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OREGON could join in Aspartame Ban with NM and UK; please write to your attorney general!

Why ban Aspartame, the Artificial Sweetener found in 6000 food products and over 500 kid's medications? Because it turns to formaldehyde, a neurodegenerative carcinogen which is causing M.S., headaches, convulsions, ALS, and other diseases. FDA approval was ramrodded in 1981 and for diet drinks in 1983. Start reading labels, and write to you AG!
Aspartame Battle Moves from New Mexico Boards to As Yet Undelivered Attorney
General's Opinion on how an FDA approved product and neurotoxic food and
medicine additive can be challenged despite industry claims of federal
preemption; UK Member of Parliament, Roger Williams, calls for UK Ban of
Aspartame as Neurotoxic, Carcinogenic, and Neurodegenerative Artificial

Commendations to Roger Williams, UK member of Parliament for calling for
total ban in UK of Aspartame in Parliament on December 14! Front Page London
Daily Mail, scant US mainstream media coverage.

Both the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy and the Environmental Improvement Board
have petitions before them to amend the Administrative Code with a new
chapter which bans neurotoxic additives, to medications and to foods.

There are over 6000 food products with aspartame and over 500 medications,
primarily children's meds and vitamins, which contain aspartame, even
thougheveryone knows that it turns to Formaldehyde (among other toxic

The world's largest Aspartame manufacturer, Ajinomoto (also the world's
largest MSG manufacturer) has hired the Rodey Firm and a Washington D.C. law
firm FDA specialist to hammer these two boards into silence and to force them
to abandon any future hearings on aspartame, primarily riding on the absurd
logic that because aspartame was approved by the FDA, any state level
challenge would therefore be preempted by the Federal approval.

The Ajinomoto/ Rodey lawyer in so many words told the Pharmacy Board on
November 14 that they didn't have the expertise nor the manpower to read, let
alone to comprehend the FDA's one to ten million pages proving that aspartame
was safe, even though 6 out of 9 of them are pharmacists, and that the reason
the petitioners, myself and Santa Fe Pediatrician Ken Stoller, came to them
instead of the FDA with this petition, is that we thought they "must be
easier to push around."

In fact, the FDA has ignored all of the petitions to ban aspartame, and a
meaningful preemption for aspartame is impossible, given the political
channels used to get its approval in 1981, and for soft drinks, over the
objections of the National Soft Drink Association, in 1983. I believe that
the FDA's approval processes for food additives are so corrupt and
manipulated by corporate mendacity and phony research, that the states'
regulatory processes are the only possible salvation for health in America.

Under pressure from Ajinomoto/Rodey and a bit less pressure from the
Montgomery and Andrews firm, retained by industry front group, the Calorie
Control Council, both boards have asked Attorney General Patricia Madrid for
a formal Attorney General's Opinion as to whether this Federal-preemption-due-
to-FDA-approval crumbling mythologies will prevent any action by the two

The co-petitioners and other consumer advocates who recognize the importance
of this Attorney General's Opinion are hopeful that with her generally strong
stands for New Mexico states' rights over the past 7 years, as well as the
clear authority for these boards explicitly delineated in several NM statutes
to examine such questions, that her Opinion will be a landmark one for
consumer protection efforts in every state.

Rather than wait till such opinion is delivered, however, I encourage the
reader to write to the Honorable Patricia Madrid, and to her Deputy, the
Honorable Stuart Bluestone, the Bataan Building, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501,
and make your views known. You can contact them directly at (505) 827-6000
and (505) 827-6004, and you can email them as well. You can also discuss this
urgent medical need with your legislators and encourage them to support the
creation of a powerful new New Mexico Nutrition Council, described in Senator
Altamirano's Senate Bill 525 from 2005, which you can read on the NM
Legislature website. Altamirano is the President Pro Tempore of the New
Mexico Senate.

Governor Bill Richardson's views on this are clear: he supports the EIB's
decision to move forward with aspartame hearings, because "the Federal
government has not done enough to warn people about the dangers of
aspartame," he stated on October 5 to the Albuquerque Journal. Richardson can
be reached at 505 827-3000; Press Sec. is Billy Sparks.

For more information, please go to the website for the World Natural Health
Organization, wnho.net, and for the Aspartame Toxicity Information Center, in
Concord, New Hampshire. Please closely examine the articles by H.J.Roberts,
M.D., author of Aspartame Disease: an Ignored Epidemic, and by Neurosurgeon
Russell Blaylock, M.D., author of Exicitoxins: the Taste that Kills.

The Aspartame/formaldehyde and the Thimerosal/mercury in vaccines are tied to
together in these considerations before the two New Mexico Boards, because
they are both proven neurotoxins with deadly neurodegenerative effects, and
this is the subject of the additional chapter for the Administrative Code.
Such additions are the concerns of the Boards and Commissions. The statutes
delineating the entire authority to implement these permanent bans are cited
in detail at www.wnho.net, click on aspartame.

It is very clear that a great deal depends on the Attorney General's Opinion
as a formal legal document, because if states are powerless to question any
FDA approved product, then the corporate plutocracy/kleptocracy and "toxic
idiocracy" which has dumped all of these neurotoxic additives and carcinogens
into the American diet and American pharmacology win the right to keep doing
so, to the extreme detriment of the health of every American.

The international implications are clear also, since these same corporations
like Ajinomoto and many American companies use their products FDA approval to
push approval through in hundreds of other nations in the world, by
saying: "The FDA has the most stringent approval processes in the world."
What a cruel and insidious joke!

Clearly, this is an absurd and flawed bit of logic, and once it is dispensed
with and these crumbling mythologies are discarded forever, everyone's health
can improve, particularly that of the children in New Mexico, in the United
States, and all over the world.

The aspartame corporate dominoes are beginning to fall, starting in New
Mexico, through the relevant regulatory bodies of the state, and this
consumer protection effort could take place in every state in the United
States, depending on the statutes of each state, and on the energy advocates
are willing to devote to this vital and long overdue effort. Just call the
Supreme Court Librarian in your state capitol, and ask whether there are
statutes banning poisonous additives or harmful adulterants to food and to

Stephen Fox
New Millennium Fine Art
505 983-2002

homepage: homepage: http://www.wnho.net
phone: phone: 505 983-2002

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