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Tookie interferes with CIA crack cocaine distribution

Despite the years of Tookie's efforts and success at preventing youth (150,00+) from joining steet gangs, Nazi Actor Arnold in Sacramento seems determined to end the life of this former gangster turned peacemaker. Maybe the CIA needs young African-americans to work for them and continue distributing crack-cocaine and automatic weapons in urban neighborhoods.

Stanley Tookie Willaims directly interfered with the CIA crack-cocaine importers when he wrote books and lectured to youth to avoid joining gangs. However many (150,000) young people Tookie has reached and have as a result changed their minds about joining street gangs are not going to be working (indirectly) for the CIA in distributing crack cocaine in working class neighborhoods in LA and elsewhere.. read more >>

California to execute Williams tonight!!

California will execute Stan Tookie Williams at midnight tonight. The Governor of our neighbor state to the south, the very man who ordered the word Rehabilitation added to the Department of Corrections name, denied Williams request for clemency this afternoon. If Tookie Williams is not rehabilitated, no one can ever be. After a violent youth in South Central LA, Williams admitted Co-founding the Crips street gang, An organization that has spread violence across this country. He was also convicted of four murders, though he claims he is innocent of those crimes. Since being sentenced to death for the murders, Williams has turned his life around, writing childrens books and advising young people to avoid gangs. He has attempted to negotiate truces between rival gangs from his prison cell. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 5 times.

The execution is scheduled for 12:01 am tuesday at San Quentin Prison outside San Francisco, CA. Many people are already taking to the streets to protest this miscarriage of justice, both for Tookie Williams and for and end to the barbaric practice of capital punishment nationwide. Rallies are planned in cities all over America this evening. read more >>