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ice biking

Things I Learned Biking on Ice Today, and Other Informational Bits.
Today I learned (or re-learned after forgetting):

1) Ice Biking can be done, if you are courageous or stupid but it helps to be a little of both.

2) For steep, slick downhills, PUT FEET DOWN 'cause the brakes aren't gonna help you.

3) Keep it slow for turns.

4) Studded tires (yes, they make them for bicycles) or knobbies would help, but for lack of good traction a good strategy is to ride on less-tracked areas where the snow is not compacted to ice.

5) Falls aren't so bad since there is less friction... you slide rather than skid.

6) Make sure you don't fall on the tailbone!

More helpful info:

homepage: homepage: http://www.shift2bikes.org

more ice biking stories 19.Dec.2005 20:58

Bike Funnist

More people braving the ice yesterday:

 link to bikeportland.org

studded tires 20.Dec.2005 23:59


so you know,

you don't need to buy studded bike tires. I've heard you can make them by screwing a bunch of screws from the inside of your tire outwards. You should probably do this on an extra set of knobbie tires if you have 'em.

cheers, stay safe friends.

screwed tires 24.Dec.2005 19:17


I would advise running a tire liner between your tube and the tire after puttine in the (small!) screws, you don't need them pinching the tube, much less on ice.

great winter info 27.Dec.2005 11:29

Chris S.

Lots of great winter info here: