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don't know how long it will last
lost one
lost one
Artic drilling not to happen.

WASHINGTON - The Senate blocked oil drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge Wednesday, rejecting a must-pass defense spending bill where supporters positioned the quarter-century-old environmental issue to garner broader support. Drilling backers fell four votes short of getting the required 60 votes to avoid a threatened filibuster of the defense measure over the oil drilling issue. Senate leaders were expected to withdraw the legislation so it could be reworked without the refuge language. The vote was 56-44.
Smith voted for drilling 21.Dec.2005 14:52

Democracy Catalyst democracy.catalyst@ecotv.org

Call him at 202-224-3753 or 503-326-3386 to let him know how disappointing it is that he wentback on his promise to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the fact that he would back Senator "Crazyeyes" Stevens' attempt to hold up Katrina aid is abhorrable.

When I called, the (202) mailbox was full, so I left a message locally.


Smith says he's kept his promise about the Alaskan (sic) Refuge 21.Dec.2005 22:57


Partial transcript of late afternoon interview between OPB studio and field reporter in DC:

ALLISON: How did Gordon Smith vote on cloture?

Ley: He voted for cloture and that brought an attack from environmental groups. They say Smith has broken his promise to oppose ANWR drilling. Smith responded with an attack of his own:
"What these single issue environmentalists don't understand is that as important as ANWR is, there are other things that are even more important, even issues like life and death for our soldiers and for victims of hurricanes."

Allison: Is Smith worried about political repercussions from this vote?

Ley: No he told me that most Oregonians are more concerned about preparing for the holidays and are not paying attention to what's going on in Congress. He says he's kept his promise about the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

"I have kept my word on ANWR and was prepared to strip it out yet again. But these people who criticize me will never vote for me and that's their privilege but I'm going to govern in a way that hues to the center and that makes common sense to the vast majority of the people of Oregon."

overall a bad day in the senate 22.Dec.2005 06:20


Patriot act extended.

Education and old folks robbed.

Smith on the Oil Corp. Payroll? 22.Dec.2005 14:53

Balsam Root

Remarkable...the junior Senator from Oregon meters his promises: they run out, drain to empty, over time. One only needs to keep a promise once, then one has lived up one's promise

Then he goes on to build on that personal principle to augment his impotence to sort out the misfit riders that were duct taped on to the Defense Budget Bill by the thoroughly corrupt, hanging-rotten-on-the-limb, too-long-in-the job senior Senator from Alaska Ted ("Bridges to nowhere") Stevens. He's powerless to recognize the incongruety of those measures (Gulf-coast hurricane relief, giveaway to petroleum corporations) with funding for the imperial war--er, I mean troops.

Smith would have us accept that remediation for natural disasters (hurricanes) are justly and logically met by causing a permanent man-made disaster (industrialization of the biological heart, the coastal plain, of the Arctic Refuge).

Lurching back to his "promise", he gives it one more twist, wringing out a few more rancid drops, making the jaw-jutting and simultaneously vacuous declaration that he "was prepared to strip it out yet again."

With a shrug of the shoulder, he crassly allows that, anyway, it's all about him keeping his cushy job with all of its unreportable perks and unaccountable corporate bribes.