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Audio File: Bush Straight Talk with the American People

This 60-second audio clip is a much more direct and truthful version of the 20-minute speech pResident Bush read on TV last night.
Smaller AIF File 19.Dec.2005 17:32


Here is a smaller AIF file of the same revised speech. (Are these files too big?)

Here is a smaller version 20.Dec.2005 11:15

that should load quicker

This is an mp4 file.

Here is a smaller version 20.Dec.2005 17:11


Here is a smaller version, about 1.2 megs. Though it is a .mp4 file, there is only audio. I can't seem to figure out how to make it into an mp3, but I am working on it.

Smaller Version 20.Dec.2005 17:13


I am having trouble downloading this smaller version (1.2 meg .mp4) to the site. I keep getting an "error" message.

Smaller Real Media (.rm) Version 20.Dec.2005 18:50

umpteenth attempt to upload

Here is a smaller, Real Media version. (Posting audio to this site is giving me a lot of difficulty.)

bush straight talk 21.Dec.2005 18:42

navy dad

good post.i have forwarded it on, thanks!