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First 2 days of action against the WTO in Hong Kong

Some really excellent coverage is coming out of hong kong by independent journalists and activists. As many predicted the WTO will likely fail once again due to pressure exerted by activists on the ministerial. There are some truly excellent first-hand reports being written by people engaged in the events. Here are a few that I enjoyed.

Collection of 20 videos from WTO Hong Kong available on indytorrents.org

I packaged up the videos currently available from http://swtop.blogspot.com covering the first couple of days of WTO protests in Hong Kong as well as some of the events before hand. This includes video from the "No WTO : Stop Collusion between Government & Business" Rally, the "Stop WTO! Mourn for the Dealth!" Action, an interview about the police raid of the Indonesian Migrant Worker's Union (IMWU), video of Korean farmers and their shrine to Lee Kyung-hae, activists entering the conference center, and of course video of police violence (riot porn, though pretty tame by US standards).

NO WTO, Teach-in this Saturday in Portland

Please join over 15 local labor, environmental, and community organizations for a teach-in:
Saturday, December 17
10 am-4 pm
Koinonia House (633 SW Montgomery, Portland).