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radical teach-in this saturday on the WTO & Right to Organize

there will be a teach in from 10am-4pm at the koinonia center at 633 montgomery (near psu)
this saturday december 17th
workshops on trade, labor genetic engineering, human rights, and global struggle
lunch provided
The Local Impacts of Free Trade: Local to Global

Please join over 15 local labor, environmental, and community organizations for a
teach-in this Saturday, December 17, from 10 am-4 pm at the
Koinonia House (633 SW Montgomery, Portland).

Ending the week of the Sixth Ministerial of the World Trade Organization in Hong Kong,
we will critically discuss the impacts of "free" trade, privatization, and the WTO on human, immigrant, and labor rights, and the environment. We will examine how international activists have organized a global resistance against "free" trade and the WTO and how activists have formed coalitions across social movements. We will offer a variety of solutions and ways of getting active in this global struggle. The teach-in is a free event with free breakfast, lunch, and childcare. Join us for the whole day or for just one workshop! This teach-in is brought to you by the same wonderful coalition that organized the December 10 anti-WTO/Right to Organize March
To register for this free event, please send an email to  wto_teachin@riseup.net.

Teach-in Schedule

10-10:30 Tabling Information & Free Breakfast

10:30-11:50 Session I
Workshop A: The Basics of International Trade & Neo-liberalism
(Facilitators: Martin Hart-Landsberg, Lewis & Clark College; Meredith Shafer, activist)

Workshop B: Immigrant Rights in a Global World
(Facilitators: Alice Perry and Pedro Sosa, American Friends Service Committee)

Workshop C: Labor Rights & the Right to Organize
(Facilitators: Laurie King, Jobs with Justice)

12-1:20 Session II
Workshop D: The Local Impacts of "Free" Trade
(Facilitators: Kari Koch and Michael Geoghegan, Oregon Fair Trade Coalition)

Workshop E: Human Rights & Globalization
(Facilitators: Eric Bailey, Amnesty International)

Workshop F: The Environmental Impacts of "Free" Trade
(Facilitators: Erica Maharg, Sierra Club)

1:30-2:30 Free Lunch: An Opportunity to Network with Local Activists & Scholars of Globalization & Social Movements

2:40-4:00 Session III
Workshop G: Hot Topic @ Hong Kong
(Facilitators: Paul Thiers, Washington State University; Andy Szatkowski, Jubilee Oregon)

Workshop H: Genetic Engineering & Food Security
(Facilitators: Lori Ann Burd, Northwest Resistance against Genetic Engineering)

Workshop I: Militarization & Trade
(Facilitators: Dan Denvir & Andreina Velasco, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee)

Workshop J: Global Resistance
(Facilitators: Bruce Podobnik, Lewis & Clark College; Indymedia)