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Arise, arise Children of the Light

This is an inspiration and a reminder of the love and truth that lies within us. Find it and share it with others.
Arise, arise Children of the Light

Arise, arise children of the Light
Rub from your eyes, the slumber of the night
Burst forth from the conceptual shackles of your mind
Reach deep within your heart, and remember what it means to be kind
Let your affection flow as a subtle shower and bless
Those who you meet who feel less, and sink into the mire and the mess
Be the glorious shining being you are meant to be
Strive to grasp your hidden power to be free
Throw off the hypnotic lies that scream at your from control
Shield yourself from false promises, which undermine your glow
You have forgotten your greatness in this fog of forgetfulness
But I am here to remind you not to be a slave to this
Rise up, rise up bother your destiny is not about being lost
Your destiny is about an inevitable victory that has a hidden cost
But it is of the greatest merit and reward if you engage
In this war we all must wage, against the limits of the cage
Brother awaken the secret sacred place within
Enter into the light of your Self, and let your journey begin
You have come here with a purpose so don't be fooled by fools
Don't be deceived by their high tech tools, or their brain dead schools
Arise, arise children of the Light
Rub from your eyes the slumber of the night
Brother the almighty resides within you illuminating your mind
It stirs your heart with the inspiration to be gentle and to be kind
Remember the longings of youth when you were young passionate and alive
Don't let the deceptions, scams, frauds and lies distract you, strive
Strive to reach the Highest, you can succeed, once your mind is freed
Let me plant within you this sacred seed
Let it grow, let others know the truth of this divine deed
That the almighty has hidden heaven deep within
So you must all dive deep past the dark veil and swim
In the course of time you will find a treasure I promise is true
Imbued in the most amazing loving summer sky blue
Arise, arise children of the Light
Rub from your eyes the slumber of the night
What time is it? 17.Dec.2005 14:52

RIP van winkle


sister's version? 18.Dec.2005 09:26

kirsten anderberg

So, "brother," where is your "sister's" version or do we not matter? You mention your brother more than once and your sister never. Yawn is right. "Who you trying to jive with all that cosmic debris?" - Frank Zappa

Yawn 18.Dec.2005 11:51

Donald D Forsyth

If that is the best criticism you can muster you are a rather pathetic example of pride and ignorance. You need to really get a life.

To those with an interest in politics and spirituality 18.Dec.2005 13:50

Jody Paulson

I'd like to recommend this site I found out about at (of all places) a 9-11 truth rally.  http://www.awakeninthedream.com/html/

I wrote a poem like this myself, but I don't have it to post.

not called for 19.Dec.2005 12:36


This person spent their time and energy to try and inspire others, no need for reamrks like that. It is not easy to write a poem with their intention. And its not that bad, it takes a lot of practice and learning to write how you feel in a way that the reader gets a inner feel for the writings, its kind of like a song. After a great deal of practice one can find it much easier and rewarding. When I write one, I do it right when I feel. I wrote "Death I am" in one sitdown, it just came right through me. It only took me like 10 minutes. Encourage these people, don't be dickheads.