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Hey! You there with the Kaady police reports....

What is the opinion of the validity of a statemt about Fouad Kaady in the following exerpt from a story about the shooting death of a prowler, by big O writer Aimee Green?
Aimee Green in The Oregonian, Metro section, pg.1&2. September 17th, includes the following exerpt in a story about the shooting death by a Clackamas County deputy, of a prowler, Donald Henry Graham:

"In September, a deputy and a Sandy police officer shot and killed Fouad Kaady, who was unarmed, naked and bloody and still combative after being struck by a 50,000 volt Taser. A Clackamas County grand jury cleared both officers of any criminal actions".(end)

Am I mistaken, or isn't it true that people who have read the reports have reported here on indy that statements in the reports by witnesses to the murder do not indicate that Fouad Kaady was combative towards the police either before he was Tased or after? Maybe they actually refute allegations that he was combative. Not having read the reports, I can't say, but I thought some of you might be able to.

In case you want drop a line to Aimee Green, her contact info follows:

503 294 5915  aimeegreen@news.oregonian.com

Address to the big O story with the excerpt:

 link to www.oregonlive.com
A true observation 18.Dec.2005 08:14


In regard to your question: Yes, there were nine witnesses within easy earshot of the shooting, and all of them agreed (as did the officer's own statements) that Kaady was docile, naked, burned, unarmed and injured. In the words of the cops, he was "catatonic." The cops were reported to be screaming and yelling, and almost incoherant, trying to get the poor guy to lay down on the hot pavement. They then threatenned to taser him, and he was reported to beg, "please, dont." Then they unloaded their tasers into his injured body, causing him to spasm several times, as would anyone being charged repeatedly with 50K volts. Finally, they ran out of electricity, and he managed to flee to the top of their patrol car, where the officers somehow manage to imagine the threats to kill, which NO ONE ELSE HEARD.
Thanks for asking, and thanks again for calling attention to this, the next unarmed killing. I don't know if it was because they were able to put the stink of career criminal on this poor guy that they were unable to attach to Fouad, or what, but apparently Indy is not interested in this killing. I am not sure how you managed to get this posted, since (at least) two articles, one by RT, one by LN, concerning yet another shooting of an unarmed man by a Clackamas Deputy, were for some yet unknown reason composted here.

Some answers 18.Dec.2005 08:54


According to the reports I saw, Fouad Kaady was not combative, but was described as 'catatonic' and I can only imagine that he was confused and in terrible pain. Officers reported hearing him, once they had used the tasers on him, say "I'm going to kill you." Witnesses nearby did not hear him say that. He was unarmed, and hurt and he was shot. That is happening too often these days. I am very concerned when I read again and again that officers shoot first and try to make excuses later.

Indeed. 18.Dec.2005 09:07


The problem with this is that it really depends upon one's definition of the word "combative." This is a game the corporate media plays very well. In fact, Kaady was not complying with their commands to lay on the ground, because he was badly injured, it was the last thing his burned skin needed, and he was in shock. So one COULD say that he was "combative" in that respect, since he was not obeying their barked and ridiculous orders. However, the word "combative" connotes some sort of violence and/or threat. Combat. It implies he had the ability and the will to fight back. He did not. He was not striking at them, he was not assaulting them (even though it would have been reasonable to do so, since they were assaulting him). He was not threatening them, and he was not causing them harm. So no, in the sense in which any reasonable person would use that term, he was not "combative."

Fouad does not fight. 18.Dec.2005 13:34


I was once having drinks with Fouad, probably about a year and a half ago, some guy reconized him or something, he had some kind of beef with him. He came over and provoked him so badly I could not take it. Fouad simply put out his ciggerett and left. I ENDED UP GETTING INTO IT WiTH THIS GUY cause he was so out of line.
If my face was burned off, and my body burned and covered with blood, having officers come and instead of helping me, started shouting orders to get on the ground, well I can't say what I would do because I would be in total shock, but I could not imagine it.
They started tazering him because he was on his back, and they wanted him on his stomach.
Even if he was cursing or making threats, those officers are complete cowards to say that they were afraid for their lives, they always use that, check out the letter the Clackamas County Sheriff sent me under "proof of an assasination attempt on Fouads sister", that is how they are justifying to the officers setting up to possibly kill us. All they would of had to say is that from the sighted sniper across the street( which we would not had even know of if my nieghbors were not looking out for me) it seemed to them that Fouads sister or I did something that made them believe that an officers life was in danger. That it, just that they thought so. It says it right there in that letter. A "code 3" for a girl having a breakdown over her little brothers murder. I tell you, these guys are murderers and all they have to do to get away with the worst crime one can commit is say, "I was afraid for my life or that of another officer". Its pure EVIL. How could they feel threatened from a naked, burned, and injured kid? They are nothing more than cowards or truely evil people. So cruel, and we complain about Saddam Hussien.
The legal community all know that police reports are untruthfull.

What about the guy who just got shot In believe in Damascus?