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Pictures of informants in eco-witch hunt.

Repost far and wide.
Probably safer in jail...
Probably safer in jail...
Here are photos of two of the informants named thus far in the recent "green scare." These pictures were shown to victims of FBI harassment in several states during this months round ups, subpoenas, home visits, and raids. Who says the FBI isn't good for anything. It's worth noting that Jacob "Sketcher D" Ferguson is still out and about and probably still wired. He has several tattoos including one of a pentagram on his head.

No doubt about it. They cut a deal. Latest AP story 22.Dec.2005 22:29


Motion says Virginia man charged in case to testify against others


By JEFF BARNARD / Associated Press

One of the six people arrested this month on federal charges they were part of an ecoterrorism campaign has agreed to testify against others charged in the case, according to court papers.

A defense motion filed in U.S. District Court in Eugene says Stanislas "Jack" Meyerhoff, 28, a former Eugene resident who has lately been attending Piedmont Community College in Charlottesville, Va., is one of the unnamed informants the federal government has relied on for evidence in the investigation.

Public defender Craig Weinerman named Meyerhoff and another man, Jacob Ferguson, as informants in a motion for the release of Chelsea Gerlach, who is being held without bail.

The motion is to be argued Thursday in U.S. District Court in Eugene.

Gerlach, 28, who grew up in the Eugene area and worked as a disc jockey in Portland, faces trial on indictments she and Meyerhoff helped topple a high tension power line outside Bend in 1999 and that she served as a lookout while others were setting fire to the Childers Meat Co. plant in Eugene in 2001.

No group took responsibility for the toppling the electric tower, but the Animal Liberation Front took credit for the meat plant fire to protest the treatment of livestock.

Authorities have also named Gerlach as a suspect in the 1998 arson of a ski resort in Vail, Colo., that caused $12 million in damages, though she has not been charged. The Earth Liberation Front took credit for that, saying it was fighting ski resort expansion into lynx habitat.

Meyerhoff also was indicted on charges he firebombed the office of Superior Lumber Co. in Glendale, now known as Swanson Group, in 2001, as well as offices and a truck shop at the Jefferson Poplar Farm in Clatskanie the same year. Earth Liberation Front took credit for both those.

In a status hearing Tuesday, Meyerhoff asked the court to show mercy.

"I pray that the court is merciful with those who have renounced these crimes and have moved on to be students and professionals," he said.

Weinerman characterized Meyerhoff and Ferguson as "serial arsonists" whose credibility was undermined by the fact that they face life in prison without parole if convicted on charges of being in possession of a firebomb.

He argued that the weakness of the government's case and Gerlach's strong ties to the community her mother lives in Eugene and her father lives in Sweet Home should qualify her for release on bail.

Weinerman wrote in the motion that following his arrest Dec. 7, Meyerhoff admitted he was involved in the Childers Meat fire and claimed Gerlach also was involved, but could not recall her specific role. He has not been charged in that fire.

Ferguson, who told authorities he also took part in the meat plant fire, characterized Gerlach's role as a lookout with a hand-held radio, the motion said.

The motion gave no age or hometown for Ferguson, but noted that he has not been charged in any of the cases.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Sheldahl said the prosecution would respond to the motion in court.

Ferguson also admitted taking part in the firebombing of a U.S. Department of Agriculture plant research lab in Olympia, Wash., in 1998, the Superior Lumber Co. fire in 2001 and the tree farm fire the same year, the motion said.

"Ferguson has admitted to actually setting the fires in these arsons according to an affidavit filed in connection with the issuance of search warrants in these cases," the motion said.

That affidavit also says that the informant, not named, went with an investigator to the tree farm in December 2004, and described how the firebombing was carried out. In 2005 he wore a hidden microphone and obtained tape recordings of conversations with defendants Meyerhoff, Kevin Tubbs of Eugene, Daniel McGowan of New York City, and William C. Rodgers of Prescott, Ariz.

The affidavit includes a transcript of McGowan saying two of the firebombs from the tree farm fire did not go off, and a notation that investigators found a bucket of fuel at the scene with a fanny pack, typically used to hold the bomb timer, immersed in it.

McGowan was indicted on charges he joined Meyerhoff in the arsons of the lumber mill and the tree farm.

Even more photos of Jacob Ferguson 22.Dec.2005 23:09

Stay safe

People say this guy will make up anything to stay out of jail. If you see him around steer clear.
Jacob Ferguson
Jacob Ferguson
His hand tattooos.
His hand tattooos.
Jacob Ferguson
Jacob Ferguson

There are three snitches!!!! 22.Dec.2005 23:55

Be so careful!!!

In a sealed indictment against Chelsea Gerlach dated Dec 04, 2003, two confidential witnesses were mentioned.
(See documents at  http://www.kgw.com/news/pdf/GerlachChelsea.pdf)

According to various media sources Stan was not cooperating until after his arrest. The press also for a time mentioned two confidential witnesses AND a cooperating co-defendant, apparently Stan. Besides if Stan had worn a body wire etc, he would be in the same boat as Jacob now, no charges and not in jail that we know of.

