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Michel Van Rijn, The Gospel of Judas

Interview with Michel Van Rijn.
Michel Van Rijn
Michel Van Rijn
Interview with Michel Van Rijn. We discuss what The Gospel of Judas is and what it contains; Saint Irenaeus, Bishop of Lugdunum; the appearance of the Coptic manuscript written in Sahidic; why The Gospel of Judas has been banned and hidden from the public for so long; the Vatican; how he found out about The Gospel of Judas; the documentary by National Geographic; why he published the translation of The Gospel of Judas on his web site; Frieda Nussberger Tchakos; the Maecenas World Patrimony Foundation; his background as a dealer and smuggler in the art world during the 70's; his book Hot Art Cold Cash which tells what really happens in the art world in obtaining historical artifacts; Chairman Al Taubman and the Sotheby's scandal; Christopher Davidge and the Christie's Auction House Scandal; the moral obligations of art dealers; how crooked art dealers can sponsor terrorism; what changed his ways as a former arts smuggler.

Featured song is "Tricycle" by Might Could.

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Stand Up For Judas 17.Dec.2005 05:29

Leon Rosselson

Stand Up For Judas

(Leon Rosselson)

So stand up, stand up for Judas and the cause that Judas served
It was Jesus who betrayed the poor with his word

The Romans were the masters when Jesus walked the land
In Judea and in Galilee they ruled with an iron hand
And the poor were sick with hunger and the rich were clothed in splendour
And the rebels whipped and crucified hung rotting as a warning
And Jesus knew the answer
Said, Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, said, Love your enemies
But Judas was a Zealot and he wanted to be free
Resist, he said, The Romans' tyranny

Jesus was a conjuror, miracles were his game
And he fed the hungry thousands and they glorified his name
He cured the lame and the lepers, he calmed the wind and the weather
And the wretched flocked to touch him so their troubles would be taken
And Jesus knew the answer
All you who labour, all you who suffer only believe in me
But Judas sought a world where no one starved or begged for bread
The poor are always with us, Jesus said

Now Jesus brought division where none had been before
Not the slaves against their masters but the poor against the poor
Set son to rise up against father, and brother to fight against brother
For he that is not with me is against me, was his teaching
Said Jesus, I am the answer
You unbelievers shall burn forever, shall die in your sins
Not sheep and goats, said Judas, But together we may dare
Shake off the chains of misery we share

Jesus stood upon the mountain with a distance in his eyes
I am the way, the life, he cried, The light that never dies
So renounce all earthly treasures and pray to your heavenly father
And he pacified the hopeless with the hope of life eternal
Said Jesus, I am the answer
And you who hunger only remember your reward's in Heaven
So Jesus preached the other world but Judas wanted this
And he betrayed his master with a kiss

By sword and gun and crucifix Christ's gospel has been spread
And 2,000 cruel years have shown the way that Jesus led
The heretics burned and tortured, and the butchering, bloody crusaders
The bombs and rockets sanctified that rain down death from heaven
They followed Jesus, they knew the answer
All non-believers must be believers or else be broken
So put no trust in Saviours, Judas said, For everyone
Must be to his or her own self - a sun