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Almost Blinded by My Ego's Frustration: for Tookie


Fucking taxpayers. Fucking fools blinded by the delusion of 'democracy'. Fucking naive idiots who've yet to consider that figuring out what you are is a prerequisite of having any just authority. The proud. The stupid mother fuckers who will do anything but pay attention to what is needed to find harmony on this planet. It is your responsibility. YOURS.

The biggest goddamn curse is knowing it's not your fault you are so stupid. So, it's not even about forgiveness. Everyone is as much a product of their experience as I am- so this is where I'm at.

So... the proud the proud the proud- the ones infected by the curse of ignorance; the curse of thinking that anyone or thing is the originator of any thought or deed. Do I have to point out how this retardation leads to all the suffering on the planet? OK. When you think that you or others are the creators of 'choices' you can allow for spite, thinking that others condemn themselves and are not worthy of helping. That others are responsible for the crimes they commit so we can revel in our hate as we literally condemn them to death. With pride we can partner with gangs (mafia/government) and justify our ignorance because many share it... we don't pay attention to what we are ignoring because if we did we would see that it cannot be sustained. Then we get in the pickle of arriving close to mass destruction day when there is insanity in the streets (an insanity the prideful gangs enjoy because violence is easy to play- just be more violent) and we again justify our ignorance because we are too afraid of stepping out and facing the consequence of so long depending on a lie.

You do not get to have 'private property'. You may have to die of starvation or feel the brutal repression of a state in it's vengeful and brutal death throws as it violently asserts the 'sanctity' of empty spaces surrounded by fences. God Damn! YOU. Your god damn taxes are the most brutal crime ever. You're killing me and my friends. Your resources are going towards finding out new ways of sowing despair in the street and homeless population. Your laziness in accepting the responsibility for freedom (the world where food grows on trees and all trauma is harmonized by the surrounding community) is staggering.

It's pride. Pride. Pride. Pride. Don't support it where ever it is. Don't let people get away with thinking that there is such a thing as 'good' pride or 'innocent' pride. Take it as an old soldier's trick- if someone is loudly proclaiming the greatness of pride they are bullshitting you somewhere down the line; there is no such thing as choice... get this absolute fact through your victimized noggin. There has never been a choice made--- no matter what the rest of the world tells you, analyze the 'now' and you will see... we are each the 'soul of life'/the Buddha/God. Have much patience because we do it to ourselves.

good day and may you be unable to escape the light,

David Arthur Johnston/an ego that sometimes remembers that it is God

Victoria, BC, Canada


Home page-  http://www.angelfire.com/apes/hatrackman
"For Tookie" 17.Dec.2005 12:29

reader 2

Great writing. True story.


Thanks for the pseudoscience and the determinism... 17.Dec.2005 15:23


...but I'll pass.

dear athiest 17.Dec.2005 15:32


some things are not determined by opinion- some opinions aren't what they say they are... (AKA I forgive you, vampire).

Because of these living examples, I will find harmony as an animate being. 18.Dec.2005 00:23

Lazy Faire

Yes, you have been blinded.

You cannot BE god. God may partake of you, and you of God.

You have forgotten me, and all of us, in your anger.

You have identified pride with choice, and this is not only an error. It is the affirmation of the lie that is one of the Oppressor's most powerful and essential weapons. The despair he nourishes grows out of the fear to choose. (And how can you speak of "responsibility" without choice?)

In fact, pride destroys choice. Choice is flying above the powerlessness and alienation, to which they told us we were condemned, to do one little thing for others, for the earth, for this love we feel. Pride takes the glory of our choices, and sucks it back into the miniscule compartment of our ego, turning it into an engine of separation and blindness.

We must CHOOSE the light. That is how it is magnified. That is how it comes to exist.

tell yourself whatever you are inspired to 18.Dec.2005 13:19


it's all you could ever do, anyway. Truth seems to be a good unifier, as it IS without concern of how it is thought. Have fun making your 'choices'.