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Nuclear Winter Formal

nuclear winter formal
Mark your calendars, make your costumes... it's almost time for...

Mythmedias 2nd Annual
Nuclear Winter Formal
Friday January 27th @ Someday (125 NW 5th)
8pm $10 20 donation All ages

Civilization is devouring the planet at an accelerating rate. Lets face it; collapse is inevitable. Most people might poo-poo you with doom and gloom visions of the future but we say, why fear it? Why not celebrate it? Hell, why not take it a step further and prepare for it by celebrating before it actually happens? We are Mythmedia and this is Preemptive Post-apocalypticism. The Nuclear Winter Formal is our annual fundraiser where people of all kinds come together to celebrate the end of civilization. We facilitate a multi-media glimpse of a post apocalyptic world, conceptualized by local artists. Local celebrity and Preemptive Post-apocalypticist Urban Scout, along with his trusty sidekick Asa, AKA Trail Boy, will be your hosts. This years line up is killer, just like the genocides, famines, and ecological destruction inherent in civilization!

The Hunches: What other band could possibly match
the chaotic events brought on by the fall of civilization with their music and stage presence?
Hillstomp: Theyve got this totally sweet post apocalyptic drum kit.
DJ Thunder: One of the only DJs in Portland who can get Mythmedia dancing.

There is no television in a post apocalyptic world, which is great news for the Alberta St. Clowns, who will be running amok and performing great feats throughout the evening.

A post apocalyptic Costume Contest, judged by local fashionistas Charlotte LaVictoire (Owner of YES), Elspeth Vance, and Shawn Deller. The winners will receive prizes! Such as gas masks, Mad Max dvds, survival kits, and many more with our grand prize being a computer filled with video games to numb your mind while the world bleeds to death around you - donated by the great people at The Backspace.

If you come early enough, youll get a free DVD of The Adventures of Urban Scout, mythmedias amateur, sophomoric short film that is too silly not to have. The first 50 people in the door will get to take one home. Think how cool youll be when the feature length gets made and youll be able to show people how wacky our first attempt was!

What kind of Formal doesnt have a place for you and your date to get photos? Not ours! Our friend Brett Superstar has painted a beautiful cityscape of a post-apocalyptic Portland for you and your date to document this exciting time in human history.

Popularity Contest:
Thats not all! We will be crowning the Nuclear Winter Formals King and Queen. Judged by YOU!

Are you ready for Mythmedias second annual fundraiser the Nuclear Winter Formal? If not, then hurry and get a costume, a date and come to the party that will make post-history. If youre not excited about the fall of civilization now, youre a poseur.

Mythmedia was founded in 2002 by a group of high school dropouts who all agree on one thing: that civilization is going out of style fast! Our mission is to facilitate provocative and innovative ideas for a sustainable future using cutting edge media. Weve been called many things; avant-garde, superstitious, crazy, pretentious environmentalist hipsters, and yet some believe us to be modern visionaries. Whatever we are, we have been slowly building street-cred over the last couple of years, most notably for running Broadcast, Portlands longest running open mic style film screening, from the success of last years Nuclear Winter Formal and our Urban Scout project. This is an exciting time for us, within the next 6 months we will receive our definitive ruling on our tax-exempt status, hold our first ever post-apocalyptic survival summer camp for homeless teens, publish the first Mythmedia Quarterly, and begin preproduction for our first feature length film, The Adventures of Urban Scout.