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Proof of the assassination attempt on Fouads sister

This is how Clackamas County responds to people who are in mental duress.
I know this personally; three people assaulted me in front of my house, while I was witnessing really bad assaults on my neighbor's kids. I got on my cell and called it in to 911. The assailants found out who I was talking to, and came over and stopped me. I suffered a broken face where titanium had to be surgically put where my cheek normally is. I also suffered extreme mental affect do to the swelling of my brain. The DA wanted me to LIE in trial and I refused. We got into it so much over that that told him that I don't want anyone affiliated with him to ever call me again. I know that these people almost killed me, but they were trying to use my anger and hurt to put them away for 6 years! One was only 20 years old. I would not have that, and I told him I would not lie like he wanted me to, and since they knew I was having mental problems and effects, they came after me with a vengeance.
Another kid also suffered a broken face and jaw. The 911 operators recorded the assault on me.
Four months after my surgery, my wife was having a miscarriage, she was so far along she had to be rushed in and have a DNC done (that when they have to remove the baby), I drove her there with a suspended license. At the hospital, I was so sick and freaking out, the staff asked me to leave and go home and wait. I left, on my way when I got really sick, parked, and got out of my truck. I was puking my brains out, when an officer came. He gave me a driving while suspended ticket. When Clackamas got news of this, they put me in jail for 60 days! Instead of being home to comfort my wife, I was in jail!
They put me in jail for 60 days for driving while suspended, then gave the person who broke my face, interfered with a call to 911, and assaulted many other people 30 days in jail! Yes, its true, his name is Jason Sylvis, look it up, he got 30 days for almost killing me, and I got 60 days for driving my wife to the hospital for an emergency while suspended. Thats how bad they wanted me, and they still have not quit, I have another court date in January, I am supposed to go to the same court who would not even put those who murdered Fouad on trial and expect some kind of justice, for a driving infraction! A DUII when I was suffering serious head injury for an accident, I was not loaded at all, my head smashed my window and they took me to jail. Clackamas County court and police are from a slew.
I will retrieve those pictures and post them.

The day we found out that Fouads life was not even worth an actual trial to the people who are supposed to protect and serve us, his sister had been up for three days and in terrible condition, she did not even know what the Grand Jury had decided. We were frantically looking for her cause of her trauma. We were afraid she would hear it on the radio or something, then who knows what would of happened. We finally located her and I got her to agree to meet me at my house in Boring, then I was to persuade her to get medical help, her family and Father Albon from our church was also planning with us to get her to a safe place, she was completely delirious and still did not know of the moral crime the grand jury had committed. All I wanted to do was get her in my car and my supervision for her safety.
Unfortunately I got pulled over in Gresham, I was in a hurry and under severe distress, but still I should not of being speeding, for that just simply puts me and others in danger, I was completely wrong for that, even though I was worried about Fouads sister.
The police officer took my information, then after what seemed like 20 minutes came back to my car (he got Clackamas on his radio, or
phone, or how ever else they communicate) and told me he believed me, I had told him that I was sorry but had concerns for a friend who was having a crisis and I was trying to get home to help her, or if needed take her to a hospital, he gave me back my license then said lastly, "Don't be surprised if the police are there when you arrive."
I called Fouads sister immediately and told her not to come to my house, but instead meet me somewhere else. We were successful in getting
her help and making sure she was safe, I love her so much, its killing me that am loosing my cousin Fouad, there is no way I am going to allow
anything bad happen to his family, I will put my life on that one.
Ok, now to Clackamas County's response to someone in crisis, they pieced together who I was and that it was Fouads sister who was having the mental crisis, they immediately called it a "code 3", and I guess its a real bead call or something. This is for girl having a crisis? Is this what they would do to ANYONE who lives in Clackamas county and has some kind of mental breakdown, or sometimes when the citizen is no longer alive to testify, they also use mental breakdowns as their scapegoat. It is true! Clackamas County does not allow its citizens to have any kind of mental illness, depression, bipolarism, anything. In addition, here is the proof, here is the letters justifying their systematic murder of those who are deemed undesirable.
My neighbor called me really quick after the officer let me go, he is a fireman and has lived there for over 30 years. He was completely alarmed and scared, he told me that the Clackamas county police were setting up not at my house, but across a busy street. He told me they were setting up Really big guns, and he said really big. He told me that they were sighting in the front of my home; there was no ambulance, no firw truck, nothing but a large amount of police seeming to get ready for a battle. He had to bring his kids in because they would have to fire over his front yard. I cannot imagine what would have happened if Fouads sister and I would have shown up, she would of completely broke down at the sight of so many police officers, and probably think that somehow I set her up or something, and they would of had us sighted in from across the street where we would not of even seen those officers. Now this is supposedly how they respond to someone in crisis. I called and tried to get some answers. I just received this letter on the 15th. These people are more than criminals, they are murderers!
Pics of how bad they assaulted me 16.Dec.2005 17:56


30 days in jail for this! It's unbelievable, what a way to get back at me for refusing to lie!

one more picture 16.Dec.2005 17:58


30 days in jail for this. Where is the justice? I was not awarded 1 penny of restitution.

Documents? 18.Dec.2005 07:56


For some reason, I can't open these documents. Can you place the text in a message for those of us who are interested?

Try this 18.Dec.2005 10:11


its a letter from The Clackamas County Sherriff, they might , like the others take a long time to load, the others where under Microsoft Word, These are Paint. Maybe the people at Inymedia can do something

Thes are the injuries 18.Dec.2005 10:32


30 days in jail for doing this to me, and because I would not lie on the stand for DA Scott Heely

opps 18.Dec.2005 11:12


Here are the other pics of the injuries.

a little amateur tech help with the documents 18.Dec.2005 12:34


Zaki: The documents and pictures you attached to your comments take forever to open up. Might help if you review how you're doing the scan procedure. Probably none of the items you've included need to be greater than 96 or 150 dpi at 100% of original size. It's kind of trial and error...you have to experiment.

You want to keep the file size down so it doesn't take forever to open it up with the modems that many of us poor people have. In the case of the typewitten documents, it would just be a question of whether you could read the text once the attachment is opened up. With the snapshots, it would help keep the file size down if you crop to just the pictures themselves, eliminating the white area that is around the current ones in your comments.

Sorry 18.Dec.2005 14:52


This was the first time I attempted that, I wanted people to be able to read this for themselves so they can first hand see how the Clackamas County Sheriffs justify anything.