known as "Tipex" and what in America is
called "whiteout"). The authorities are also rejecting letters if they come
in an envelope over a quarter of an inch thick (thats approximately 6mm in
metric). Basically they are using any excuse what so ever to reject
Chelsea's mail. So please, when your writing to Chelsea, please write on
white paper with a black pen. Or if you print your letters on a computer,
print your letter with black ink again onto white sheets of paper.

Letters of support for Chelsea should be sent to:

Chelsea Gerlach #1308678
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401, USA.
Daniel McGowan moved again 24.Dec.2005 15:18

Dec 23 update from Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan

Dear friends and supporters,

Unbeknownst to us, Daniel was arraigned yesterday and is currently being held in
Lane County Jail and will probably be there until Tuesday, though he is registered
at Sheridan Federal Detention Center. Since he is in a county jail, we are told he
is not registered under his federal number. We are not able to confirm whether or
not he is on "suicide watch" due to the unfortunate loss of Bill Rodgers.

Reports from the courthouse yesterday are:
here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/12/330832.shtml
here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/12/330840.shtml

He was represented by a public defender who was apparently selected by Daniel's
newly hired representation, who is on vacation at this time. To be clear, this was
only an arraignment and not a bail hearing. Daniel's counsel will let us know when
this is, though it may be the January 9th date. Again, all is unclear and these
first-hand accounts are more information than we've been able to gather at this

More forthcoming,
Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan

Dec 24 update on Daniel McGowan 24.Dec.2005 16:05


December 24, 2005 Update on Daniel

Daniel is currently being held at Lane County Jail following his court appearance on
Thursday in Eugene for his arraignment. He was read his charges and plead Not
Guilty. We apologize for not getting an email about about this but this was all very
last minute. We appreciate that people who are in Eugene have been passing current
information on to us. Because of the holidays, it has been hard to receive and pass
information quickly. I hope you understand.

In terms of writing to Daniel, we are not sure if he will be held at Lane County
until his bail hearing (as far as we know, set for January 9) or if he will be sent
back to Sheridan in the meantime. It is your call where you would like to send
letters to. Here are the addresses. Please note in county jail he is given a
different ID number. Remember not to use any nicknames and keep in mind all his mail
is read.

Daniel McGowan
# 1407167
Lane County Jail
101 West 5th Street
Eugene, OR 97401

Daniel McGowan
FDC Sheridan
PO Box 6000
Sheridan, OR 97378

His sister, Lisa, was able to speak with him for the first time today. She said he
sounded very clear and he was emotionally strong. She explained to him everything we
have all been doing for him and he was happy, impressed and overwhelmingly honored
about it all. She also explained we have been sending tons of letters but they
haven't been reaching him because he has been moving around. Daniel requested that
if you get a letter sent back to you, please resend to him at his current address.
One thing I am doing at the moment is sending the same letter to both Lane County
and Sheridan since I have no idea where he will be by the time the letter reaches
that side of the country.

Daniel would also like me to compile a list of everyone's addresses because he
hasn't gotten most of the letters and sometimes they do not give him the envelope.
Please email me at  jennyms@earthlink.net with your full name (no nicknames) and
address and I will make sure he gets this list in the next few days.

One last thing. In Daniel's first letter to me while still in NYC, he had written
out a list of notes he wanted to pass on to different people. I would like to share
with you the one he wanted me to give to his friends.

"Friends, be thankful for everything. Cherish every moment + piece of food, + friend
+ drink of water. I didn't + I'm full of regret in so many ways. Thanks for coming
to court + being there for me. I love you all. Please put aside the differences +
work together."

Because of everyone's support, Daniel is staying strong and considers himself a very
fortunate person right now.
Thank you all so much.

Much peace and love,


Daniel McGowan is an environmental and social justice activist, unjustly arrested
and charged in federal court. Neither Daniel McGowan, nor his support group "Family
and Friends of Daniel McGowan" are affiliated with any other organization or group
and any claim to the contrary is speculation and is strongly discouraged.

Questions and concerns can be directed to  FriendsOfDanielMcG@yahoo.com

Daniel McGowan #63794-053
FDC Sheridan
PO Box 6000
Sheridan, OR 97378

When writing:
**Don't discuss Daniel's pending case.
**Even if you are a lawyer, don't discuss legal information or offer legal advice.
**Don't discuss any illegal activity.
**Be Smart - remember ALL mail is read by prison officials.