The other weird twist is that Josephine Sunshine Overaker was listed as a 7th indictee and a fugitive and she has now been dropped from the story. Does anyone have photos of her? I have heard that she was also Jacob "D" Ferguson's girlfriend for while and then again years later. Were they co-workers? Did the feds send a snitch to romance "D" like they did Peg Millett? Did "D" get caught doing something and then start pointing fingers to buy some time with his son?

A moment of silence for Avalon...

Wake Up! The Amerikan STASI is watching! 23.Dec.2005 01:55

Ned Ludd

geeee... and Bush confesses to spying on Amerikan citizens

please note 23.Dec.2005 02:54


The affidavit of FBI Special Agent Caldwell is dated 8th December '05.

The indictment is dated 3rd December '04, not 4th December '03, as someone wrote above.

The indictment does not mention sources, "confidential" or otherwise; Caldwell's affidavit, on the other hand, does.

Let's double-check what we write and be careful with the facts. Accuracy, not wild speculation, is what is helpful right now.

Caution 23.Dec.2005 07:53


We need to be very cautious about accusing people of being informants unless we are absolutely certain. I do not know any of the people who have posted the above information. So while I am grateful if people are posting what they know, I am also cautious about believing everything I am reading. I think the point is, no one should be talking to ANYONE about ANYTHING. Whether illegal or not, any activism right now is considered "terrorism" by the corporate police state, and it is therefore a good idea to remember security culture. Do what you do because it's the right thing to do, and not because it's "cool." That way, no one ever needs to know what you're doing, and you will not be putting yourself at risk of making sacrifices that you are unwilling to make. And therefore, you will not be putting other people in danger either.

The thing is, we know there are informants, and we can guess at who they are, but unless we are absolutely certain, we must not start accusing each other. We can't believe what the cops or the corporate media are saying about these arrests, or about who is talking. Just assume every conversation you have is bugged, assume everyone is an informer if you must, and don't talk about ANYTHING to ANYONE.

the punk admitted it 23.Dec.2005 08:40


jake admitted being a snitch to people in the community afterthe story broke. why he canstilltalk is agood question

Wrong about the dates 23.Dec.2005 09:22

right about three snitches

I did indeed get the date wrong, didn't see the new date buried under the other ink. It is true that the press has changed their story. I will find the article I have mentioning the 2 confidential witnesses AND the cooperating co-defendant. Again, why isn't Meyerhoff in the same boat as Jacob? I also think that it's a bad idea to assume those intimate with Jacob didn't know what he was wearing under his clothes.

info is good 23.Dec.2005 10:14

kirsten anderberg

I think it is very healthy for the community ITSELF to discuss this and to compare notes.
I think pictures are very good. Like his tattoos, that is good for us to have pictures of.
Look, the police are acting like idiots. Did you see that footage up on NYTimes right now showing three undercover officers at critical mass and no to rnc? The one and I have to say this as her discriptor, bitch, wore buttons like "I am a shameless agitator" as she did her dirty spying deeds on, oh horror, BICYCLISTS! A picture of HER BUTT needs to be posted and memorized as well, along with the other two loser cowardly male agents she was riding with. We seriously need to MEMORIZE the spies assigned to us just like they memorize activist faces. And just as pdx put out the COPWATCH CARD DECK, we now need one of those for snitches we know of. We really need to start a SNITCHWATCH website.

Look, police are acting downright sleezy in this. The government is so mired in its lies now, it is a mess. THey are treating BICYCLISTS as terrorists.They are treating Catholic poverty workers as terrorists. This is ridiculous and the feds on down need a reality check. The way they are acting is not acceptable at all. We need to start gathering wire taping talking to them. I am SURE that women activists could get juicy stuff taped from male cops on the beat using their own sexism and egoicism as the means to get them to talk. Just like Mark Furman opened right up to that woman interviewer once she stroked his, um, ego, a few times. They wiretap and entrap us. We need to be wired and talking to them and taping THEM and keeping files on THEM. NAtive Americans in my area the Pacific NW actually did use women to kill the front lines of Spaniard guards. Anne Cameron talks about this in detail in her books. Since the government spends all its time reading indy media rather than oh, making fema work, I want to make it clear that last line talking about the American INdians killing the Spaniards is not advocating killing. I am saying they used women to penetrate the front lines, and I think that we may need to be creative in how we are going to start keeping much better tabs on snitches, and agents. We need to take this wayyyy more seriously in my opinion.

Since NYC cops wear "I am a shameless agitator" buttons while they slime around us, perhaps we should take a few lessons. What are good cop snooping costumes WE could wear to get THEM to identify us as their side to get them to talk? Should we be MIMICKING the police behavior? LIke in the NYTimes piece right now, the cop agent that got picked up with other protesters siad "I AM ON THE JOB" to cops and they said "HE IS UNDER"...now could two costumed activists do that same show to confuse the real cops who is the under and who is not? We need to really study this because in my opinion, BUsh, and the American Government are now breaking the Constitution and laws right and left and it is unacceptable. I want my Constitutional Rights, god damn it, and I want them NOW.

Video of Jacob fergusion 23.Dec.2005 11:00


Video of Jacob Fergusion (voice and facial)(1996) can be found in the Middle of "Pickaxe" (sorry my counter is broken) after the scene of the Arrests at Detroit Ranger Distict and Native person talking to circle on road in front of the Warner Blockade and before bag pipe music and chucking survey stakes. Likely he was not an informant then but ....must of gotten cornered sometime in the last few years. Also, Jacob Fergusion is/was known to be an addict to heroin and meth. Addicts don't make very credible witnesses.

