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Collection of 20 videos from WTO Hong Kong available on indytorrents.org

I packaged up the videos currently available from  link to swtop.blogspot.com covering the first couple of days of WTO protests in Hong Kong as well as some of the events before hand. This includes video from the "No WTO : Stop Collusion between Government & Business" Rally, the "Stop WTO! Mourn for the Dealth!" Action, an interview about the police raid of the Indonesian Migrant Worker's Union (IMWU), video of Korean farmers and their shrine to Lee Kyung-hae, activists entering the conference center, and of course video of police violence (riot porn, though pretty tame by US standards).

The good news is that the wmv files are playable on vlc ( http://www.videolan.org/) so they can be played back on any platform. The bad news is that some of the files were not properly deinterlaced before compression leaving serious combing artifacts in any scene with fast motion and also that the realmedia files cannot be played back by vlc.

Watching these videos is exciting, it's like watching indymedia emerge in China. The people are creative in their actions and slogans. The police seem to be lacking in riot gear but certainly have large numbers (though not more than events in the US and around the world from the video footage so far). They do seem to have studied up on the tactics used by the US and other nations in suppressing dissent. There are people from many different countries assembled to speak their message in resistance to the WTO.


If you don't have a BitTorrent client get one here:

For more videos as they are made available:


homepage: homepage: http://indytorrents.org/

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