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Microwave Weaponry and Covert Government Harassment Used on Many Average Americans

Too Many People Coming Forward To Be Dismissed As Paranoia
Appearently after Greg Szymanski posted this interesting article about a Polish immigrant harassed by covert operatives [  http://www.arcticbeacon.com/articles/article/1518131/39196.htm ] he was flooded with email from others who have experienced similar ordeals: "Attacks have been made against my financial well-being, isolating me socially, sabotage at work and of my car, ringing in ears, super vivid dreams that drain you and keep you asleep for many, many hours - these are all tricks constantly used on me."

Indeed, I was about to write Szymanski myself after reading that article, because Mr. Suda's ordeal sounded rather similar to my own:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/09/296845.shtml

Just a reminder: Bush and Co. have been torturing American citizens as well, right here in their own homes. I wonder if microwave techonology was used experimentally in New Orleans. I'm pretty sure it has been used in Iraq [  link to www.willthomas.net :

Microwave Weaponry and Covert Government Harassment Used on Many Average Americans; Too Many People Coming Forward To Be Dismissed As Paranoia
Susan Elmes of Seattle is one such victim of most every type of illegal government tactic used to silence critics, including gang stalking, mind-control and sophisticated electronic weaponry.
19 Dec 2005

By Greg Szymanski

The number of people claiming to be illegally zapped by microwave weaponry and harassed by undercover government thugs is shocking, as America's march toward a complete military takeover and martial law is getting closer and closer.

In the last month alone, at least 30 people have come forward, citing outrageous civil rights abuses, after Dan Nelson, a small town Montana carpenter, went public with how covert operatives tried killing him several times for spreading 9/11 truth information.

After Nelson's story and radio interview, people literally started crawling out of the wood work with similar abuses, indicating the problem with illegal government surveillance goes deeper than most onlookers imagine.

If only a few people surfaced, the natural inclination is to suspect paranoia as the reason. But when scores of people from as far north as Canada and as far south as Florida step to the plate telling their stories, something much more alarming is going on.

It is common knowledge that whistle blowers are harassed, thrown to the dogs and spit out like shark bait by government operatives. But when common 'Everyday Joe's' start getting punched around like a punching bag for simply advancing their freedom of speech and assembly rights, it's time to start fighting back.

At least that's what Andrew Suda of San Diego recently said after being raked over the coals for years by covert agents after he was put on a watch list for his "radical views," views that simply don't fit into the neo-con agenda. Suda feels communism and Al Queda are "good theatre," falsely created by corrupt factions in the U.S., Eastern Europe and Middle East to bring about fascist state by the New World Order.

"I feel cornered like an animal with nothing left to do but fight back," said Suda, an outspoken former Polish university art student, after almost being killed from a ricin poisoning incident administered by a female covert operative that cunningly infiltrated his personal life.

Besides Nelson and Suda, the 30 people coming forward claiming to have been zapped by illegal electronic weaponry and subjected to government mind control programs and brainwashing techniques is probably just the tip of the ice berg.

However, the common thread running through all the recently reported cases is not only are they being harassed by covert operatives in the traditional street-type manner with illegal break-ins, privacy invasions and wiretapping, but now the government appears to be using a sophisticated electronic weaponry programs geared at zapping the life out of people in their own homes.

Susan Elmes, an activist from Seattle trying to spread the truth about 9/11, is one such victim, who for the past several years has been the target of government surveillance in every possible manner, including gang stalking, mind control techniques, electronic surveillance, as well as the typical barnyard breaking and entering dirty tricks.

For years, Elmes has been extremely vocal in Seattle's activist community, holding public meetings and displaying her web site at www.astarheart.com, where she strongly says the government caused 9/11 and is responsible for the murder of more than 3,000 people.

"They have put me through a living hell ever since I went public about 9/11," said Elmes in an extended phone conversation from her Seattle apartment that has been broken into on several occasions.

"They usually leave these strange calling cards and do things to make you think you are going crazy. But they also poisoned my cat on one of their illegal visits. Luckily he survived, but he has never been the same.

"I know of many others like me who have been victims of the gang-stalking, mind control, and surveillance activities that have been used for threat, intimidation, manipulation, harassment, etc. Unfortunately we need an avenue to pursue damages against people that are currently attacking those trying to spread the truth, but there is just nowhere to go."

On Elmes' web site, where she has a picture of her car draped with numerous anti-Bush and neo-con bumper, she poses a difficult question facing millions of Americans who are in the same boat, maybe not under surveillance yet, but realizing they have been duped and played for stooges by a deceitful neo-con U.S. government bent on destroying the country from within.

Elmes asks: "What happens when the things you believed about the world, the government and the people working for the government, turn out to be lies and you are really living in a fascist state? And what happens when you become their target?

"Our government used 9/11 as shock and awe to manipulate Americans and now it's time to educate everyone about the real terrorists in our country. I am a victim. I live everyday with the possibility of having my house broken into and live every day under the fear of gang stalking and psychological violence. Who will be next?"

