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Suicide watch, or psychological torture?

After the so-called "eco-terrorist" defendant William C. Rogers, also known as Avalon, killed himself in a "live wild or die" concluding action in an Arizona jail, other co-defendants have been put on suicide watch. But is it for their own protection, or is the FBI using Avalon's death to pressure the others?
I don't know what happened to William C. Rogers or if he did kill himself, (I have no reason to believe he didn't) however, I also don't know what kind of extreme psychological or physical duress he had been under since his arrest.

What I DO know is what is happening to a co-defendant, Kevin Tubbs.


Kevin is a uniquely gentle, compassionate, non-violent individual, who according to the law should be treated as innocent until proven guilty. He has been on maximum security lockdown in a 5 X 8 foot cell with only one hour out per 24 to choose from showering, trying to keep up on his case in the newspaper, shaving or using the phone to contact his girlfriend he dearly misses and loves.

All four of his requests for vegetarian meals have been denied despite a letter from his doctor saying that after 15 years of a strict vegetarian diet, his health could be seriously compromised. He is not getting enough nutrition and I know for the first week at least, he only ate fruit and water.

In his prisoner's handbook it states you can request an additional blanket if you are cold. At home, Kevin could only sleep if he wore a hat, warm socks and extra blankets, he just gets very cold easily. To try and sleep he has been wrapping his sheet around his head, he only has one blanket. All his requests for an additional blanket at night were denied.

For the past two days he has been on suicide watch despite the fact he has shown no signs of wanting to harm himself. This suicide watch means he was put in an even smaller, colder cell. His sheet, t shirt, and socks have been taken away so all he has to wear is is prisoner scrubs (short sleeved) and one blanket. He is so cold he can't sleep. He has a vent with cold air blowing on him constantly. His pictures of loved ones and letters of love and support have been taken away. The only book he is allowed is the bible and one other book. He has no clock or any way to track time passing. He can't even have a piece of paper to write down his thoughts to prepare for his case.

His attorney went round and round communicating with the Marshall's Office to try to get him off suicide watch. These requests were refused and now he will spend the Christmas weekend under these conditions.

Instead of being released until trial so he could spend Christmas with his family, Kevin had his Christmas presents opened by the FBI when they raided his home. I don't doubt that the arrests were specifically planned to coincide with the holiday just to create more psychological pressure.

Now is this any way to prevent someone from wanting to kill themselves? This seems more like torture to me than suicide prevention. Is this the kind of behavior your FBI friend is proud to be associated with?

For those of us who love Kevin, our hearts are breaking for him. We are very concerned that he is being worn down. Even the strongest of individuals will have their judgement skewed when nutritionally and sleep deprived.

He is still able to receive new letters so please don't stop writing.
Kevin Tubbs #1213751
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

another view 24.Dec.2005 11:35


Being locked down "in a 5 X 8 foot cell with only one hour out per 24 to choose from showering, trying to keep up on his case in the newspaper, shaving or using the phone to contact his girlfriend he dearly misses and loves" -- this is also called "protective custody," its very common in county, state and federal prisons; I personally served out a sentence of six months of it: bad, but hardly torture.

Same thing for anyone (on suicide watch or not) placed in 72-hour examination before being placed in a specific cell block: a tiny cell, out 4 to 6 hours every day, but there's nothing to do: no TV, no newspapers, no weights, no room to walk around, etc. Happens all the time in prison state Amerikkka. Bad, but not torture.

What *is* psychological torture is having to wear the suicide dress: it's a dress and both men and women must wear them. They are rarely washed and are very dirty. You can't wear anything underneath or over them. Sometimes the inmate in a suicide dress will also be shackled: the visibility and embarassment are severe.

The key is to get a psychistrist to certify that you are not a risk to yourself but prisons make access to shrinks, social workers et al very difficult, especially during the holiday season.

Something to think about: detainees or inmates on psych medication will be deprived of it until a prison shrink signs off on it. Makes suicide all the more likely, as does the humiliation of the (anti)suicide dress!

been there 25.Dec.2005 15:03

it's as close to legal torture as you can get

being denied adequate food and warmth by people who have total control over your life is torture.

