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Echelon Project

Does anyone remember the NSA based Echelon project that was exposed in 1999 I think?
THE NSA used Echelon to get around the anti-monitoring laws in the US by setting up servers in other countries then taking the data from there. Echelon was monitoring email, phone, etc. I think Canada and Autrailia among others were collaboring with the US.

The ACLU was on it.

I think an Echelon Watch was set up. What ever happened with that? Does anyone know?

The new NSA surveillance just sounds like an expansion of that project doesn't it?
NSA uses ECHELON against US citizens 16.Dec.2005 15:49


Original URL:  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/12/16/echelon_in_your_backyard/
NSA uses ECHELON against US citizens
By Thomas C Greene in Washington
Published Friday 16th December 2005 22:36 GMT

Washington Roundup Who would have believed that twitchy paranoiacs are actually onto something? Incredibly, they are: the New York Times has revealed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on American citizens.

Previously, the Agency had shown itself to be scrupulous ( link to www.theregister.co.uk) about avoiding this sort of activity. But according to numerous un-named sources paraphrased in the Times, the President signed a secret order authorizing him to intercept phone calls and emails from US persons in communication with persons outside the US, and all without the slightest bit of judicial oversight.
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The White House claims that a September, 2001 Congressional resolution authorizing the so-called war on terror gives the President authority to conduct domestic surveillance without a warrant, even though it is forbidden by federal law. Interestingly, the Times says that the spy program was curtailed when it became clear to the Administration that the story was about to come out, which implies something a bit shy of full confidence that the order really was legal.

Use PGP for E-mails you want to keep private 16.Dec.2005 16:55

As slick as an asparagus spear

Try the (PGP) pretty good privacy email program. It isn't perfect but it can help protect your emails by encrypting the information. Fore warned is fore armed.

emails re eschelon disappear! 19.Dec.2005 10:00


I remember when I first heard about the eschalon program, I emailed a blurb about it to a few friends. Not one got the email. That was back in 1999 I believe. I thought that was quite interesting.