In an effort to stop the harassment, Elmes has tried everything possible, including asking help from the ACLU in a well-documented written report, as well as seeking help from alternative clairvoyant sources.

Although the ACLU refused to take her case, Elmes said this "supposed civil rights group" has also been corrupted from within, staying away from the CIA mind-control cases involving programs like MKULTRA and Bluebird.

"It should be obvious, that we are dealing with, globally, the lowest form of mentality, spiritual and social corruption that can present itself in human form on the earth, and we are seeing evidence of the truest form of evil that humans and spiritual abominations are capable of manifesting on earth," said Elmes regarding the hundreds of thousands of people being killed around the world by the neo-con agenda.

In her plea for help to the ACLU, she added:

"I have believed since I first saw the attack on the World Trade Center that the origin and planning of it involved Americans, working inside the operation of our government. I am also convinced now that the Pseudo "Patriot Act" and "Homeland Security" was actually created to do the opposite ?

"It was created to protect the traitors who are operating within our government and committing treasonous acts against the American people, including orchestrating 9-11 and the passage of unconstitutional laws against Americans. It is also my belief that the Department of Homeland Security is being used on targeted individuals in order to protect those involved in political corruption and treason in the highest levels of our government, and it has also led to me becoming a targeted individual for recognizing and publicly exposing corruption and criminal activities.

"My awareness of surveillance and harassment/psychological violence activities began shortly after the passage of the "Patriot Act" (during the winter of 2001), while working for Virginia Mason. On one occasion at the Port Angeles clinic, a supervisor came out to the Winnebago, which a coworker ( Jud Bailey ) and I worked in, and warned us to be careful what we say that "the walls had ears".

"I also became aware of changes in the computer operation, modem transmissions, which indicated there was some alteration in its operational functioning. I became clearly aware that I was a target for harassment and psychological violence from some of the people working at the clinics and some of the patients sent in for bone density scans (some of whom were also Virginia Mason employees).

"There were some people, at some of the clinic sites, who clearly indicated they had access or information from my medical records and personal life, by the comments they made to each other directly in my presence (what is known as "mobbing" activities, and is described in books, with information available on the internet and research documented).

"I was also told, from a personal information source, that new technology was used on me for research, without my knowledge or consent, while I was employed with Virginia Mason. And after seeing the GNN.tv documentary about mind control (The Most Dangerous Game), I believe that the operation at Virginia Mason involved a component of Homeland Security and most likely the CIA."

Besides Elmes, others like Eleanor White of Toronto, Nancy Taormina of Spokane, Susan Fox and Jim Mecca of New York, to name a few, have all experienced what they claim is a sophisticated form of electronic weaponry, geared at interrupting normal sleeping and living patterns and having dire consequences over an accumulated period of time.

"I haven't been able to sleep normally for over a year since I have been subjected to this type of government harassment," said Toarmina from her Spokane home in an extended telephone conversation. "They started harassing me after I continued complaining to the military about their fly-over programs and other abuses on the public like chem trails, which were occurring all hours of the day and night."

To verify the claims of these victims, a 2004 Montreal case recently uncovered CIA mind-control abuses involving a 1953 program and a Scottish physician on the government payroll. The court found the abuses were compensable, allowing 250 patients the right to seek compensation for unwillingly taking part in the sinister mind-control programs.

Evidence in the landmark federal Montreal case uncovered the use of LSD, other experimental drugs and sleep deprivation techniques were illegally administered by Scottish doctor, Ewan Cameron, recruited by the CIA while working at McGill University in Montreal.

Critics of CIA involvement in torture and mind-control experimentation are pointing to this case as proof-positive that illegal brainwashing programs are still being carried out in America, the mild-altering techniques being used on unknowing and unwilling Americans for many different types of covert activities.

And dating back to the 1950's the CIA has a long and storied involvement with mind control techniques, essentially being documented by more than 18,000 declassified pages of CIA documents on mind-control.

Most of the declassified documents were used as a basis for three books that can be considered the best references for trying to get to the bottom of the devious CIA activity.

The three books are Bluebird by Colin A. Ross MD, a leading Canadian psychiatrist; Dr. Armen Victorian's Mind Controllers; and A Nation Betrayed by recovered mind control victim Carol Rutz.

address: address: 1001 Polk, San Francisco CA

And it won't stop until 20.Dec.2005 13:59


the wimpy American public and our militarized, corporatized "representatives" stop allowing billions and billions of our tax $$$ to go toward weapons research, which is always looking for new and improved ways to fuck over and control the world's population (including us).

Until then, this "war on terror" against all of humanity will continue:

Non Lethal Directed Energy Weapons

Police toy with 'less lethal' weapons

Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds

Microwave beam weapon to disperse crowds

Argumentum ad Populum 20.Dec.2005 14:29


"n the last month alone, at least 30 people have come forward, citing outrageous civil rights abuses, after Dan Nelson, a small town Montana carpenter, went public with how covert operatives tried killing him several times for spreading 9/11 truth information.

After Nelson's story and radio interview, people literally started crawling out of the wood work with similar abuses, indicating the problem with illegal government surveillance goes deeper than most onlookers imagine."