Is hidden recording an agent legal? 23.Dec.2005 12:12

Sam I am

Seems like I remember a case against an activist in Eugene a few years ago for secretly taping an officer. I think I remember it being said it was illegal to record an officer without notifying them. Any legal savy people out there know?

Not Savvy, But Some Thoughts... 23.Dec.2005 13:16


State agents vacuum up--by legal means or not--as much info as they can at all times.

The tactic is that the info identifies likely targets and tip offs to future actions, for example, even though it can't be used in court. Once that extra-legal "evidence" has revealed itself to a suitable degree, possibly up to the level of "probable cause", the legal surveillance and evidence gathering begins toward building a case for prosecution.

The state agents are always looking for hints and clues, unrelated to the excuse for stopping and questioning (broken tail-light kind of stuff, fitting a "profile", etc.), for instance. This is why you never want them close to you, even if you have opted to call for their assistance. Don't let them in. Don't let them see. Don't let them hear. Say and show nothing that isn't relevant to the specific matter at hand, if you have initiated the contact. You will have to keep control of the contact, as they will use ploys, like saying they have to come into your house "to hear for themselves", if, say, you have made a complaint about noise from an adjacent living unit about which you have exhausted all other means of ameliorating. Of course, if you haven't initiated the contact, say and show even less--like nothing!

With regard to hidden audio/visual recorded surveillance of a state agent, it would probably be challenged and disallowed in a legal proceeding, particularly when offered by a defendant against the state, unless the recorded subject was whitting when recorded. However, it would be useful in exposing the agent's existence and purposes to the group or the community.

Audio and visual recording of agents in their public performance on duty I would think to be completely admissible for legal purposes, since for them as well as for citizens/activists, "there is no expectation of privacy" in those circumstances.

uh 23.Dec.2005 15:34

stupid armchair

if youre taping everything there is the opportunity to shed light on secret video edits (imagine side by side viewing of the same conversation). then again creating evidence is not a good thing. better to follow the dont talk to anyone and only do stuff for yourself, not for cool activist points. it is good to talk about this, we will learn and be stronger by this fire, maybe this time we will get our counter intelligence together. dont get tattoos unless youre ok with never changing that part of your costume.

By the way 23.Dec.2005 18:34

Just one more thing to know about

Jacob is fat now. I'm not saying it to be derogatory. He used to be really tall and skinny and now he's quite heavy.

hey 23.Dec.2005 18:56


if people have pictures it would be good to post more.

a word from jakes family 25.Dec.2005 20:16

annie d.

i have not read all of the comments on this page, and am keeping up with the deeply depressing and miserable news of all of this as it unfolds.i am very involved with my family and working hard on being a positive person in the lives of the people in my family. especially the kids, who are the coolest members of it.i am having a really rough time coping with the news of jake's informing, wire tapping, awful awful descisions that he made. that these descisions have led to such sad consequenses for so many people.that the fellow called avalon died in jail. its so fucked up. it is important for me to say, that jake made choices that i never would have imagined him making, though in hind sight, and with an intimate understanding of how fucked up addiction can be for people, having grown up in the care of adults who where entrenched in it and made choices to phys.,emot,and sexually abuse the children in their community, i can definetly grasp just how fucked up it can all be.i don't mean to excuse his behaviour, or say that being strung out means its okay to rob, steal, lie cheat and rape. i have been strung out and i did not make those choices. what i am saying, is he is not the person he used to be. much to the sadness and heartbreak of his family. we all love him and where really hoping that he was going to find his way out of that dark place. it is terrible that his dark path is dragging so many others in. it is totally fucked up that the f.b.i. shot up my fuckin brother and did whatever they could to drag him deeper into the myer. most people who are strung out don't have some massive sick agent scoring drugs for them and loading up the fuckin crack pipe. at least not so directly.most people who are trying to kick don't have some sick manipulator trying to make them keep going. at least outside the voices in there own heads. please understand that jake fucked up and can't be trusted. that it is probably likely that some people he knows where aware of it. but don't make the assumption that all the people who knew him where wired too. because thats bullshit. his family was just trying to do everything it could to keep his son healthy. saying prayer for jake to clean up and get well again so he could be a dad..doing whatever they could to make him realize he was fucking his life up and that it hurt everybody, especially his kid, to see it happening. it breaks my heart to read peoples responses that he outta be killed. i can see where its coming from. please just remember that he is not just a solitary being. no matter how fucked up his descisions have been, he has a family that love him and know him as a father, a brother, a son.we are all just trying to deal with the terrible shock at what he's done. please try to remember how his son would feel if he turned up dead. jacob fergusons heartbroken sister, annie dacotah

Chelsea's lawyer 26.Dec.2005 10:33

Paul Brown paul_brown@fd.org

I am the investigator for Chelsea Gerlach's lawyer. Please respond to  chelsea_lawyer@fd.org if you have information that you would like to convey to her lawyer.

