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First 2 days of action against the WTO in Hong Kong

Some really excellent coverage is coming out of hong kong by independent journalists and activists. As many predicted the WTO will likely fail once again due to pressure exerted by activists on the ministerial. There are some truly excellent first-hand reports being written by people engaged in the events. Here are a few that I enjoyed.

On Monday, December 12, one day before the opening of the WTO ministerial meetings in Hong Kong, the Korean Struggle Mission To Stop the Hong Kong WTO Ministerial held a press conference appealing to the media to accurately portray the Korean struggle. Members of the Mission lamented how the media has distorted the image of Korean peasants and workers resulting in oversensitivity of the Hong Kong government towards their visit.

They emphasize that they will voice their concerns and resistance to the WTO in non-violent and peaceful ways, but insist that any hindrance to freedom of expression will be met with affirmative actions. They hope to share their stories with the Hong Kong people, and strengthen international solidarity with activists who will be in Hong Kong this week. Over 1500 Korean farmers have arrived in Hong Kong to participate in the protests against WTO.



News update

16:10 Almost around 100 anti-WTO demonstrators, including Koreans and HongKongers jumped into the sea near Wanchai as a form of protest. Some demonstrators tried to swim to the Convention Centre, but they could not get on the shore as they were surrounded by the police.

16:20 Some demonstrators brought along a wooden altar and tried to light it with fire but were stopped by the police. Around 200 demonstrators are now confronting with 500 policemen. The police had used pepper sprays twice against demonstrators. Some used police rod to hit demonstrators, while demonstrators tried to use bamboos to hit back. Long Hair, reporters and foreigners were hit by pepper sprays and need to be washed by water.

more:  http://www.targetwto.revolt.org/node/48


The Tale of People-Reporter Jumping Into The Sea

In-Media People-Reporter Bobo joined the South Korean team in jumping into the Victoria Harbour today. Below is an interview with her afterwards to understand why she joined the action.

Q: Why did you decide to jump into the sea?
A: I already saw the South Korean team distributing life jackets when I was in Victoria Park. So, I decided to follow them. Later on, I met some South Korean university students during the march and asked them why they were distributing the life jackets. They said some people decided to jump into the sea and swim over to the Convention & Exhibition Centre (CEC). I was very surprised as I didn't know anything about it. I guessed the police didn't know about it as well. Later on, South Korean students brought over a lot of life jackets and I decided to join them.

more:  http://www.targetwto.revolt.org/node/51


Police Use Pepper Spray During the First Day of Anti-WTO Action

HONGKONG-- A thick, orange, foaming substance that triggered reactions similar to those caused by pepper spray was used by HongKong Police to disperse the crowd who were gathering few blocks away from the WTO Convention Center, yesterday.

"Protesters and others who were sprayed were forced to retreat while people in the crowd searched for their personal water bottles." says Puck Lo- an independent reporter.

more:  http://japan.indymedia.org/newswire/display/2511/index.php


WTO Protests - You Cannot Speak If You Wear Too Little

I am a Hong Kong girl who went to protests today in the Victoria Park. My idea today, was to launch an action. It was a peaceful one. Yet, I was besieged by more than ten policemen.

At first, I planned to walk around the park and put off my clothes gradually until only my underwear was left. 'No' and 'WTO' were written on each side of my breasts respectively. Then, my friend would help me to wrap my 'security zones', i.e. my breasts and my bottom, with the makeshift 'security zone banner' strips used by the police. (Although there were a lot of them in the streets, I dared not take the real one in the streets for fear of being arrested. So the makeshift one was just made of half a role of tissue paper)

more:  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/12/329913.html


WTO 6, Day 1: Just The Beginning

On Tuesday, the opening day of the Sixth Ministerial WTO conference, delegates braced for a new round of disagreements, while the protests outside welcomed the arrival of the Korean delegation which included 1,500 farmers. Internationally, farmers and fisherfolk are among those most severely affected by the WTO's neoliberal agenda.

"We will continue to struggle because we want to survive. The WTO is trying to kill us," a speaker from Via Campesina, an international movement of peasants, announced to the crowd this morning.

more:  http://www.targetwto.revolt.org/node/52



I am a British citizen protesting in Hong Kong - I have been dressed as a chicken with a sign dubbed 'WTO - More Dangerous Than Chicken Flu', demonstrating and distributing leaflets to raise awareness of the WTO's true nature.

Journalists are meant to be passive observers not instigators of violence - yet tonight I was assaulted by staff from Hong Kong's two major TV news broadcasters, ATV and TVB.

more:  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/12/329808.html


Report on the WTO Conference Day One Protect Actions

The Sixth Ministerial WTO Conference officially opened today afternoon at 3pm at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). Anti-WTO demonstrators from various countries had staged several protest actions. Most protestors actively ensured the safety of these protest actions. However, at times, protestors could not stand the suppression from the police and had some confrontations. The police shot foam pepper sprays several times and used police rods to attack protestors. Yet, they think they were using "necessary violence" to counter the "non-peaceful" acts of protestors.

more:  http://www.targetwto.revolt.org/node/55


WTO Protests in Hong Kong - Day One report

Protestors gathered last night at the Wan Chai loading bay near the Sports Centre last night, police in riot gear outnumbered demonstrators almost 2-1.

The crowd included protestors from Hong Kong, across the world and particularly South Korea. Several Korean activists jumped into the harbour and attempted to swim over to the venue hosting the WTO talks. Police stopped those involved before they could reach the Exhibition Centre, 3 of the swimmers were taken to a nearby fire station.

more:  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/12/329858.html


WTO MC6, Day 2: Face-Off at the Barricades, Stand-Off at the Summit

Hong Kong, December 14- In the morning four hundred people participated in a "Consulate Hopping" protest march against the General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS) and the privatization of basic services. The procession wound through the Admiralty and Wan Chai districts and split into smaller groups targeting the Indonesian, Phillipine, Nepali, Sri Lankan, Thai and US consulates.

The protesters regrouped and marched to a loading zone near the Convention and Exhibition Center. Police split the crowd, isolating the Korean delegation at the head of the march. Twenty Korean farmers successfully broke through a line of police officers. They then charged the lines of riot police who blocked the road leading to the convention center. Riot police swung police batons and pepper-sprayed the farmers, who nonetheless managed to wrest away ten riot shields. An hour later, the farmers returned the shields and dispersed.

more:  http://www.targetwto.revolt.org/node/78


Photos: Down! Down! WTO(World Tragedy On) on 11th DEC, HK
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Photos: Day 1 (12/13):

Photos: Day 2 (12/14):

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thanks 15.Dec.2005 08:08

fellow resister

Thanks for posting the links for WTO actions. Informative and hopeful! Actions must grow into an international resistence. yttocs