This is a not-uncommon phenomenon.

For a look at how bandwagon phenomena like this start and spread, and at the relationship of the number of people making a bizarre, technically-implausible claim correlates with the truth value of the claim, I suggest Googling "Mad Gasser of Mattoon" and also "Airship of 1897".

Same Phenomenon With So-called "UFO Abductees" 20.Dec.2005 19:32

Ben Douglass bendouglass@cheerful.com

I rest my case...

Thought control ? 20.Dec.2005 21:58

Converse Murdoch umlaut@idir.net

It's plausible that you could microwave somebody and make them sick. You could poke somebody with a stick and call it thought control also. This stuff about putting thoughts and nightmares into your head with microwaves is not real convincing though.

I have no problem believing that there are covert ops that will harass the living shit out of you with conventional methods. A long term program of vandalizing your car, killing your cat, messing with your family and your financial stuff would make you paranoid. It would induce sleeplessness, nightmares, and generally take it's toll on your physical well being. You might even start to doubt your own sanity. Just going without sleep will do that.

If you speak out against the govt. some big dude doesn't stick a shotgun in your face and tell you to shut up. They do all this indirect stuff. It says a lot about the character of the people that run the govt.

1. They are totally dependent on stealth.

2. They are terrified of exposure and public opinion.

If these guys are afraid of bumper stickers and letters to the editor, they are vulnerable.

" The pen is mightier than the sword, if you know where to stick it . " quote from Bazooka Joe.

it makes you feel powerful and vulnerable at the same time 21.Dec.2005 03:29

but you're really afraid of being irrelevant

> They are terrified of exposure and public opinion.

This is the weak link in the argument. In fact, they don't care much about exposure or public opinion. You can hang a sign on your garage door saying "Bush did 9/11 himself" and they don't give a shit. They've got the propaganda apparatus to drown you out by a factor of a thousand.

It just doesn't make any sense that they'd PAY a whole bunch of people to harass somebody whose only transgression is publicly bad-mouthing the official ideology. It's not WORTH that much to them to discredit you. You don't individually MATTER that much. And look at all the people speaking against the regime who don't report these events. Paranoia is the more believable explanation for these experiences.

And can several hundred people reporting the same things all be paranoid? The answer is YES.

My reply to Skeptic 21.Dec.2005 10:30

Jody Paulson

I don't discount incidents of mass hysteria. Indeed, our nation has been gripped by just such a plague after the events of 9-11. However, in order for mass hysteria on the order of "the mad gasser" to occur, one has to be aware of the phenomonon before they start exhibiting psycho-suggestive symptoms. In my case, I exhibited severely disabling symptoms before I even heard about microwave weaponry (Symptoms like feeling burned from the inside out, for example, and contrary to my normal sleeping patterns, sudden and total insomnia). It was only later that I discovered that my symptoms are typical of directed energy weapons.

A lot of people think that wave-frequency technology is too sophisticated to be used on ordinary people, but in fact it's not that expensive and the concept is very simple.


As you know, the state of one's mind may be measured by the state of their brainwaves. Higher-frequency beta waves indicate wakeful alertness, lower alpha waves indicate daydreaming and relaxation, and even lower delta waves indicate deep sleep. Now, knowing this, what happens if you can employ a simple concept in physics called "entrainment." Entrainment means that things naturally fall into rhythm with each other -- for example, if you put two grandfather clocks up against the same wall, it won't be long before their pendulums become synchronized. Well, it turns out that if you beam certain frequencies at the brain, the brain will tend to fall into rhythm with these frequencies. So, theoretically, you could make that person sleepy, dreamy, alert or else put them in a state of nervous agitation by beaming the frequencies corresponding to delta, alpha, beta or high beta frequencies.

I believe it wouldn't be that expensive to pay someone to park outside someone's house or live in the next apartment to operate these kinds of weapons to deal with dissidents. It would be easy to deprive the target of sleep just by beaming high beta frequencies at them. Sleep deprevation leads very quickly to both mental and physical illness. It's a form of torture, and it's not that implausible. The technology exists.

The big question we should all be asking is, after the obvious (and murderous!) sham of 9-11, why are these mafia-controlled puppets in the white house and congress still in power? Maybe widespread domestic repression is part of the answer.

A difference of opinion 21.Dec.2005 17:37

Converse Murdoch

They are extremely nervous about public opinion. The money and manpower they invest in the propaganda machine is a good measure of how much they worry about public opinion. It's a lot.

Also it depends what you say. If you just hang a sign up "Bush did 9/11" or "Bush sucks yada yada " you're not saying much. That's not a threat. However if you have specific verifiable info, then you become a threat. I don't know what these people did exactly but they may have hit a nerve.

courteous to offer them the benefit of the doubt, 21.Dec.2005 22:22

but it's not warranted and you're encouraging them

You know if they knew or had done anything significant to fuck shit up for the regime they would say so.

These are people who think merely because they hate Bush the war machine is coming down on them, personally.