Paul Brown

Hi Annie 26.Dec.2005 16:02


You say the feds are keeping Jake on drugs. This has to be stopped. Have you spoken to any of the attorneys representing the eco defendants? Jake's actions and eventual testimony may put some very decent and honorable people in jail for the rest of their lives. When is the last time you heard from your brother? Does he have anyone to speak on his behalf? If Jake is being used and/or drugged by the government the community needs to know about it. Who is doing this to him? What can you tell us about this?

To Annie 26.Dec.2005 19:17

Who was the agent providing drugs, shooting him up?

Was someone pretending to be Jake's friend and encouraging him to do drugs, and maybe even commit arson??? If so, maybe the whole thing could be thrown out for entrapment.

response to questions about jake 26.Dec.2005 20:11

annie d.

i'm sorry. i do not know specific details. everything i spoke of in terms of jakes using and the involvement of the fbi is based on thinngs that he said that at the time i thought where wildly paranoid and drug induced. hindsight makes it seem less so. i have no idea where he is and cannot get in touch with him. my intention in writing is to remind people that there are people being hurt on all sides of this. including jakes innocent kid. my intention is to remind people to take that seriously when they suggest death threats against him. i hope that all of this gets thrown out. it doesn't seem entirelly unlikely that it could. it is to bad that that stan fellow started spouting off about whatever in his state of fear, because jake is hardly a credible witness about anything and hasn't been for years. i say that as a family member dealing with a junkie. not a s a lawyer or an activist or any of that other whoo hah. i am sorry that my brother did this. i am so sorry that the word sorry seems trite. i am not forgiving it or excusing it. as his sons aunt, my advocacy is for that little boy first and formost and always will be.he is a good boy. he deserves a better father. he doesnt deserve a dead one. that is all i know.

not to be harsh dear... 26.Dec.2005 20:51

and I agree his son is innocent and deserves better

I feel your good heart even through this plastic and wire contraption. but honestly, what could be worse for a child than to have a snitch Daddy who caused the death of a good man? Unfortunately and as you seem to know, some people's lot in life is to have parents who, instead of being role models, model exactly the opposite of what it is to be a good person

annie, cut the bullshit 26.Dec.2005 22:12



your brother is the worst type of scum on earth. it is better for his child to have him dead than in his life because he will never EVER be a good father. anybody who would lie to the government to get a bunch of people put in prison for years is not a good person. you are defending a horrible man, i understand you love him but what he is doing is horrible. my innocent friend is facing decades in prison because your junkie crackhead meth head whatever he is brother is a snitch, a liar, and a weak fucking agent of the government.

who is paul brown? 26.Dec.2005 23:01


Who is this fellow soliciting e-mails regarding Chelsea Gerlach? Chelsea has a public defender, how can he afford his own investigator? Asking for e-mails regarding this serious legal issue seems very sketchy.

Did Jake get his check yet? 26.Dec.2005 23:16


$50,000 can buy a whole lot of herion.  link to www.kgw.com

RE: paul brown 27.Dec.2005 00:48

library mouse

mainstream news 27.Dec.2005 02:46

saddend @ist

December 25, 2005

DENVER - The demise of an Oregon group suspected in the 1998 Vail arsons
and other crimes of eco-sabotage began last year with the cooperation of
one key informant.

Dubbed "cooperating witness" by federal investigators, the alleged Earth
Liberation Front insider knew names and dates, and was willing to wear a
wire to record conversations with other members.

That led to six arrests earlier this month, with two suspects saying last
week they were ready to cooperate and a third apparently committing
suicide in an Arizona jail.

The cell's collapse may be a boon to prosecutors in Oregon, Washington
state and Colorado.

The case also illustrates how federal prosecutors frequently work a cold
case - one that's old, slim on physical evidence and involves a
tight-lipped group of people living on the edges of society.

According to those familiar with such investigations, prosecutors
typically cultivate an informant who will surreptitiously record
conversations with co-conspirators and then charge who they can.

"The federal government makes a living off tapes and snitches," said David
Lane, a Denver lawyer who practices in federal court. "It's absolutely
standard operating procedure."

Federal prosecutors also look for defendants, facing potentially long
federal prison terms, to begin flipping, or offering cooperation in
exchange for leniency. That opens the door for additional charges.

Such moves could boost the Vail investigation.

Kirk Engdall, a federal prosecutor from Oregon, said: "We gathered
information from our confidential witness regarding Vail."

A source close to the Colorado investigation said that information and the
cooperation of two cell members almost certainly would move the case

The district attorney for Eagle County, where the Vail arsons occurred,
expressed a measure of satisfaction in seeing a break in the case.

"It's pretty obvious that they've been working on this ever since it
happened," said Mark Hurlbert.

Hurlbert said he can file state charges against suspects in the case,
although that is unlikely unless the federal case is thrown out on a

The fires, set Oct. 19, 1998, to protest the expansion at the upscale ski
resort, leveled the Two Elk Lodge and restaurant on top of Vail Mountain.
The fires also razed a ski patrol headquarters and several lift buildings.
The loss was tallied at $12 million.

ELF claimed responsibility for the fires in an untraceable e-mail
communique. For five years, it stood as the group's most destructive act
of protest - one that a cadre of investigators focused their resources in

Documents filed in the Oregon and Washington state cases offer hints as to
how ELF members were able to avoid prosecution for so long.

