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Bush's Reason for a Prime Time Address Is obvious..

ecuse me but , and I am aware of Bad Intel, Yah OK write that down and Hope It sounds legit, But Its not What Bush Says that Clues me Into the Logic behind Holding His tunge as he address's the Nation, But more too the piont Its How he said It , And I am not Meaning the Lack of obvious Convection to act sincear , But In the Prompting Words he read from desinged to get simpathy for his Criminal activities.. Its a>>>>>>>>>
Deliberate design too try and Gain Faith from the critics, a Pitty Party if you will, And It is actions that speak Louder than words, So you must Know the way which he lead use too war in Both Nations Iraq & Afganistan were carefully Planned and designed to Use deceiption and interigation torcher with No oversite and criminal spying To seek out disruptor, wisleblowers and More desinting Partners in crime that Have Left his Criminal Party, along with the speach you were lead too believe He was being Sincear about His words, we Know He Lyes often and Has no true Impathy for critics, It was intended to soften the Harsh finger pionting of all his outed troubles , and I might Add the troubles came apon Him Not By critics , But By his actions and The effects It had on People that were Hurt by him who were at the time of Desent Loyal too him,Look into it yourself Every acount of wisle blowing came from Conservative contributor and Voters, Valerie Plame and Joe wilson were conservative donners, as was Many retired Carrier Generals that Have Pionted out In the Light Of abuse, the Criminal ways of the Hole republican controled Congress, shamefull As It is, I think it was a good enought act for alot of People to Buy into His trickery and Slide of Hand Prime time Adress..
Whaaat??? 19.Dec.2005 09:13

G.R. DesiderataAsshopper

"...And listen to others,/ even the dull and ignorant,/ they too have their story..."

say PDX- 19.Dec.2005 09:54


you bumped an actual article to post this drivel?

hey me 19.Dec.2005 19:07

maybe you're right

Posts show up by default. They have to be "bumped" by hand. And sometimes it's easier to bump an obvious corporate repost or a pointless two-line quip than a confusing mishmash that has to be read carefully several times to discover whether it's really nonsense.

defending My Piont 19.Dec.2005 20:09


Boo heww , and If a One handed Self tought Native American Like Myself Put words together you don't see fit too read or The words are just too dry mispelled and Not something you want see, Just don't read it, My Piont For posting the comment Is , Bush wants you to stop pionting Out his criminal Neocon Adjendas, And He tryed too use reverse sympathic sycologic, In the Form Of a admission of some Mistakes about the Iraq war, This also intended to Kill Many critic Birds with one stone, The Many meaning All the current troubles Bush Is Facing , Tourcher , spying, outing a Cia , Tom Delay, The Williness to Bomb Aljazeera, I have a thousand Birds I could state But this will do for now, So I guess I will Use This as Bush did to stop my critics , Only difference Is I am Being Honest and ask for you Understanding For my Lack of wording Talents,

get this crap 19.Dec.2005 20:26


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