If this isn't "paranoia" what is?

can all these people 22.Dec.2005 02:55

really be wrong?

Lawyers for David Letterman want a judge to quash a restraining order granted to a Santa Fe, N.M., woman who contends the CBS late-night host used code words to show he wanted to marry her and train her as his co-host.

A state judge granted a temporary restraining order to Colleen Nestler, who alleged in a request filed last Thursday that Letterman has forced her to go bankrupt and caused her "mental cruelty" and "sleep deprivation" since May 1994.

Nestler requested that Letterman, who tapes his show in New York, stay at least 3 yards away and not "think of me, and release me from his mental harassment and hammering."

Lawyers for Letterman, in a motion filed Tuesday, contend the order is without merit and asked state District Judge Daniel Sanchez to quash it.

"Celebrities deserve protection of their reputation and legal rights when the occasional fan becomes dangerous or deluded," Albuquerque lawyer Pat Rogers wrote in the motion.

Nestler told The Associated Press by telephone Wednesday that she had no comment pending her request for a permanent restraining order "and I pray to God I get it."

Sanchez set a Jan. 12 hearing on the permanent order.

Letterman's longtime Los Angeles lawyer, Jim Jackoway, said Nestler's claims were "obviously absurd and frivolous."

"This constitutes an unfortunate abuse of the judicial process," he said.

Nestler's application for a restraining order was accompanied by a six-page typed letter in which she said Letterman used code words, gestures and "eye expressions" to convey his desires for her.

She wrote that she began sending Letterman "thoughts of love" after his "Late Show" began in 1993, and that he responded in code words and gestures, asking her to come East.

She said he asked her to be his wife during a televised "teaser" for his show by saying, "Marry me, Oprah." Her letter said Oprah was the first of many code names for her and that the coded vocabulary increased and changed with time.

Her letter does not say why she recently sought a restraining order.

Rogers' motion to quash the order contends the court lacks jurisdiction over Letterman, that Nestler never served him with restraining order papers, and that she didn't meet other procedural requirements.

Cultural and religious stress bring about 22.Dec.2005 11:37

witches, demonic possession & paranoia

Possession, whether in colonial New England or in other societies in which it still occurs, is a collective as well as an individual phenomenon.

"The Malignant Vapours and Humours of our Diseased Bodies may be used by Devils, thereinto insinuating as engine of the Execution of their Malice upon those Bodies; and perhaps for this reason one Sex may suffer more Troubles of some kinds from the Invisible World than the other, as well as for that reason for which the Old Serpent made where he did his first Address."
Cotton Mather, New England, 1693.

Um, 22.Dec.2005 13:04

Jody Paulson

There's nothing in the above story that talks about demon possesion, witchcraft, UFO's, or David Letterman's love life. It mentions technology which undeniably exists.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/07/321978.shtml

You know you've touched a nerve when you get so many irrelevant, ad-hominem attacks.

Causal fallacies 22.Dec.2005 13:34


Symptoms like those claimed by self-proclaimed victims of "electronic harrassment" have been reported for many, many years- since long before the existence of electronics or even the development of the electrochemical battery- the first continuous source of electric power- by Volta.

Which is the more parsimonious explanation- that people whose suffering was attributed to witchcraft or possession were in fact the victims of a technology which did not exist at the time, or that these symptoms have a cause in common with those of modern times and that the stories people spin to explain their experiences are derived from the culture in which they live?

Is it not telling that stories of flying to witches' sabbats have been supplanted by stories of abduction by aliens whose description follows the images of fictional aliens in popular culture? Or that stories of being pinched and smothered by the specters of witches have been replaced by stories of being zapped and suffocated by electronic weapons wielded by evil government agents?

The lesson of the "Mad Gasser of Mattoon" is this: there wasn't any Mad Gasser. Once the claims of attacks by a "gasser" were given attention in the media, they became a ready-made focus for previously undirected fears, which led to more claims, and on and on in a feedback loop which ultimately hit a limit state and dissipated.

Similarly, publicizing a claim of "electronic harrassment" provides a ready-made explanation for people who are experiencing paranoid delusions to seize on as "proof" that someone else is to blame for their troubles.

The above story 22.Dec.2005 15:38

witches, demonic possession & paranoia

"the lowest form of mentality, spiritual and social corruption that can present itself in human form on the earth, and we are seeing evidence of the truest form of evil that humans and spiritual abominations are capable of manifesting on earth"

Sounds like it to me.

And: "proof-positive that illegal brainwashing programs are still being carried out in America, the mild-altering techniques being used on unknowing and unwilling Americans for many different types of covert activities."

Should we only be concerned about "illegal brainwashing programs"? What about putting a stop to "legal brainwashing programs" like organized religions, TV, corporate advertisements, legal -- and for the most part unnecessary -- pharmaceutical drugs, etc.? It seems to me that these kinds of brainwashing are doing the greatest damage to the greatest numbers of people.

did they kill gary webb? yeah, probably, 22.Dec.2005 18:02

but you're not gary webb

> There's nothing in the above story that talks about demon possesion, witchcraft,
> UFO's, or David Letterman's love life. It mentions technology which undeniably exists

It mentions identical experiences which the experiencers happen to attribute to a different unverifiable cause.