They used fake identification to register cars. Authorities who raided the
apartment of Chelsea Gerlach, an Oregon woman who is a suspect in the Vail
fires but has not been charged, found numerous fake IDs.

Authorities said William Rodgers, charged in a firebombing in Washington
state, used three different names. Rodgers apparently killed himself late
Wednesday or early Thursday while being held in an Arizona jail, using a
plastic bag to suffocate himself.

The group members, court records say, also used code or nicknames, handles
such as "Avalon," "Rabid" and "Country Girl."

And they talked in their own lingo. Timing devices for starting fires were
called "shot glasses" or "can openers." A van was a "betty."

They shared methods of how to start fires with timers using materials
readily available at hardware stores.

Police scanners and walkie-talkies were employed to avoid detection,
according to court documents.

The counterculture personas of the alleged ELF cell members may have stuck
out in other cities, but Eugene, Ore., is steeped in activists and causes.

The city had become a haven for former Californians looking for a more
affordable lifestyle, according to Eugene resident and anarchist-author
John Zerzan.

"Why Eugene?" Zerzan asked. "Why Berkeley in the 1960s? These things just
sort of happen."

In 2004, John E. Lewis, the FBI's deputy assistant director of
counterterrorism described to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee the
difficulties involved in prosecuting members of ELF and a related group,
the Animal Liberation Front, or ALF.

"The animal rights extremist and eco-terrorism movements are unlike
traditional criminal enterprises that are often structured and organized,"
according to a transcript.

"They exhibit remarkable levels of security awareness when engaged in
criminal activity, and are typically very knowledgeable of law enforcement
techniques and the limitations imposed on law enforcement," Lewis said.

Defense lawyers representing ELF members have telegraphed at least one
prong of their strategy, which is to attack the credibility of the "serial
arsonists" upon which the government is relying to build its case.

And because the lead federal prosecutor in the case said the same
informants have information about the Vail fires, the same strategy may
play out in Colorado if the Vail arson investigation results in charges.

Court documents show an effort by federal agents to steel their case
against such attacks.

A search affidavit written by an FBI agent in the case carefully described
how investigators had their informant record numerous conversations with
alleged ELF members.

And they used the document to explain how they corroborated information
from the witness. When the informant said that an ELF member left a van at
a Washington repair shop during an arson mission, agents confirmed that
the vehicle indeed had been abandoned there.

Defense lawyers already have begun to question the credibility of the
evidence in the case.

In pleadings filed last week in federal court in Eugene, the lawyer for
Chelsea Gerlach said the case rested on "tainted witnesses" who bring
considerable baggage to the case.

One witness the government is relying on is Jacob Ferguson, according to
Gerlach's lawyer, Craig Weinerman. Ferguson, Weinerman contends, is a
"cooperating witness" who took part in the arsons but has not been

Another witness is Stanislaus Meyerhoff, a high school classmate of
Gerlach's who has been charged but not for every crime he admitted to
participating in, according to court pleadings.

"Mr. Ferguson admits setting the fires, and somehow he gets a pass,"
Weinerman said in court last week. "We should consider the source."

story's a changin' 27.Dec.2005 09:23

read between the lines

I've been following this story to the letter for weeks.

They used to say "authorities won't say why there's a break now after all these years, but last year the FBI and private industries have been offering a $100,000 reward in these cases."

They used to say there were two confidential witnesses and one cooperating co-defendant.

They used to say the investigation has been on for 9 years, or 7 years, or 3 or 4 years.

Just remember that the feds often control the press and you can't believe everything you read.

Chelsea's lawyer 27.Dec.2005 13:33

Paul Brown paul_brown@fd.org

I am an investigator for the Federal Public Defender in Eugene, OR. I work for Chelsea's lawyer, Craig Weinerman. Please respond to  chelsea_lawyer@fd.org if you have information you would like to convey to her lawyer.

Paul Brown

... 28.Dec.2005 18:33


"Ferguson is still out and about and probably still wired"

Could it possibly be that the Feds are looking for him?

jake the snake is FBI 29.Dec.2005 23:03


Jake the Snake is FBI

by Mongoose

Like many of us in Cascadia, my thoughts during the last month of 2005 turned constantly to those imprisoned for alleged Earth Liberation Front (ELF) arsons. Isolated, intimidated, ripped from everything they love, deprived of all but the minimum for survival, the question resounds: why? Why? WHY?

As the initial tumult subsides, the answer has become increasingly clear. The reason why many have been subpoenaed, six have been jailed, one of those jailed has taken his life and a community has been shaken to the core is this: Jacob Ferguson.

A man who has called himself "Jake the Snake" is working and has been working for the FBI.

The entire case against those still jailed seems to rest on the words, actions and credibility of this one man, a man we now learn has lived a double life. In a community where there is consensus distrust, even disgust for the federal government and especially its law enforcement operatives, Jake pretended he was one of us. He was and is one of them.

Let's look at a little of what we know of Jake from Eugene. It is perhaps most relevant to note that Jake is a heroin addict and has continued using throughout 2005. He is the father of a ten year-old that he has repeatedly failed to properly provide for. The mother was forced to take away visitation rights at times. Housemates even recently have had to care for his current partner's child while he was strung out.

