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Boise Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting receives huge turnout

On Monday, December 12th, the Boise Neighborhood Association (BNA) held its monthly general meeting. The group convened at the Albina Youth Opportunity School at 7pm. The agenda included topics such as: Improvements at Unthank Park, the Drug Free Zone in our neighborhood, and the Mississippi Lofts project on North Mississippi. At its peak, the meeting held nearly 70 residents of the Boise Neighborhood.

As the legend goes, the BNA has faced meetings of ten people or less, just within the past year. Over the last several months, attendance has steadily increased bringing us to the totals that we saw at the December meeting. This meeting brought out folks who have just moved to Boise, folks who have lived their entire lives here, people who swore they would never attend another neighborhood meeting, and people who just found out that the BNA exists. Not to mention, the people who have faithfully attended meetings month after month, without fail. The response from BNA Board members: "We want more!"

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