People undergoing horrible emotional ordeals should be proud of themselves if they can still distinguish a more plausible explanation from a less plausible one, but these people have not, in fact, done anything that would rationally warrant such a response from government agencies. The least implausible explanation is still that this is bullshit. It's POSSIBLE that the government is engaged in irrationally evil activity, at great cost and no benefit to them, but you'll have to provide more evidence if you want to convince most indymedia readers.

If these weapons are so easy to create and deploy, why not build one and test it through a wall or across a street and videotape the event from both ends? If you yourself can create paranoid symptoms in a volunteer who's more-or-less "normal" beforehand, you'll have a much better argument.

The scoop from Jamaica; for the files 23.Dec.2005 11:32

Paul Golding-Clark

Good Folks:

This is what is happening in Jamaica;

WE have these two parties PNP and JLP; one has colours orange the other has colour ( British spelling) green. The Bush Abomination Administration ( and The Clinton abomination before them) is running this scheme where almost every other day each "colour" takes turn operating the said MICROWAVE equipment. They do it on individuals,incuding ME, then they "plan" / "arrange" these "incidents" throughout the day that "showcase" the technical abilities of the equipment.
and supposidly the "smarts" of those who plan it. So any one without characters firmly rooted in normal human decency can be seduced into a "superiority complex" gang complex just as the NAZIS were. " Hey we are part of this special group with special access to such superior equipment."
And like the NAZIS, the do not realize just how SICK this is. And even if they do they are in so deep and the character is not deep enough , that they become defensive about DOING THE RIGHT THING., which at the very least involve JUST STOPPING.

Then the "Green" can also stand for Muslim, India , Hindu, Buddhist etc; the orange for Protestant, Yellow for catholic..etc... and so the Orwellian Madness continues day after day ad infinitum.
And they have their blue days and pink days Etc Etc etc. And overseas groups are invited.
Owell, please say "I told you so".

They take a peoples such given to conflict, and just play them like maestros. And they are glad to be so played. When in their life times could they have access to such "sci-fi like superiority technology"???.

THIS is what those US government abominations (mainly executive branch) are into here in Jamaica .
How they play, "spin" this in the wider world, I don't know.

Speaking of spin, I received an email from MYGRACE who wanted to equate this with the existence of GOD or not.



Once you go there and start saying this is about GOD or Religion there "spin people" start saying if you are against what we are doing then you are against GOD and Religion.


[ And of course if Jesus came back incognito WOULD HE BE DOING ANY OF THIS?? NO. IT IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION!! ]

Let the Bush abomination try and dodge that ( Jesus incognito) benchmark. Do recall , ( you can you are not Clinton) in his latest press conference he was "upset" about "benchmarks".

You want hard data ?? Microwave and otherwise, surreptitiously come here to Kingston with the right equipment and start collecting.

That's the scoop.

Paul Golding-Clark

PS THe 9/11 bombers left Boston (" teas party" ) on one of "our" Green Day.
( those who advocate a Bush CT (conspiracy theory) on 9/11: "Tea party" ie Boston was
probably an attempt of these Phillistines at "poetics".

Not Sci-Fi 20.Jan.2006 12:51


I am sending this message to whomever may be able to help. I have 2 children that I believe have been subjected to unknown materials or events that may be hazardous to their health.

Please refer to public law #108-153 for more details on NanoTechnology

According to Marty Spitzer from the House Science Committee, a former EPA employee.
"...we know very little about environmental implications," "There's early evidence
that some nanomaterials are harmful."

-Also, most scientists agree that the research on safety of nanotechnolgoy is
"Lagging" behind. Nanomaterials can be seen in items such as
detergents, sun screens, building materials, electronics and medicine.
Greenwire, Monday, Oct. 24th, 2005

I Contacted U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson (attachment #1) during summer recess and was contacted by his Nebr. Director Don Nelson. I was referred by him to Dr. Prem Paul and/or Monica Norby his assistant, at the UNL campus that are working on numerous experiments/ research in the nanotechnology area.

I contacted Sen. Nelson due to the fact that he is a member of the Sen. Committee on commerce, science and transportation and there was a report due to that committee by the NRC by June 10th, 2005. Don Nelson was not aware of any such report at that time that was to include ethical, harmful, environmental effects of NanoTechnology Research which I am concerned with. And to this day have not been informed of any update on that matter by the Senator's office.

It also troubles me that the social, ethical, environmental and legal aspects of this research does not seem to be a priority within the Nanotechnology sector. As evidence of my concern, as of
Oct. '05 even scientists, industry leaders and government agencies agree that research into the effects on the environment and health of humans needs to be a top priority for all researchers. The House Science committee is planning at least one hearing on these matters. (As of Oct. '05)
The EPA's Science Policy Council is expected to have a white paper concluded in December '05
outlining the "research needs" in these areas.

