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fouad Kaady

he was murderd
Just because a Grand Jury was brainwashed and controlled by the clackamas county DA who was working on behalf of the cowards who were supposedly afraid for their lives by a severely burned kid (his burns were so bad, he had to be identified by his family by his feet!) and chose not to even indict the officers, does not mean that they did not brutally murder this kid. HE WAS MURDERD!
supporting details 15.Dec.2005 22:59


Uh-h, not to be impolite, improper, or even to suggest that they should be open for public viewing, but in the interest of further insight about the degree of police irresponsibility in the matter, are their photographs of Foud's burns? I imagine the police would have taken some to somehow try bolster their case. Yes, keep the awareness going....it might be good if it burned into the police consciousness like a nasty tattoo.

they are way to terrible 15.Dec.2005 23:43


they are way to terrible, i know it would be powerfull, but the family would never allow that, and trust me, you do not want to see them, they are very terrible.

no need 16.Dec.2005 08:45


No need to look at the photos and no need to give up hope here. We are not forgetting what happened to Fouad and continue to work for justice.