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Dispatch los Ricos By: Marlena Gangi

Rob los Rico documentary, update, etc.
Update for Oregon anarchist political prisoner Rob los Ricos

Saturday and Sunday Dec 10 & 11 2005

This is quite late in getting out--sorry!

Much of the conversation for these two days revolved around the Rob
documentary project. Over vending machine cappucinos and cookies we found
ourselves coming closer to a story outline. We want to start filming this
month inside Santiam with a Rob interview and conclude with the end of
Rob's speaking tour at the end of winter '06. So, we're talking about a
year long project, hours of film to be narrowed to 90 mins or so...geez...

Rob and I both agree that the June 18 1999 G8 Summit and the resultant
international protests and street fighting against the summit should serve
as the film's foundation and backdrop. Rob is clear in wanting to show
that Eugene OR was not the only city that saw anti-capitalist uprisings on
this day. As we bring the story home to Oregon, we will move into the
Eugene anarchist/activist/law enforcement climate before getting into the
specifics of Rob's history and actions that led to his arrest. From there,
we'll move into his trial and imprisonment.

Also to be covered is his day of release (six months and 16 days to
go-goddamn!!), the summer planning, creation and preparation for the
speaking tour and various other interviews and unplanned happenings
interspersed throughout.

In discussing what will be "Rob's story," the thing that came up was not
so much about what he does want covered in the film but rather, what he
does NOT want covered. He also wants it to be funny...I don't know how
familiar you all are with Rob and his writings. If you know Rob then you
know that he can be funnier than shit. No lie. Many a drive back home to
Portland after a visit has been spent chuckling and shaking my head about
something that he said or did. His brand of humor was actually something
quite offsetting to me at first; how can this guy find any humor in what
he has had to indure in a brutal prison system, singled out and targeted
because of his political leanings? As I have come to know him, I
understand that this humor is part of his strength...Rob's strength is
amazing, y'all. Just one of the many things that I admire about him.

Okay, guess that's it for now. Oh! One more thing. If any of you have or
have access to J18 footage or photos, it would be so very cool if you
might consider seeing your stuff in the doc. I would be deeply indebted
and will note all credits and and copyrights.

Take care, talk to you in a few days.

"Prison is a tragedy for those who feel, a comedy for those who think and a playground for sociopaths."
~~Rob los Ricos
sounds great! 17.Dec.2005 12:16

Kitty (des moines IA)

The film project sounds amazing! I have been corrisponding (on and off) with Rob for a few years now, and a video about him and his story is much needed. We plan on finding a place for him to speak while on tour in Iowa. Thanks for all of your good work.
In resistance
Kitty  dumpsterlove515@hotmail.com