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Court Report: Kevin Tubbs Arraigned on Romania Checrolet Charges Today

I attended the arraignment on new indictments for Kevin Tubbs today in Federal Court. Kevin is charged with arson at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene, March 30, 2001. These charges are in addition to charges in connection with the 1998 arson of a U.S. Department of Agriculture research center in Olympia, Washington.
Ridiculous Multiplicity of Charges for Kevin Tubbs

Arraignment Hearing for Kevin Tubbs
[Report by Gumby Cascadia]

In Federal Magistrate Thomas Coffin's courtroom today, Kevin Tubbs was arraigned on 36 new charges related to the March 30th, 2001, arson at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene.

He is being charged separately for each of the 35 vehicles destroyed, and faces a mandatory minimum sentence for each vehicle of 5 years, with the maximum penalty being 20 years PER VEHICLE.

In addition, he is being charged with an Enhancement for the use of an "incendiary bomb" which carries a mandatory minimum sentence under Oregon's Measure 11 sentencing rules of 30 years.

There will be a detention hearing for Kevin on January 3rd at 1:30 in the Federal Courthouse. Kevin's attorney will argue for his release pending trial.

A status hearing for the trial will be held February 6th at 1:30.

Trial date is set for February 21st at 9 am, although my expectation is that trial dates will be juggled a lot, due to all the different motions and timelines regarding other trials. So, pencil it in, in other words...

It is apparent to me that Kevin needs ADEQUATE legal representation. Anyone ready to start raising funds?

Thanks Gumby 19.Dec.2005 23:36


Thanks for going to court and letting us know about it. Where there many other supporters there?

Not many... 20.Dec.2005 00:22

Gumby Cascadia

There were lotsa folks there for Chelsea....only a few stayed for Kevin. He really deserves our support.

please post donation address 20.Dec.2005 01:00

want to help

who can we send donations to?

Judge Coffin? LOL! 20.Dec.2005 01:11


Judge Coffin? Oh my! That is a name that suits the profession! Like Ted Stubblefield, when he was head of the forestry dept.!

support work from outside oregon 20.Dec.2005 08:29

PT weflourishinjust@yahoo.com

I live in Portland, ME and was interested in getting in touch with those doing support work for Chelsea and Kevin and then those still waiting to be extradicted to oregon to be. This is something Id really like to put some energy into from out here. There are the obvious things that come to mind with supporting prisoners, but if someone could get in touch with me , Id really like to get some dialogue going about this.
please e-mail me at  weflourishinjust@yahoo.com

Fundraising/Support 20.Dec.2005 11:24


Hi, I work with the north american earth liberation prisoners support network (www.ecoprisoners.org). We're trying to work on getting fundraising going. Both for their legal defense, but also for their support in prison (for books, collect calls, funds for their commissary etc.) Please get in contact with us in you're working on this and need help, or if you're interested in getting this going!  naelpsn@mutualaid.org

NA-ELPSN Does Great Work 20.Dec.2005 12:44

Gumby Cascadia gumbycascadia@yahoo.com

If NA-ELPSN is willing to set up a fund for people, and to earmark dollars for Kevin's legal defense, I would highly recommend sending donations to them. Their work has been solid and reliable in the past. I do not have the umph to take on setting up a fund right now, or I would. But when I can contact anyone doing direct support for Kevin (should they exist!), I will post info to send money directly to them/him.

Support for Kevin Tubbs 20.Dec.2005 21:00

Friends and Family supportkevintubbs@gmail.com

We are working on setting up a legal defense fund for Kevin Tubbs. A website will be set up shortly. Please email  supportkevintubbs@gmail.com for more information. If you have taken the yahoo emails 'supportkevintubbs' 'supportforkevin' and 'supportforkevintubbs' or any variation thereof, we would love to hear from you. Any donations can be sent to Kevin's partner at PO BOX 3025, Eugene OR 97403. Make checks out to Kevin Tubbs until a DBA account has been set up (which I will do shortly). Defending Kevin and maintaining his household of rescued cats and dogs is going to be really expensive. Our computer was seized, making support work more difficult. If anyone has a USB compatible tower, preferrably with windows 2000 or better, I could really use a loaner. Thank you for all of your support. I will keep you posted.