Innocent until proven guilty- a novel concept 25.Dec.2005 19:12

Alan Graf

For those who have already made up their minds about the guilt or innocence of the folks in custody--I have one name for you:

Brandon Mayfield--After spending weeks spying on Brandon, gathering evidence including fail proof fingerprints, the FBI arrested him and threw him away in the same type of confinement that the defendants now find themselves. And lo and behold, it later turns out that the FBI screwed up.

Supposedly, our justice system is based upon the premise that you are innocent until proven guilty. Of course that concept is ancient history BUT don't let any of the rumors, innuendos, accusations or allegations convince you of anything until the FBI can firmly prove based upon grounded facts beyond any reasonable doubt that defendants held are guilty of anything criminal.

We the people should insist upon this basic fundamental principle of law.

Again, remember Brandon Mayfield.


Alan Graf

Has anyone suggested contacting Oregon Congressional leaders 25.Dec.2005 21:41

to his lawyer?

Could we start a writing campaign for them to intervene and demand better treatment? let them know Oregonians are paying attention to how these accused are being treated by the police and government?

Why? 26.Dec.2005 06:25


"I don't know what happened to William C. Rogers or if he did kill himself, (I have no reason to believe he didn't)"

Do you believe that Bill killed himself because the corner said that he did on Monday or was it Thursday? I've been hearing a lot of anarchists and other radicals who feel as if they can take the state's word of on this matter. I think it is hard for even political radicals to believe that their government (as in the one they live under) would do such a thing as murder a white activist without first partaking in the usual judicial ceremony. They killed George Jackson while he was in prison why couldn't they kill Bill Rodgers? Or is that just too scary an idea to think about. After all George Jackson was murdered way back in the 60's. Remember in the 60's dozens of armed revolutionary groups destroyed buildings (like The ELF does today) and even killed people (unlike ELF or ALF.) People convicted of those crimes mostly got a slap on the wrist. No one did more than a couple of years for being in the Weather Underground and even Karl Armstrong of The New Years Gang who killed an innocent young researcher in an anti-military bombing got off easy and is free today. Will we be able to say the same about Jeff "Free" Luers in ten years?

Chelsea's lawyer 26.Dec.2005 10:35

Paul Brown paul_brown@fd.org

I am the investigator for Chelsea Gerlach's lawyer. Please respond to  chelsea_lawyer@fd.org if you have information you would like to convey to her lawyer.

Paul Brown

He is innocent, until proven guilty 26.Dec.2005 12:05

His sister

I am in total shock after reading the way my brother is being treated. Isn't this America? Isn't he allowed due process? Where can we read the affidaivts for his arrest? Are they on the internet? What proof is there that he is involved??? Aren't courts open to the public? Why can't I find this information published?

What do they get from killing him? 27.Dec.2005 09:10


What would the feds gain from "A" being dead? What would they gain from him being alive? These are the questions we should be thinking about. It seems to me that they would rather have him alive than dead.
I feel that this was his last fuck you to the feds.

Unless... 27.Dec.2005 09:27

He was saying....

If Avalon was saying "Yes I am the mastermind! I did it all!! Alone!!! (or with a bunch of people who are already dead)" they might want to kill him.

To his sister 27.Dec.2005 10:14


You cant find any information about what they know (or dont know) because the law says that information is not made public during an ongoing investigation. The public has to wait until after the investigation is closed.

info on inmates 27.Dec.2005 14:44

kirsten anderberg

Yeah, this whole set up where you have no idea what is happening in your own case in this American justice system is a crime in itself.

 link to e-airs.org

If you go to that link above, and put in an inmate's name, you can get a little something. It is not enough, but it is something.

Where's his support website???? 28.Dec.2005 12:37


where's Kevin's support website? Also, is anyone writing him letters? Is anyone attending his hearings?

Update: Kevin has been taken off of suicide watch as of yesterday 28.Dec.2005 12:43

a friend

Kevin Tubbs was taken off of suicide watch yesterday and returned to his previous custody status, which is maximum security level one. A strange place to be for such a kind and gentle man. He is doing much better after being in medical isolation for 6 1/2 days, surrounded by heroin addicts going through withdrawals. His personal belongings have been returned to him and life is a little more tolerable, although he is still only allowed out of his cell for 1 hour a day. Please, continue to send your thoughts and prayers his way. He greatly appreciates all of the letters of support and kindness that he has received. They are helping to keep his spirits up. We are hoping and praying for his release at his detention hearing next week.

