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radical free all-ages show tonight in NE

a show tonight
08:00 PM
The Mississippi Pizza Pub

3552 North Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR

The Dirge Band
Tyler Riggs with Die Kapitalist Pig
Ross Beach
Ana Cooke with Jesus Burger

Starts at 8 pm sharp


Ross Beach

jesus burger
What's so radical ? 18.Dec.2005 16:01

Wannabe radicalized

Just wondering what's so radical about this show ? In the future if your interested in supporting the RADICAL community,why not look to play at a collectively run space ? Like liberty Hall,also in north Portland.But if your just about music,pizza & beer then your playing the perfect place..Is it also free with ski's ?

in regard to liberty hall 19.Dec.2005 00:14


yes I have rented liberty hall before on 9/11/04. I did enjoy playing there other than the fact there was no PA, no promotion, and I shelled out around $300.oo. It was also a benefit show but the collective cut us no deal. I think it is a great place for people who can afford to rent it, but I really can't front the money right now. Right now I'd rather play a free all-ages show w/ PA and not deal with the hassle or deposits. not to be taken the wrong way LH is great if you have money. my use of Radical was in terms of our ART not the free all-ages venue, and mississippi pizza is a nice family place.

I second that. 19.Dec.2005 16:41


I've had a similar experience with liberty hall. I like the space, but ever since the original collective ripped a bunch of people off to start the space it's been one string of misshaps after another. I understand that the original collective has nothing to do with the people that run the place now. It's just I havn't seen them make any discernable effort to dispell the bad mojo the place has built up. I've been warned repeatedly that if I do events there people won't come.
A month ago I called the place about a new years show, I called, they called, I called back again and again and again and no one returned my call.. In a town that has spent the last few years rife with in fighting it's hard to know why other activists refuse to call you back.
I have a small but growing amount I can front for events. I'm looking for spaces that are reasonable. That don't expect huge security deposits just for workshops. I'm looking at doing future events. Coming down on these folks for not supporting a space that has a reputation for bieng hard to work with only re-inforces that bad rep. Weither you deserve it or not.

Please make somthing of what you have. Please make the liberty hall worth it's name.


Give me convenience,or give me death 22.Dec.2005 13:31

Take back our music & art

That's the beauty of community collectives,you have the empowerment to become involved and create something beautiful for and by the community.Of course this radical actions takes committment and participation, or you can just keep on supporting capitalist business interests...