30 years for an incendiary? 22.Dec.2005 05:33


How many years does that add up to for the GIs who toasted Fallujah with hundreds of white phosphorus incendiary artillery rounds?

just so everyone knows 22.Dec.2005 10:07

they're treating the charges separately

And poor Kevin is facing life in prison...

Just so everyone knows...

Is there any hope for true justice? 22.Dec.2005 11:57

R. Lee Blewett

You have got to be out of your mind. LIFE, 5 YEARS per car, MANDATORY 30 years under measure 11! How many people did he kill? No one deserves this kind of punishment. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

letters of support 22.Dec.2005 14:15

a friend supportkevintubbs@gmail.com

If you are reading this and following this story, PLEASE PLEASE take a few minutes out to send Kevin a note, letter or card and just let him know that you are thinking of him.

If you don't yet know Kevin, he is a wonderful, compassionate, non-violent person who does not deserve this nightmarish treatment. He has been a vegetarian for more than 15 years and his requests for a veggie meal have been denied 4 times despite a letter from his doctor. He's in maximum security lock down and only gets 1 hour out of his cell per day.

At this time, however, we are asking people to support him personally with correspondence, and NOT to direct your ire about his inhumane treatment to the jail staff as it could make matters worse for him. His attorney is addressing the dietary issue and we will let you know if it becomes advantageous to take other action.

It goes without saying that every letter is being photocopied, put in his file and scrutinized by the prosecution so please don't speculate about or discuss his case in any way, even the most innocuous comments could be twisted by the government.

Kevin Tubbs #1213751
Lane County Jail
101 West 5th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401

You have to put your return address on the letter itself if you want Kevin to see it because inmates don't get the envelopes. The jail staff might not even let Kevin have the letter at all without a return name and address, I don't know.

I have been trying to write every day because it's really the only thread he has to the outside world or any idea that people are thinking of him and that he's not totally alone.

Thanks for writing, I am certain that even a short note will mean the world to him.

Support donations can be sent to.... 22.Dec.2005 18:53

Gumby Cascadia

Any donations of support can be sent to:
Kevin Tubbs Support Fund c/o Oregon Community Credit Union, PO BOX 3025 Eugene, OR 97403. Checks or money orders can be written out to Kevin Tubbs or just to Kevin.

sickening 24.Dec.2005 20:01


i am nauseated at the idea that my dearest most beloved friend is not even allowed a vegan diet while he is in such an unfortunate and unjustified position. i miss him now more than i ever imagined i could. *tears*

This is rediculous!! 30.Dec.2005 22:00

Khristina and Joe

This all is so unfiar to poor Kevin.We have known him for such a long time and this is not at all the person he is.We are praying for you Kevin and will always be there to support you.

To Khristina and Joe 31.Dec.2005 12:09

His Sister

Write to him. Encouraging words will help him. There is an account set up for him also.

website for Kevin now up 01.Jan.2006 10:31



His hearing scheduled Jan 3rd was cancelled on his request

photo 04.Jan.2006 19:18


i've printed and posted here on my desk a picture kevin sent to me some time ago, of himself, michelle, and pepper. michelle's being licked on her cheek by pepper, her face puckered in an eyes-closed smile, and kevin's got his usual happy-but-stoic expression on, holding the camera at arm's length to click the picture. this reminds me of how influential a human being kevin is, and how incapable i am of accepting what has so wrongly happened to him and to all of us in turn. every minute, i remember how incredibly important he's become to me since the moment i met him so many years ago. who knew that day that we'd become such close friends, and that our love would transcend into what it is now? he is more valuable to me now(and i am positive, to so many others) than i knew another person could be. i'll never stop doing what i can to make sure he is free. i'll never stop writing. i'll never stop giving what i can to be of help. nor should anyone else who knows and loves him, michelle, pujo, shadow, pepper, or any of the others in their plethora of feline and canine companions. may peace be with us in our efforts to show those who don't know him the truth. ~

Kevin's website 09.Jan.2006 08:33

His sister

Please support Kevin now. Any donation will do. A letter of encouragement. See his website for pics of the real Kevin.  http://www.supportkevintubbs.org/

We love you Kevin!