While active ten years ago at Warner Creek, he is not known as a hard worker in the larger community of activists. He was less a part of the activist scene and more a part of the has-been junkie scene.

While living a life constantly outside the law, he seems to have been left largely alone by law enforcement.

According to court documents, Ferguson has been traveling around the country secretly taping private conversations, perhaps with people who thought they could trust him. The FBI has not yet revealed how long Jake has been posing this threat to everyone he knew. Jake was not the type for meetings and gatherings but we do know that Jake attended the environmental law conference (ELAW) in Eugene this year. What was the result of that fishing expedition?

We also know that Ferguson departed from past patterns and traveled to the Earth First! national gathering in the Mt. Hood National Forest this July. This was another opportunity to listen in on numerous conversations which had nothing to do with the supposed investigations. And all this time, his federal handlers could not fail to notice, if not facilitate his use of narcotics.

That might not be all the "help" he has been receiving from the feds. Days after his name was revealed in court documents and after Bill Rogers took his life, Ferguson was seen in Eugene driving around his old neighborhood in a new SUV!

How long has Jake been a federal narc? The reason this issue is critical turns on the fact that some of the alleged arsons may actually have been planned or implemented with federal law enforcement help. That could well constitute entrapment.

Right before Jeffrey "Free" Luers went on trial, 35 SUVs were burned in an action that claimed solidarity with Free but almost certainly had the opposite effect on Free's judge and jury. Might that have been the work of Jake and his handlers? Was he working for the feds even before this?

There has been much talk of a community coming together to support those in jail and under subpoena. All of their fortunes turn on the credibility of Jacob Ferguson. This is where members of the community can walk their talk and really affect the outcome.

The attorneys and private investigators working for those in jail need to hear every Jake story out there that could help free the accused. This includes law breaking, serious drug use, strange associates at the minimum. Error should be on the side of confiding, not on silence. This in one of those moments where remaining silent could literally cost someone the rest of their life.

Empathy for Jake is not inappropriate. His addiction obviously made him vulnerable to federal predators and junkie's often make terrible decisions. But let us save most of our hearts for the many people who Jake is trying to take down with him. They are either innocent people being manipulated by Jake and the feds or warriors for the Earth that have risked everything to wake up a nation working overtime to destroy a planet.

Jake has a guardian angle by the name of Uncle Sam. He'll be OK. The others have concrete, forced air, a thin blanket and a prayer. If you know anything that has any chance of helping them, please come forward now. The feds want to railroad these people fast and the defense needs to know the whole story like only this community can tell it.

Courage, please. And with love for the Earth and the Resistance.

PD's have investigators 01.Jan.2006 18:33

kirsten anderberg

Public Defenders have investigators. The "investigator" that my public defender used was LEARNING how to be an investigator on my case. My case had REAL spies, professional spies and I was working at a spy office and so the fact that this idiot was doing amatuer work on an actual spy case was annoying as hell. I wished they would have hired a REAL investigator with proven experience. So my faith in these PD investigators is nil.

Here's the question: PAUL BROWN - TELL US YOUR EXPERIENCE PLEASE. What is your investigator experience? How many cases of this seriousness have you investigated, and what are some of your accomplishments for victims of the crim injustice system in the past?

Blahh 02.Jan.2006 10:28


Wow ka you sure do a lot of talking on here.

?? 02.Jan.2006 10:33


Does pb have to prove himself to you on here?
Call him and ask him these questions if you really want to know his experience.

Josephine Sunshine Overaker 02.Jan.2006 21:32


I went to high school with Josie...I was also visited by the FBI in Portland 2 years ago in regards to her case. I haven't seen or talked to her for 10 years and knew very little about the case until now. I wouldn't assume that she's a snitch...maybe there's little mention of her because she hasn't been found. I'm sure they're happy reporting on the folks they have...they will sensationalize Josie too if they find her. Where is info about fugitives posted? I looked and couldn't find anything listed about Josie in FBI websites. I do remember her talking about a boyfriend that she left with a heroin habit way back when, what is the known connection between her and Jake? Even though it's been forever and I don't know the person she is today, I can't imagine her selling her soul to the man...she has always fought for what is right, and I have never seen fear in her. I imagine the fear is what converts you to a snitch...but who knows. I pray that she stays free...if this ever makes it's way to you Josie...I wish for you whatever peace you can hang on to during these times. I've been heartbroken thinking about those folks that have been brought in, and what lies ahead. Let's keep positive and keep Josie in our prayers...I remember her as a fighter, a sister, lover, midwife, healer...that's what I choose to think of now, and again I hope she stays free.

Wow, quite a lot to digest! 03.Jan.2006 08:10


As a mildly paranoid person, my mind is a flurry over who, and to what's been said, from supposed government-appointed P.D./investigator's, qualified journalist/researcher-activists ( who I have had experience with and trust as to this person's past forthrightness ); plus an undeniably emotion-packed sibling's insight of an unfortunate drug-compromised individual's betrayals.

This is a public forum, and so we must understand that by being courageous and exposing ourselves to electronic scrutiny, we must heavily weigh these risks to volunteer comments to people who posts a government-sponsored url as a response; which is almost flippant and rude.

