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bush and teddy

bush shows his true colors.
george and teddy
george and teddy
aren't they a great pair? when i was reading the NYT article about illegal spying, i was struck by how ridiculous it all seemed. according to the patriot act he was ALLOWED to spy on us legally through one mechanism, and he created a secret agency to do it illegally through another. why? i think he wants to play a spy, and dick cheney wanted no oversight whatsoever.

and then I saw this picture, with Bush spouting off in front of the Rough Rider himself... well, it seemed too apt to let pass. Bush wants to be Theodore Roosevelt, he wants to live in an era when most North Americans were actually behind imperialism. he wants to ride on his white horse all over the Middle East and Latin America, and have the country aplaud him. Just like he wants applause for tapping our phones and purging "terrorists." But we're not going to let him, and now he is sad. sorry george.

Well, TR is a step in the right direction 19.Dec.2005 12:07

Fred Bauer

If you remember not too long ago he was trying to sell himself as Jesus. He's much closer to TR than to Jesus. After all, they were both republicans. I could probably find other similarities if I thought about it long enough.


another discussion topic? 19.Dec.2005 14:34


Fred Bauer,

I am excitedly curious to hear why you think Jesus is a Republican. Perhaps you can compose an essay or refer us to a previously written article? It has always been my impression that Jesus was socially liberal by helping the poor, the sick, and the oppressed. Republican? I don't see it.

no! 19.Dec.2005 15:21


teddy was a republican! not jesus, you idiot!

TR and Bush were rupublicans, not Jesus 19.Dec.2005 18:24

Fred Bauer

There are numberous references to Bush comparing himself to Jesus. Do a little research, they're not hard to find.

No, I do not think Bush is like Jesus at all. That was my point. TR is a closer match. They are both republicans, although Teddy eventually ditched the republicans and formed his own party. Bush is not fit to carry TR's shoes. But he IS a republican. And so in that respect, he is a closer match than Jesus, who was never a republican so far as I know.


Imperial bush 19.Dec.2005 19:11


Here's an earlier photo set-up of the runt in the "Roosevelt room."

It was used on a sign during picketing of the his massively secured visit to UoP during the re-election campaign, an occaision for shaking down the hand-picked have mores for kick-backs on the tax cuts. The photo was accompanied by a choice utterance from the inführer appearing in a Nov 18, 2002 WashPost article:

"I'm the commander -- see, I don't need to explain -- I do not need to explain why I say things. ...I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."
"It's only a godammed piece of paper!"