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A Christmas Greeting to Bush/Cheney and Sen. Smith

What they have accomplished in 05
A Christmas Greeting to Bush/Cheney and Sen. Smith
The Lone Vet--Portland, Oregon


President Bush reminds me of a used car salesman, the guy in a funny suit who attempts to get you to come back just one more time. You have been to this car lot many times and have never gotten a good car, they all have some type of problem, but you cannot seem to stay away from this guy. Maybe it is because you want so much for this man to show, just once, that he is honorable, will tell you the truth---he does promise this time will be different.

Here is a good time to tell you a story about denial:

A woman was cleaning her daughter's room and found some birth control pills; she confronted her daughter with the evidence. "Tell me!" said the mother, "These are not your pills." The daughter replied, "Mom, my name is on the pill holder, and they are filled by prescription, they are my pills." "Tell me that these pills do not belong to you," said the mother again. The daughter gave up and said, "OK, they are not mine, mom. The mother put down the pills and said, "Make sure you return the pills to their owner and we will not talk about this again."

In this short true story, the mother got what she needed; a way to deny the evidence and continue on her make believe road. She was happy and safe from the reality that her young daughter was having sex. To understand why 40-50% of Americans still support this criminal administration re-read the story.

I used to think that we were heading for a cliff, there was great danger if we did not stop and look where this man called Bush was leading us, and now time has run out.

We have gone over the cliff, and we have smashed upon the ground, now we are just pieces of what was, we are broken and will never be the same. The Bush family has won, Dick Cheney can die in peace, he has succeeded in destroying the country once called the United States of America. There is nothing left, our great democracy is dead.

We are now known for torturing suspects and old men, the invaders who burn women and children in the tens of thousands. The rest of the world thinks we have gone mad. Once our enemies would surrender to us knowing that they would be treated like human beings. Remember the stories of the Germans, (WW2), who would run to the GIs and away from the Russians because the word was out that Americans would treat you as a POW and not execute you on the spot. Sorry, gone.

We now know that BushCo is spying on Americans without any checks and balances, they decide who is a threat and who is not. The DOD is spying on groups including Quakers, who say this action in Iraq is wrong and must be stopped. Rummy is smiling and happy.

Our Vets are being shipped home as freight, after dying for something they thought was noble. Freight, no honor guard, in the excess baggage holes of planes, where above first class passengers drink Champagne.

Over three hundred thousand vets from the first Bush war are now listed on permanent disability, there will be many, many more from the little bush. Our VA system is imploding and you cheer for the bush. There is so much more--China owns our IOUs, the poor will now be cut from food stamps, medical care on any level---Barbara likes this part.

Our media has gone from being called the muck rakers to the Main Stream Media to the Corporate Media and having finally succeeded in reaching the height of their hypocrisy will now be know just as "The State Run News."

"God Bless Us, Every one!"


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Patriotism Isn't Finished 22.Dec.2005 00:24

Joe Anybody

Thanks for all you have done and continue to do
I am Joe Anybody
I want to say thanks in behalf of everybody.
From those that know the truths.
And the ignorant ones who don't care.

Because we all reap the benefits of Civil Rights,Peace,
and Freedom, whether you care about them or not.
You do care and whether you feel the results of your effort, or not
you inspire, give hope, and help expose the truth,
And even the ol stand-by a Sincere Protest carries a powerful message
I hear ya!
And patriotism isn't dead till I am!
Joe Anybody Waves his hand in Appreciation and in Solidarity

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled... 22.Dec.2005 02:11


was convincing the world he didn't exist.

The greatest trick the corporatist aristocracy ever played in the US was convincing people that the media wasn't state run. I've heard it said that in China and the Soviet Union the people were always more critical because they recognized their media was propaganda. But here in the US people have become accustomed to trusting the all time most prolific propaganda machine in the history of humankind. Speaking of the spying story, those paragons of virtue at the NYT sat on that story for a year and when they finally knew they had to run it before it was to be outed in a book, GWB brought the editors to the Oval Office and pleaded with them not to run the story. Such is the marriage or state and corporate media.

keep on truckin' or 'nil carborundum' 22.Dec.2005 07:04


time and politics is a pendulum and it always needs to get worse before getting better.
Things swing from authoritarian to revolutionary very gradually but we don't see mass mobilization until things get really bad.
But badder they will get and the worse things are, the more people will start to question the lies they now take for truth.
There;s a helluva lotta $ spent making us look like looney losers and while it might make you feel that things are pointless becuz it's a losing battle out of our control, just keep going at it and keep talking about the injustices that are hidden in plain view. 'nil carborundum' - don't let the bastards grind you down.
take heart in the fact that you tell truth and the f%^&*ers at the "top of the chain" NEED to employ vast PR campaigns to stop more people from tuning out the messages of our mainstream media. The suits can't keep us divided forever...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS 23.Dec.2005 10:16


may you days be full of love and cheer.
may the new year bring us peace on earth
may the new year bring us a new congress.

laughter is good for you, do it four times a day.


the lone vet, portland, or.