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another rural shooting

A man who was possibly unarmed was shot this evening near Damascus.
I just heard this on corp media. A man was being chased by Clackamas County Sheriff officers and was shot near Damascus. According to the 'news' the man was known to police and has had many difficulties with the law over the past 20 years. How that mixes with the possibility that he was unarmed when stopped has escaped me. More will be coming out later, I am sure.
More? 18.Dec.2005 09:11


Could you please keep us informed? How is the victim? Did he survive? Who was the shooter? (Willard?!)

And by the way, the corporate media ALWAYS tries to help justify police killings by implying that the victim was some kind of ne'er-do-well. Fuck the corporate media, fuck the police. Protect yourselves from them both.

check the other posting 18.Dec.2005 14:49


The mad died on the scene. For more information, please check the second posting on Indy at