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animal rights

Schumacher Fur Protest

Come out and join us to keep the heat on at Schumachers Saturday December 17th starting at 12:30 until 3:00 or later.
Over 40 million animals are starved, beaten, skinned alive or left for days to die slowly in traps. And for what? Nobody needs a $10,000 fur coat from Schumachers. If the Schumacher protest is too confrontational for you then please grab some leaflets and head down to Meier and Frank or Nordstroms to leaflet there. There's a place for everyone in the fight against fur.
a revolution fed on chicken? 16.Dec.2005 12:11

mark holladay holladaymark@yahoo.com

thank you so much for your concern for the animals, and i gurantee you if this was happening in every city in this ****hole (i mean usa) then folks would change. change is an important concept for people to grasp at, even if they aren't capable of it. please let me know where i can get some flyers, and also count me in for the restistance.

To Mark Holladay 16.Dec.2005 14:25


We will down at Schumachers located at SW 9th and Morrison every Saturday starting at 12:30. We have plenty of leaflets or you can get them anytime from In Defense of Animals here in Portland. Phone number is 503-249-9996.

Downtown Police puzzled 17.Dec.2005 04:41


The downtown PPB are puzzled as to why Shumaker Furs is being targeted over other Fur distributors.

gotta start somewhere, officer 19.Dec.2005 03:58

one step at a time

Just like you can only ticket one jaywalker at a time, and you won't get all the speeders today either.