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Christmas wish

Dear Santa,

Please bring us a united front against fascism in the U.S.A. Please bring us a progressive movement that crosses over the "Dem" and "anti-Dem" border to boil up in righteous indignation against U.S. imperialist enforcement of global capital's evil schemes for total domination of the Earth and Her peoples. And please bring us a leftist movement that isn't so starved that it can only eat itself into utter insignificance.

I know I have been bad. I have been unreasonable and I keep getting into pissing contests at PIMC. But I promise that I will really try to be good.

Please send us the gifts that I have asked you for. We need them.


g.d. dem

P.S. If you possibly can, Santa, please bring freedom to the ALF and ELF victims of governmental terrorism. Those people love the Earth and they love all God's creatures, great and small!
United We Stand

g.d. dem

Somehow egos were stepped on and people got so caught up in nit-picking the minutiae of election fraud, that a rift developed between BlackBoxVoting and DemocraticUnderground in 2004.

This is a terrible example of how progressives sometimes fail to keep their eyes on the prize and to stay united in opposition to the fascist theocratic take-over.

More recently, Harris was enthusiastically greeted by DU rank-and-file when she posted this at the DemocraticUnderground website last month --

"Help America Audit"

Our organization has taken the position that fraud took place in the 2004 election through electronic voting machines. We base this on hard evidence, documents obtained in public records requests, inside information, and other data indicative of manipulation of electronic voting systems. What we do not know is the specific scope of the fraud.

We are working now to compile the proof, based not on soft evidence -- red flags, exit polls -- but core documents obtained by Black Box Voting in the most massive Freedom of Information action in history.

We need: Lawyers to enforce public records laws. Some counties have already notified us that they plan to stonewall by delaying delivery of the records. We need citizen volunteers for a number of specific actions. We need computer security professionals willing to GO PUBLIC with formal opinions on the evidence we provide, whether or not it involves DMCA complications. We need funds to pay for copies of the evidence.

There are certainly indications that a sting, or at least an investigation, is in play right now.

Strong indications that both Florida and Ohio would be flipped if election manipulations are rolled back. Some indication that fraud may have occurred in at least 30 states.

It's okay to use the "F" word. Fraud. You can say it in public. Pretty soon, they'll be saying it on TV. If no one else does it first, I'll be saying the "F" word on TV shortly.


Use the word.

It's okay, you can say it.

Bev Harris
Executive Director
Black Box Voting

Responses from DU rank-and-file (and replies from Harris) were overwhelmingly pro-BlackBox, such as --

"Sign me up"
"Bravo! Let's get the word out!"
"I agree. I'm with you. Thank you Bev! For EVERYTHING!!!!! "
"KICK - I just donated"
"Bravo, Bev!"
"Donation on the way"
"I just sent money Bev"
"Thank you for all you have done"

Oh, Santa, I forgot 24.Dec.2005 13:09

g.d. dem

But you know what it is -- clean elections in 2006!