But, on the other hand too, what "Mongoose" was it (?) said I believe, it is now critically important that as many of the community ( as in the immediate Eugene eco-activist scene close to these stories and events ) that have had ties, and can characterize "Jake", not as as "Snake" please; I was born in a year of the Snake;
but, give the defenses some ammunition to speak to out the collusion.
We've got to paint the Feds as insrutable operatives bent on creating, and I think the entrapment suggestion is NOT out the question; a pit for us all to fall into.

Believe me, this is a burgeoning police state, and they will liberally clampdown on any and all resistance, or the slightest perceived support of resistors that stand in Corporate Amerikkka's way of domination of economy and the world's resources.

As to the wiring idea, that REALLY brings out the paranoia in me, but as they say..."fight fire with fire"; and the thought proposed for a "Rogue's Gallery" of Fed thugs and informants is good one; even at the risk of entering us into a new and unfamiliar dynamic.(ethics-wise for me anyway)

Reality can get blurred and easily abused, but hey, the USA's continent is ruled by the duality forces of Gemini I once heard; I also read on a San Francisco Coffehouse restroom wall as well to..."Avoid the Duality like the Plague...".

ever heard of coinprotel ? 09.Jan.2006 18:46


"one witness the government is relying on is Jacob Ferguson, according to Gerlach's lawyer....So all this ridiculous talk of Jacob being a wire wearing informant for the feds was all insinuated by a girls lawyer trying to take the heat off of her. All you other drama queens are running with the ball talking a lot of escalations on this based on what one sleazebag lawyer said to the mainstream press. Anyone that knows Jake should know in their hearts that all this shittalk trying to crucify Jake as the downfall of all these people is fully laughable after you get over the tragedy of how our communities allow themselves to be manipulated into falling apart from lack of trust of one another as they pit us against one another with their lies...To label Jake as just some druggie is some a small box to put a person in. If anyone knows Jakes' kid who is one of the shiniest young people there are this is a reflection of all the love and time Jake has put into his son and a direct reflection on Jake himself. Jake has done much for the community and individuals thru the years. All you people that are so quick to jump on your drama people bashing bandwagons are the reason why our attempts at better communities are failures. Also all you shit talkers are the real reason people end up going down. You should be careful what you say unless you have some real truth to benifit the world with....

try cointelpro 12.Jan.2006 00:04


first, you idiot, its cointelpro (short for counterintelligence program).
second, he has admitted to being an informant.
third, defending this scumbag just makes you suspicious at best.

Ignore Leroy 13.Jan.2006 18:58

It's just Jake trying to post on his own behalf

The truth is out the decision is made. Jake posting about what a great guy he's been and calling himself Leroy shows how sad he is and how late on the draw. His son is a beautiful person, but so are a lot of people with terrible parents. The boy also has an awesome Mom. Sometimes one person is all it takes.

On another subject, I've been thinking a lot about this thread. After reading the formerly sealed affadavit used to garner search warrants, I don't think it's right to excommunicate Stanislas Meyerhoff from any community support because he chose to cooperate after he got picked up. What he did is very different to me than what Jacob Ferguson did.

What would you do if you were confronted with evidence in which you were facing life in prison unless you cut a deal? What if you also found out that all your friends were in the same compromising position?

Think about it before you are quick to judge Stan, esp if you have never even spent one night in jail, or done anything for which you risked jail.

Kirsten Anderberg's constant attack on Paul Brown 18.Jan.2006 16:24


I've noticed repeatedly throughout this--what is this? a blog?--that someone named Kirsten Anderberg (who seems to be an artist and apparently worked at a "spy office?")has been questioning who Paul Brown is. I'm not really sure why it's any of her business unless she has some information that could help Chelsea. Furthermore, I am concerned that in these paranoid times (paranoid for good reason) someone who really does have information that could really HELP Chelsea would be afraid to contact her lawyer's investigator. I am sorry if Kirsten Anderberg has had a bad experience with investigators but the ones that I have had encounters with have been very professional and experienced. Investigators work for the defendant's lawyer--they want to help the lawyer win the case--if they didn't they would not be known as a very good investigator. And I have to ask--does Kirsten Anderberg know Chelsea? If not than aside from probably hoping the best for another activist I really don't see why KA should be involved. If she did know Chelsea than perhaps it would be beneficial for KA to contact Chelsea's support group and go from there. Whatever--my point is--please stop--you're doing more harm than good.

A friend of the dead and formet friend of Jake the snake who's a grass 23.Jan.2006 14:19


I cannot believe that Jake has sunk to such lows. Tragic that. And an old friend offed himself in AZ. It is hard to take this all in. I believe anyone who knows Jake and his shady dealings might consider getting in touch with the lawyers on this case to reveal him for all that he is and all he has done in the past. Not only as an addict but think about the many actions Jake bragged about taking part in. Consider that if the lawyers know this this will help destroy his credibility. Rot in hell Jake. You were a good man once, once... .

Jake Ferguson 23.Jan.2006 21:36

annie onomous

Jake Ferguson usually wears a hat because he's going bald. He's put on a lot of weight since that picture was taken. He has a belly but is not really obese. He has lots of tattoos...I think he has a couple of sleeves. He's tall. He's been traveling around different states lately, but usually lives in Eugene, Oregon. He's probably out taping more conversations. Hope that helps people identify him.

