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Rod Coronado and Matt Crozier Found Guilty

The jurys verdict came back yesterday afternoon guilty on all three charges for both defendants (Rod Coronado and Matt Crozier). Specifically, Rod and Matt were found guilty in federal court of:

Felony conspiracy to interfere with or injure a government official (max 7 years)
Misdemeanor interference with or injury to a forest officer (max 6 months)
Misdemeanor depredation (theft or destruction or the attempt to do so) of government property (max 1 year).

Remember, all three charges relate to an Earth First! campaign to prevent mountain lions from being captured or killed by hunters in Tucson, Arizona in March 2004. For details about the trial, including the way the prosecution alleged that using the media as part of a campaign now constitutes conspiracy and intimidation, visit www.azef.org (newest updates will be posted in the next day or two). In the next few weeks, we will release a statement about the political ramifications of this trial and what it means for direct-action organizers around the country.
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