That's great to hear! 28.Dec.2005 14:13


but where's his support website?

letters to kevin 28.Dec.2005 21:46


yes, i've been sending him letters since last week, about four so far, when i first found out where he was. if i lived in oregon, i'd be attending hearings as well, but am out of the state so it's not really possible. i do have a question...is anyone hearing word back from kevin if they're sending him letters? i'm just wanting to know from him how he's doing and wonder if anyone else has heard. thanks~dianah

How Many? 29.Dec.2005 07:01

Tom Na

Anybody keeping track of the numbers dead in Intensive Management facilities in Oregon. How many murders and how many suicides? How many die from sickness? Who knows, and who cares?

Response to Tom Na 29.Dec.2005 10:41

His sister

You should think before you post. I'm his sister. Do you think I want to log on and read something like this???? That's the last thing his family needs to think about at time time! Have to gone to see my brother? Have you written him a letter of support? What have you done productive for him???? GEEZ!

Question to the community, regarding letter writing 29.Dec.2005 18:39


If you write to Daniel, Kevin, Chelsea, etc., then doesn't the FBI automatically open up a file on you as a possible "terror" suspect? I know that if it's true, it is a small sacrifice to make in light of those who have already been incarcerated, but still it infuriates me that we can't even lend moral support to these activists without giving up our right to privacy. I would like to hear what y'all think about this issue.

Done Time 29.Dec.2005 21:51


Having done time in most western states (18 of the last 42 years), I consider myself somewhat of an expert on county and state lock-up. If anyone really considers being cold and hungry torture, they are ignorant to the criminal justice system. A lot of state prisons are close to 3rd world countries in terms of medical care, quality of food, and personal rights. County is easier in the sense that you are well taken care of but very bored. Tortured he was not but scared he was. He is not the type that would do well at all in the jail/prison setting. Saying he was tortured would really offend inmates doing longer and harder time. I believe he had a real problem with the jail coping skills and didn't see things going his way. Gotta hand it too him, I think he would have known the potential outcome and would have thought out his response. Not a bad choice depending on who you are, where you are headed and how long you will be there.

response to ftp 30.Dec.2005 20:02


yes, i do believe it's true that the fbi opens up "terrorist" (please) suspicion files on people who send letters to persons incarcerated. and yes, i agree with you, it's a small price to pay for supporting someone you love and know needs all the positivity (is that a word??) and moral support from the outside that they can get. i am also extremely appalled, as well as infuriated, at what has happened to kevin during such a season where love and compassion are supposed to be more prevalent than intolerance and injustice...it seems to be the latter of these that prevails in this case.

anyone have any new news on his conditions? whether he's being fed safe meals? given attire and bedding to keep him warm enough?


To dianah 31.Dec.2005 12:06

His sister

Do you remember how to get a hold of Kevin's mother? If so, you should. I don't want to post my email address on here.

Kevin has a website 31.Dec.2005 13:02

web mistress supportkevintubbs@gmail.com

To see pics of the real Kevin Tubbs in his life, and find out ongoing info about his case, go to www.supportkevintubbs.org

keeping the ball rolling 02.Jan.2006 18:55


i hate the feeling that my hands are tied in this situation. i've written letters and letters to kevin...what else can i do? i've no idea where to begin, and live three states away. if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to impart them. thanks, and peace~

I can in some terms relate 05.Mar.2006 11:16

Megs csmusick@yahoo.com

I was recently traveling down a low traffic highway when two of my tires blew out. Onw on the front one on the rear. I was pulling over to change the back one so I could at least have it towed home. 3 yes 3, patrol cars pull me over before I could get there. Already talking police jaron, (which I happen to know because I WAS traing to become a police officer. Not anymore. They said in there numerical alphabet that I had hit a curb and ran off the road. Not true. I suffer from severe depression and had never been arrested before so I took a bunch (not enough for suicide) oof anti-anxiety pills to call my nerves. They arrest for a DUI when I blew .001 over the legal limit and then took me to the jail where my suicide jacket exposed all of my privates(I am a female) and when asked for a blanket. No answer. When asked for my prescribed meds from my phychologist I pressed the little button in my cell every 5 min. No one ever came. Through the window of my cell I could see some sort of police woman playing a computer game on the screen. My court date is coming up. I hope that I have the terms and conditions to press charges against there neglegence. Mean while Kevin, you hang in there. "This too Shall Pass"