Stan needs some support 28.Jan.2006 15:25


As a friend of Stan's for many, many years I know he is a good man and a kind soul. He may be providing additional info at this time to the feds but read the affadavit and you will see that those same names were set up just like him by another snitch, who probably isnt doing jail time. Stan will see time no matter what. Hes doing whatever he can to reduce his sentence cuz hes scared shitless. These people were in trouble already. This image-oriented environmental community, who the majority has never spent anytime in jail, need to put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself what you would do. Also, note he is being very vague about peoples involvement, saying he forgot their part. Condemning stan almost seems like part y'alls image. Get a heart. Some compassion for the poor guy.

EGO more the ECO 02.Feb.2006 14:14

innocent until proven guilty illuminatikarate@earthlink.net

Does any one else think that we are convicting innocent people by being mellow dramatic about court papers
People are stupid especially those who have no idea what it feels like to be a convict. So, please do all the people a favor
and be selective with your words and your speech don't be mellow dramatic and over do it, and I literally hear alot of people doing just that
running our mouths like you belong to a "secret family". Everybody needs to remove their egos from their mouths.


CUT MY TONG OUT 02.Feb.2006 14:24

ELF2ELF illuminatikarate@earthlink.net

The FREEMASONS, The Skull and Bone societies. "they" cut peoples tongs out when for snitching
Is that what you are a "secret order" I see my friends becoming the order that I hate.

Josephine 03.Apr.2006 07:07


I agree with asc. Josie is a fighter and has integrity. If this ever reaches you, Josie, I too am thinking of you, praying for you and wish you luck.

The worst part is that this is distracting us from the real battle! 10.Apr.2006 12:00

cascadian dreamer138 cp138b@yahoo.com

I used to live in Eugene. It was amazing. There was so much CONSCIOUSNESS there. I really miss it.

I know Jake and have considered him a friend for years. This really fucking makes me sad. I don't really know what to believe. I do think from my experience with Jake that he would probably do whatever the hell it takes to save his own ass. He is just that type of person.

But, the most important thing is that we don't lose track of what all this is about in the first place. Yeah it is easy to get distracted when your friends are going to prison, killing themselves and (worst of all?) becoming snitches. That shit tears our community up. But remember, some of these people have effectively given their lives for the cause of caring for our planet that so many of us believe passionately in. We can't let ourselves get distracted from the true fight. Yeah, fuck Jake if he is a snitch....but why is he a snitch? It is because the government is going ape shit over so called "domestic terrorism". But we are talking about non-violent crimes across the board, when it comes to ELF and ALF activists. Why are we being pin-pointed like this? Maybe because our truth, because the possiblity of CASCADIA, is too damn threatening to those in power. Which shows how close we really are.

I urge you all to watch your asses. Don't trust anyone. But don't get sucked into a web of paranoia that paralyzes you and keeps you locked in your house. That's what the big businesses who control the government want. No! We have to keep exposing their bullshit and shoving it back in their faces. You all know the slogan:

In conclusion, let's all just take a brief second to think about our loved ones and allies who are now political prisoners. Send love out to these people. I love you Free, I love you Exile and Sheba!!!! I love all ya'll who are still trying to make a difference! Don't let the bastards get you down!!!!


The worst part is that this is distracting us from the real battle! 10.Apr.2006 12:01

cascadian dreamer138 cp138b@yahoo.com

I used to live in Eugene. It was amazing. There was so much CONSCIOUSNESS there. I really miss it.

I know Jake and have considered him a friend for years. This really fucking makes me sad. I don't really know what to believe. I do think from my experience with Jake that he would probably do whatever the hell it takes to save his own ass. He is just that type of person.

But, the most important thing is that we don't lose track of what all this is about in the first place. Yeah it is easy to get distracted when your friends are going to prison, killing themselves and (worst of all?) becoming snitches. That shit tears our community up. But remember, some of these people have effectively given their lives for the cause of caring for our planet that so many of us believe passionately in. We can't let ourselves get distracted from the true fight. Yeah, fuck Jake if he is a snitch....but why is he a snitch? It is because the government is going ape shit over so called "domestic terrorism". But we are talking about non-violent crimes across the board, when it comes to ELF and ALF activists. Why are we being pin-pointed like this? Maybe because our truth, because the possiblity of CASCADIA, is too damn threatening to those in power. Which shows how close we really are.

I urge you all to watch your asses. Don't trust anyone. But don't get sucked into a web of paranoia that paralyzes you and keeps you locked in your house. That's what the big businesses who control the government want. No! We have to keep exposing their bullshit and shoving it back in their faces. You all know the slogan:

In conclusion, let's all just take a brief second to think about our loved ones and allies who are now political prisoners. Send love out to these people. I love you Free, I love you Exile and Sheba!!!! I love all ya'll who are still trying to make a difference! Don't let the bastards get you down!!!!


big head bullshit 17.Nov.2006 03:54

stan brackage

you are all fucking weak snots! get over yourself! hippies with handguns make me sicker than hippies!

Updated location 26.Nov.2018 23:07

Madeline ward

Jacob ferguson lives in Redmond Oregon now.