It seems to me that the safety of these materials should have been tested long before they became common use. Such as the testing on pharmaceuticals and other medical devices and chemicals.
EX: textiles (cotton),
I also contacted Sen. Chuck Hagel's Washington office and spoke to Paul, he did not know of anything pertaining to these issues due to the fact that Sen. Hagel is not a member of the above committee and did not want to comment on the issues that I was concerned with. I have also tried to contact approximately 1000 other various agencies/ persons with only a few brief responses that have yielded me very little information.

Some details of interest:

1. I believe that the events that we have experienced can be attributed to a combination of:

a. Military/Governmental research: some of the following research areas also would
apply to this subsection.
-Research on new aerial aircraft, i.e. v-22, Unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.
with Offit Air force base being STRATCOM that involves all areas of the military. Currently research is being done using NanoTubes for solar
Aircraft .
- DOD acquisition of capabilities to defend against low altitude aircraft. UAV etc.
-Homeland Security working on uniforms for soldiers that will monitor a soldiers
Vital statistics and relay that information to a command and control center.
-Northrop Grumman- Infrared "Counter measure:
Flight tests were recently completed flight tests on Fed-Ex and military aircraft against laser guided missel defense.
Demonstrations have been done to the DHS.
-Raytheon's project Vigilant Eagle:
Directed energy technology- Infrared airial sensors using RF energy.
High Powered Microwaves are used. Detects Heat
Forms a Protective Dome. Demonstrations thru Jan '06.

b. Nano Technology: With no mandatory regulations at the time of this summery.
EPA is now developing voluntary regulations (Oct 24, '05)
1. NanoTechnology is being widely studied in various locations including UNL.
A physics professor is currently using lasers to test the fundamental
properties of matter that is funded through the "Centers of Excellence"
Through the DOE, DOD, NSF.. (?) These "centers" are also involved in NanoTechnology research.

2. 8-25-05 LJS From Wire Reports
Nanotubes are slender but strong electrically conductive sheets of carbon, 50x stronger than Steele. Could be used for ultra light race cars that bodies can serve as batteries or synthetic muscles with 100x the strength of normal muscles or for Solar Spacecraft.

3. Current issues of Science:
By depositing iron particles on sheets of silicone by heating and exposing to carbon
gas (possibly by lasers?) create tiny rows of carbon cylinders called NanoTubes.
Study author Ray Baugman the director of the NanoTechnology Institute at the U.
Of Texas, Dallas
-Atomic attraction "van der Waals forces"
-Transparent sheets for heated windows or bullet proof vests.
-highly conductive
-since 1990's ben able to fabricate tiny electrical wires by linking nanotubes with resin or some other polymer, ineffective because loose current at each joint.
-new sheets are made of unbroken nanotubes instead

-a wire cut from a sheet could operate with a fraction of the power needed previously

4. Water molecules interacting with carbon nanostructures can be used as fuel.
-could be reason why we have such sever drought in our area, i.e. ponds are going dry and huge cracks in ground.
(See press release 10-05-05 "Hydrogen Energy Breakthrough? NCSU scientists use nanotechnology to split water, Posted from LocalTechWire.com, Special to LTW)

Published in the National Academy of Sciences.
-University of Buffalo
-Delivered gene nanoparticle complexes into the brains of MICE at least as effective as viral vectors and with no OBSERVABLE toxic effect.
-activate the adult brain stem/progenitor cells. May be able to replace those lost due to neurodegenerative diseases.
-Provides promising models for STUDYING the GENETIC MECHANISMS OF THE BRAIN.
-Dramatic leap into experimenting in new techniques to study brain biology and therapies.
-Nanoparticles (that are light enough to float through the air) are developed by synthesization in a few days by an experienced chemist.
-hybrid, organically modified silica (ORMOSIL) which can become a wide variety of particles to target genes for different tissue and cell types..
-Experiments targeted DOPAMINE neurons (took up and expressed a fluorescent marker gene) showing that these genes could target different areas of the brain.
-Using (CellviZio) a new optical fiber in vivo imaging technique they were able to watch brain cells expressing genes without having to sacrifice the animal?
*Went one step further*** they wanted to see if they could manipulate the behavior of brain cells.
-nanoparticles successfully altered the development path of neural stem cells.
-REACTIVATED ADULT STEM CELLS ON THE FLOOR OF the brain ventricles, germ cells. (Michal K. Stachowiak, Ph.D.,)
-Likely that those stem/progenitor cells will grow into healthy neurons.
-Next step **********is to conduct experiments on larger animals.

Funding and support by the John R. Oishei Foundation, NSF, American Parkinson Disease Association and UB's New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and life sciences. Research at the Institute for lasers, photonics and biophotonics has been supported by special New York State funding sponsored by State Sen. Mary Lou Rath.

6. A study by Southern Methodist University found that "buckyballs" may cause
Extensive brain damage in fish. Also linked the material, a nano-sized
Carbon molecules, to altered behavior of genes in liver cells of bass. Other
Studies have shown that carbon nanotubes may impair lung function.
(Greenwire, Oct. 24th, '05)

Let me repeat myself, there is NO mandatory regulations on these materials or devices.

c. Electromagnetic Spectrum Research. i.e. radio, microwave, x-ray etc:
1. Research or use of Tactical Infra sound technology which was a recent
Study conducted by "JASON".

