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John Conyers heads committe to investigate and move for impeachment

a grassroots movement happening in certain states - 3 meetings alone already in massachusetts - see this site:  info@pdamerica.org
I was tickled pink to find this letter and link from 'Progressive Democrats of America' in my email.
There are a lot of calls for impeachment on this site, so I figured that besides blogging, I could hook people up with the movement which is already happening - meetings with representatives calling for accountability in terms of possible impeachment. Did George w. Bush's lying actually breach the code of conduct enough to quality as an impeachable act in regards to the statements which led our congressmen to vote him the power of invading Iraq?

Jhn Conyers has introduced three new pieces of legislation aimed at censuring President Bush and Vice President Cheney, and at creating a fact-finding committee that could be a first step toward impeachment.


The Censure Bush campaign will provide a new focus for town hall meetings about Iraq that PDA activists across the country are helping to organize, approximately 60 of which are scheduled on January 7th. See:  http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/event

another site: GET MORE INFORMATION:  http://www.CensureBush.org

NOW is the time to keep the ball rolling - 3 meetings already in Massachusetts - a total of over 500 people. There are so many different movements against this administration that the total energy directed against it will have an effect.
The Constitution in Crisis: Censure and Investigate Possible Impeachment 20.Dec.2005 20:52

John Conyers

 link to www.huffingtonpost.com

for more information, go to Congressman Conyers' home page:

U.S. Constitution : 20.Dec.2005 21:00

Fourth Amendment.

The right of the people to be secure
in their persons, houses, papers,
and effects, against unresonable
searches and seizures, shall not
be violated, and no Warrants shall
issue, but upon probable cause,
supported by the Oath or
affirmation, and particularly
describing the place to be
searched, and the persons
or things to be seized.

Please place your right hand on the Bible: And repeat after me,"I, George Walker Bush, do solemly swear to uphold the...(now in-sert the above high law)".

Failure to do so, shall result in the bringing forth a hearing(s) for impeachment.

So, what is it, fellows?

The Rule of Law...

or, the Rule of men?

Enlightenment or Tyranny?

Either Bush goes,

or the Constitution does.

Good luck! with that one.

how does this seem too easy? 20.Dec.2005 21:54

devil's advocate

Why does it seem like Bush is taunting the Democrats with the likes of, "go ahead, I dare you to try impeachment."

I guess my concern involves what exactly is the goal, shame and embarassment for King George?
Let's assume in our wildest dreams that impeachment is successful and Bush is removed - does anyone have a plan to remove CHENEY?
With Bush making his treason so obvious, it almost seems too diabolical, like there's something else going on - a Neo Con power grab with Cheney holding the reins? I dunno, I'd love to see the word impeachment all over the commercial media but we've got to be able to include Cheney. Otherwise, it's kinda scary.
All hell. What have we got to lose?!


Cheney IS included 20.Dec.2005 23:43

g.d. dem

The resolution of censure is "for both President Bush and Vice-President Cheney".

After Cheney goes, there's Dennis Hastert, currently Speaker of the House. BUT, if the Dems retake the House in November (2006), that wouldn't be Hastert, that would be Nancy Pelosi -- the first woman to become President of the United States?

absolutely 21.Dec.2005 09:11


absolutely imperative to take Cheney down with Bush.

Why Not? 21.Dec.2005 14:01

Yea For Censure

Jackson was censured, but as the article illustrates, it had little effect and was ultimately expunged from the Senate Record. Maybe things will turn out differently this time.

March 28, 1834
Senate Censures President

The Senate demanded that the president turn over a document. The presidentóin the second year of his second termórefused. In an unprecedented and never-repeated tactic, the Senate then censured the president on March 28, 1834.

Two years earlier, President Andrew Jackson (pictured) had vetoed an act to re-charter the Bank of the United States. That veto became a major issue in his 1832 reelection campaign, as he decisively defeated Senator Henry Clay. After the election, Jackson moved to withdraw federal deposits from that bank.

When the new Congress convened in December 1833, Clay's anti-administration coalition in the Senate held an eight-vote majority over Jackson's fellow Democrats. Clay then challenged Jackson on the bank issue with a Senate resolution seeking a paper the president had read to his cabinet. When Jackson refused, Clay introduced the censure resolution.

After a ten-week debate, the Senate voted 26 to 20 to censure the president for assuming power not conferred by the Constitution. Jackson responded with a lengthy protest denying the validity of the Senate's action. In another unprecedented move, the Senate responded by refusing to print the president's message in its journal.

For nearly three years, Missouri Democrat Thomas Hart Benton campaigned to expunge Jackson's censure resolution from the Senate Journal. By January 1837,having regained the majority, Senate Democrats voted to remove this stain from the record of an old and sick president just weeks from his retirement. With boisterous ceremony, the handwritten 1834 Journal was borne into the mobbed chamber and placed on the secretary's table. The secretary took up his pen, drew black lines around the censure text, and wrote "Expunged by the order of the Senate." The chamber erupted in Democratic jubilation and a messenger was dispatched to deliver the expunging pen to Jackson. Dressed in the deep black of a mourner, Henry Clay lamented: "The Senate is no longer a place for any decent man."

 link to www.senate.gov

TODAY'S WEATHER... 21.Dec.2005 18:10

this thing here

"In Washington DC, the smell of shit and death will grow stronger throughout the day and night..."

may the pathetic, garish facade of the bush regime collapse in upon it's rotten, corrupt, deceitful and war mongering core. KEEP rotting, KEEP collapsing, KEEP falling, KEEP sinking. go for it. MORE indictments, MORE resignations, MORE leaks. if for no other reason then to show the world the true nature behind the mask.

god DAMN does this ship need to sink already.

I so agree 22.Dec.2005 00:34

sink the fucker...

I'm amazed... maybe folks ought to be in the streets pushing things a long a little! Ya think, damn....