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Bike There! map on Google Earth

Fly across the Portland, Oregon metropolitan region as you view the bike map in this 3-D simulation.
Google Earth and this file are free. Just unzip the file and open the .kml file. It should load up in Google Earth. Unfortunately, I don't think Google Earth works with Linux, except maybe under WINE.

I like the way the map highlights which are the most dangerous routes. I just moved to a part of SW Portland that only has one, infrequent bus (#43), so I've been considering getting a bike to get to downtown faster. Anyone know a shop with reasonable prices? I merely need a hybrid cycle, helmet, lights, and a basic lock. River City looks decent. The Bike Gallery and Gateway were way too expensive.

Happy cycling!

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if it's still open... 18.Dec.2005 11:59


Check out Seven Corners bikes on SE 23rd and Division. They have great prices on the more basic models you're talking about, as well as some used bikes. Plus, the owner Corey is a totally up front and honest guy.

Also, check out the used bikes at Sellwood cycle. I once got a sweet old Bianchi roadbike there that they set up as a single speed: it cost me $150 for everything, including labor. It's still my day-to-day bike. Also check the used selection at Citibikes, though sometimes their used bike prices can be a little steep. But they're the place to go for used parts to buy and trade, and all things Burley. There were a lot of great people working there a couple of years ago. You can also check the used bikes at Next Adventure on Grand & Goodwill. And last, keep your eyes open for yard sales. That's definitely where you can get the best deal if you aren't on any time table. Good luck, and ride on!

Regards to all from Northern Cascadia.

Thank you! 18.Dec.2005 12:05


This is sweet. Way more info than paper maps. Not sure what to tell you on buying a bike; I build my own. River City has a nice website, though.