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Burlington Coat Factory Furs

Around 11PM on the TV station KOIN there was an ad for Burlington Coat Factory which mentioned quickly that they carry fur coats. Interested in helping to stop them?
You can go to the contact page on the Burlington website (  http://corporate.burlingtoncoatfactory.com/contact/contactus_corporate.shtml ), choose "Marketing and Advertising" (or any other category you think is better) and click go to get a form you can use to write to them, telling them you can't shop there because you've learned they carry products made with animal fur (coyote, rabbit, and raccoon furs are included in coats on their website).

If you have time after that, you can write to  webnews@koin.com (general Koin address) and  koinsales@koin.com (Sales and Advertising) or call (503) 464-0600 to let them know that you're upset about them carrying ads for companies supporting the torture and murder of animals.