2. Research or use of Technology involving areas of the electromagnetic spectrum.
i.e. New communication of Emergency responders? That may be able to use the above mentioned technology.

3. GLORIAD- International Computing Network
-High speed 10g CIRCUIT
-global ring network for advanced applications developer
-scientist and engineers- Northern Hemisphere
-grid middleware

4. Rice University 10-31-05
-Researcher Tony Ro, Associate professor of psychology
-visual information can be processed unconsciously
-Induced temporary blindness for a fraction of a second using TMS-Trans-cranial magnetic Stimulation (harmless. But what if pulses are longer and stronger?) That use brief magnetic pulses to the visual cortex within the back of the brain.

5. HAARP program (Alaska 92-93)
-Requires special processing method to detect ionosphere fields (stereo graphic image) Can see a great deal of "noise" (background noise or static) but can incorporate a message built in the noise along with a picture. The message can be read using a special processing power provided by "2 eyes" setting about an arms length from the monitor (Possible Subliminal
-HAARP is safe at the voltage and frequency being used at the research facility but I Am concerned what the harm would be if the same technology was used at a higher voltage and different frequency.
Tony Frazier-Smith, Stanford University created the image.
See: The safety of ELF fields generated in the ionosphere (HAARP)

6. NIST/EEEL department: Jan '05

-EEEL Dielectric measurements of building materials. i.e. electromagnetic properties of concrete etc. using different wavelengths. Radio, broadband etc. Strategies for development of measurements of electromagnetic properties of various building materials. Some of which contain various nanomaterials.

-also working on Face recognition Technology and Portable x-ray systems.
(There is a reason why medical professionals use Personal
Protective Equipment)
(See: EEEL Jan. 05)

7: Connected to the above:
- Nebr. Center for excellence in Electronics Labs-Lincoln
EMC Lab is AZLA accredited
One of only 10 meter semianechoic chambers
Radio frequency emissions and immunity from electromagnetic
Compatibility testing.
-Serves AVIATION, medical, SCIENTIFIC, and cellular industries
Doug Kramer- Electromagnetic compliance engineer. **Only certified personnel in Nebr. (NARTE).

8. Large numbers of birds are a problem at Offit Air force Base in Omaha
That the base had to find 'control" measures for.
-may be due to the research being done at DUKE on the use of "songbirds"
Brains To study the molecular biology of learned vocal communications.
-Duke scientist earned $2.5 million grant from NIH.
-2000-2004 found "similar gene activation occurs in other vocal learning
Species,...used these findings to gain insight into evolution of brain
Pathways for vocal learning, including humans."
-2005 researchers discovered that "night-migratory songbirds" have
A specialized night vision brain area that could enable the birds
(SEE : Duke scientist Earns $2.5 million NIH grant for Neurological Research
Posted 10-04-05 LocalTechWire.com)

9. Research at Wayne State University: Imagery devices (ultrasound, spectroscopy
And scanning prove microscopy), pharmaceutical delivery, magnetic
nano-particles for MRI's, neural implants amongst other things.
Collaborating with government, industry and other academic institutions.

d. Sensors: Using Lasers or Electromagnetic Spectrum:

1. The French and U.S. involvement in "Network inferred sensors" that create a protective dome, that can be used to protect airports and aircraft which uses Electro-magnetic waves.
i.e. Raytheon's Vigilant Eagle system and countermeasures being designed
by northrup Grumman.

2. Various "sensor" research.
Including x-ray and face recognition devices mentioned above.
(See NSTI, NanoPulse ESD/EMI Sensor is separating ESD from all the rest, Sept. 5, 2005)

-Also being done by various researchers at Wayne State University.
For example: Professor Erhard Rothe, Assistant Professor
Xiaoyan, Han, Professor Vladimir Mitin, Professor Harpeet
Singh, Associate Professor James R. Woodyard, Among many
Others. These projects are funded in a large part by NASA and the
NSF along with other governmental agencies.

3. NIST recent and past advancements in technology used to calibrate and verify sensors and detectors some of which are used for radiation and other matter. These sensors and detectors are used by the Army, Air Force, DHS as well as in the public sector.

