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Sandy Residents please help

We need your help
I promise that if you meet and talk with me about your police problems, I will never give your identity.

One resident in Sandy asked me that if they post to Independent Media, wether the police could track them. Does anyone know the answer to that?
I forgot to post my e mail 16.Dec.2005 20:25


get info indirectly 17.Dec.2005 01:03


Zaki: In an earlier article I wrote, I made a suggestion about how a person might anonymously provide information, as did LN. LN's suggestion was for the person to use a public computer that may somewhat defy survelliance by virtue of its having an overwhelming number of users to monitor. Of course, if the person is somebody known and watched, there could be tabs on their access numbers and such.

I have no experience with this really, but common sense would seem to suggest a 2nd and 3rd party arrangement to bring information to light. The person with the info would want a common location that lots of people routinely visit, like an office downtown. What about that of your lawyers?

The person with the info uses the word processor to type out the information, doesn't identify themselves with their real name, but has to give you something that will help you prove what they're saying has substance. Eventually they might be able, or might have to identify themselves, but only after their can be some degree of assurance of their safety.

The person with the info shouldn't deliver it themselves. They should have someone completely unconnected with the info hand deliver it. The recipient would also have a middle person to deliver a response. They'd meet in an agreed upon, commonly visited place, like the library, coffeshop, the dogwalkpark.

If someone comes forward, it probably wouldn't be too smart for them to directly meet or correspond with someone known and watched, who is trying to get information, like yourself.

All of the above is basically spy novel bullshit. Slow, but sometimes that's the way you have to do it, and still bad things can happen. Best thing would be, if the person with the info really has something, they just come forward publicly and state their case. Money could help.

I know everyone at indy hates them, but I just bet all the local corporate crime sleuths must have their ear to the ground on the possibility of the bad sandy cop thing, yet they haven't said a peep. Guys like stanford have a lot of connections, and he loves to write about nasty doings of those paid to serve and protect. The O would love to pay back dub-dub for missing the scoop on the rotten goldschmidt. They got money too. Maybe they just aren't trying hard enough, or they just don't care about little sandy town doings.

A scandal with big potential is what it might take to get the corp involved. Say for example if big celebs like 'schmidt were going out there to have sandy po's hook em up with tasty morsels and then having the po administer the coup de gras if they threatened to blab.

Don't be afraid 17.Dec.2005 18:48


That seems to scare people even more. I do not live in Sandy, but the reason I am not intimidated is because I have not broken any laws, I just exercise my right of speech. Also all my neighbors know me and love me for everything I do for my area. I have helped so many people. They also know that I put my life on the line for one of my neighbors kids, nothing can happen without my neighbors calling me immediately if I am not home. Many of them are retired and are usually home. If anyone is in trouble or needs help, they call me. I am a friend with like over 50 people in my neighborhood.
I believe that if you do not try to hide, and have a "here I am" mentality, it is much better than being afraid and hiding from those who are supposed to protect us.
When I have all of the information on Carlos and Fouad, and any other misconduct by the Sandy and Clackamas sheriffs, Juan and I are first
going to go down to Salem and meet with every legislator we can. They are the ones that can do something about all this, and I have experience
from my help to the medical cannabis laws. Do not be afraid, this is our country, our state, and our cities, if we do not act on the accountability of these agencies, then we as citizen's fail. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, AND THESE ARE OUR DUTIES, OR ELSE ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES, LIKE IN IRAQ ARE IN VAIN. We owe it to them. Freedom has never been free, you have to fight for it, and when it is achieved, it is our duty to ensure that it will be here for us, and our children. Stand and protect our country.