If calibration verification is done correctly, both means of calibration must be tested at the same time in order to show that both means of calibration show the same results.
(Harmful vs non-harmful).
(See: Quantum Electrical Metrology Division, January 2005)

4. Professor, Physics and Astronomy/Center for Materials Research and Analysis,
Peter A. Dowben has worked on chemical vapor depositions, molecular magnets, ferro electric crystalline molecular films etc. Some of which were
Or are funded by NSF, the Office of Naval Research and the Nebraska Research initiative. With many affiliations including the University of Damascus, Syria, Air Force Institute of Technology, Argonne National

2. Other various concerns:
a. PCAST members are predominately made up of industry representatives. Mainly
Electronics industry. With no medical Dr.'s or Psychological experts etc.
(See PCAST report May 2005)

b. Basically all articles within the NNCO website pertain to cyber, electronics or
communication. There is almost no or no mention of research aimed at
health, safety research into the implications of the products etc. described
on this site. It is mainly addressed at recruiting industry. The closest thing
I could find was the "electronic industry code of conduct".

c. Efforts to contact various members of the House of Representatives serving
on committees that I believe would be able to assist me with these matters
was not possible via Internet because of their contact forms. I feel that as
a American I should have the right to contact not only my House Representative
but other representatives that serve on these committees.

d. The proposed Bill by Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Bill Frist on the Implementation
Of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency. S.1873
-Would be exempt from FOIA and free of judicial reviews. (Oct. '06)

e. A recent conversation with Micah Intermill from Sen. Ben Nelson's office in which
he replied to me "we will not be pursuing anything else on this issue until
we get the full and complete notes from the folks at the University." Feel
free to let us know once you have spoken with them. "Thanks for your understanding."
-I feel that it IS Mr Nelson's offices responsibility to look into the matters that
Do not pertain to the University since the Senator has the ability to contact
Many of those within government that may be able to assist me. I am further
Severely disgusted with all of those that I have contacted that have the moral/ethical responsibility To research these matters for the health and safety of our citizens. Most Importantly, the children. Including the scientific and medical community.
3. Reasons for my concern:
a. One of the issues that I am concerned with is connected to the use of lasers near my home. I did contact the Laser Institute of America to inquire about the use of lasers and their harmful effects if not used correctly.
In our case I do not believe that they were used as they should be.

b. Terahurtz Radiation (Tera waves, T-waves, t-lux, THz
-penetrates non-conductive material. (Clothing, paper, cardboard, wood,
masonry, plastic and ceramics.
-also fog, clouds
-CAN NOT penetrate metal or water.
-atmosphere blocks
-similar to microwaves
-unlike x-rays
-can penetrate several cm of tissue
-used in surveillance (Is this good for human tissue?)

*Lockheed U2
-recognizance satellites (used for surveillance)
-"trusted" computing devices. (Internet and computer surveillance)

c. Gamma rays are the most energetic

-not stopped by atmosphere
-gamma telescopes must be at high altitudes (orbiting spacecraft) ?ISS or
other observatories.

d. Strange Ground clutter on NWS radar around Lincoln also unusual cloud pattern around our area.. Unusual cloud formations, Unusual spin and dissipations. "Dry air pockets" around our property. Weather almost Always differs from that of NWS and their Doppler radar..
-Sever hail storm early spring/ summer that involved several areas around
Our location, including our home which resulted in almost baseball
Sized hail.
*Also could be due to study on using H2O splitting as fuel**********
which is done using lasers

Again I am sending this in fear of the health and safety of my family. I know that these things are taking place and I need someone to look into them. I have gotten little to no response thus far and I must keep trying. I also know that there are other issues being researched or used in this area and I am in hopes that one of you can look into these things further.

If my suspicions are correct, some of these unacceptable and non-consensual experimentation/
demonstrations are in fact against several regulations and / or contrary to many or all
codes of ethical conduct pertaining to almost every governmental, industrial, medical, etc. community world wide.

Please Contact me if you wish to discuss this matter in further detail.

Thank you for your time,

Observation Summary 06.Apr.2006 12:08

Greenway jmgreenway@hotmail.com

I heard something about covert military microwave transmissions used to manipulate civilians and decided to check it out on the web and found this page.


Although cautiously skeptical, I tend to fall on the side of those who are being dismissed as paranoid. The marginalization of anyone who has had an experience outside the realm of culture is a dangerous and effective tool and is exponentially more destructive when the general population buys into it.

The best method of doing this is by applying methods that have previously been debunked whereby giving those intent on propogating the marginalization an example to reinforce that marginalization with the general public (e.i. Chicken Little's cry that the sky is falling is patently disproven, then those wanting to exercise control make the sky begin to fall. Chicken Little notices, but no one will listen to him because he's already been discredited).

Covert microwave transmission to manipulate citizens was discredited in one of the comments because it was claimed to be technically impossible. However, Many of the probes sent into the depths of the solar system by NASA use microwave transmissions for communication and remote control. Science has obviously explored the practical applications of this technology. The human nervous system, which has been studied extensively, functions on electrical impulses. It is plausible that these electrical impulses can be impaired or manipulated by microwave transmissions (ever try to use a cordless phone next to a microwave oven?). It is plausible that entities interested in expanding there power or control would attempt to master this type of "mind control or interference".

I do not doubt that these entities exist, and have absolutely no regard for the rights of the citizen or the opinion of the population. Most individuals buy into their propiganda and marginalization of others without a conscious thought. History has shown us that the collective human being is easily controlled by those in power. Hilter did not conquor Germany, he was voted into power and the people listened, followed, and loved him up the the end.

Do not be so quick to marginalize people because their claims are outside your realm of experience or comfort.