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Tookie interferes with CIA crack cocaine distribution

Despite the years of Tookie's efforts and success at preventing youth (150,00+) from joining steet gangs, Nazi Actor Arnold in Sacramento seems determined to end the life of this former gangster turned peacemaker. Maybe the CIA needs young African-americans to work for them and continue distributing crack-cocaine and automatic weapons in urban neighborhoods
Stanley Tookie Willaims directly interfered with the CIA crack-cocaine importers when he wrote books and lectured to youth to avoid joining gangs. However many (150,000) young people Tookie has reached and have as a result changed their minds about joining street gangs are not going to be working (indirectly) for the CIA in distributing crack cocaine in working class neighborhoods in LA and elsewhere..

Maybe the US government doesn't want young people to hear what Tookie has to say about the mistakes he made by joining a gang, the US government would instead prefer young African-american people to be isolated from their knowledgeable elders like Tookie and instead glorify violence, materialism and mysogyny. That way genocide of African-americans from CIA imported crack-cocaine and automatic weapons happens faster (way to go Arnold the "Seig Heil" Actor, the Nazi/Republican party loves you!). Slave labor of African-americans in state prisons also prevents corporations from adhering to that pesky law about minimum wage..

This US government has never done anything that benefits African-americans. The civil war was a mass transfer of labor from southern plantations to northern factories. Freedom from slavery was replaced by free market wage slavery. Southern slave quarters replaced by northern urban tenement housing projects. African-americans are told to either stay in their ghetto neighborhoods or be ultra-materialistic and try to join the privilaged Euro-americans in suburbia. Or join the US military and kill (or be killed by) other innocent people in foreign countries. Then after achieving financial success, African-americans don't often look back at wherever ghetto they came from (or show any solidarity with THOSE low income people), instead fit in with other Euro-american suburbanites (you're one of US now, like Condi Rice)..

Either way many African-americans end up in prisons to work for corporations at below minimum wage. If people like Tookie try to positively reach out to others while inside prison, they are still given the death penalty. This treatment of African-americans is nothing new, racism, oppression and slavery continues today in the USA as it has since the early stages of colonialism by European imperialists..

Personally i have NO pride in being a citizen of the USA and i detest the ruling elite of the US government. No, i will not leave North America either because the land claimed by the US government and their corporate swindlers is stolen from indigenous peoples and doesn't belong to them anyway. The state's execution of Tookie only deepens my hatred for the ruling elite of the US government. Sedition, seccesion, overthrow and revolt of the imperialist US government is all the more needed for our collective survival..

If Tookie is executed there will be more than just vigils. Though Tookie advocated a peaceful response from supporters if he were executed, some people's frustration and rage is at the boiling point. We cannot control the response of any individuals to 500 years of racism, classism and genocide against African-americans on the part of the US government/corporations. We need to continue focusing our anger on finishing the work that Tookie started yet was unable to complete due to his interuption and wrongful execution by the US/CA government leaders..

website has locations of protests;

Serially Killing Republican Governors 12.Dec.2005 19:19

Sathya Spreads

After the number of years he has spent in prison, murdering him is an
added obscenity. It is serial killer Republican governors who
have tried to desensitize us to the brutality of slaughter by the state.
Perry, Taft, Schwarzenegger and others... kill in cold dispassion, not
in the heat of anger.
Corporate media has run pictures of him as an angry young man, not
as the serene teacher he has become.


thank you 12.Dec.2005 19:30


this is a beautiful, truthful piece. thank you for telling the truth. i just fund out that he was not granted clemency and i feel so sad.

yes, it's unfortunate 12.Dec.2005 19:49


So many people will have to suffer because of the state's decision. Here they are handed a golden PR moment, an example of the effectiveness of the prison system (or so they could claim), to hold up Williams as an icon against gang violence, to have a full time preacher against gangs and gang violence that people actually listen to. But instead they want to squander the opportunity, to act either irrationally, against their own and others' best interest, or perhaps as luna moth notes, in their interest of perpetuating gang violence and drug addiction. Their decision will costs people's lives, but probably not theirs. All I do is pray for the day when the citizens of this country once again rise to take back power from their oppressive government and corporations and leave government's powers exceedingly limited (since anyone with any sense knows politicians cannot be trusted to make decisions of life and death) and expel the aristocracy from this country once again. A limited government would hopefully be more likely to choose rational policies and in this case it's a no brainer: better to have a full time effective anti-gang advocate or another body in the ground by the hands of the government. Doesn't take a genius to figure this one out.

"Automatic Weapons" 12.Dec.2005 23:13


Another sad day for California, what barbarism....

However, on the topic of "automatic weapons", you really should qualify that phrase with 'fully' or 'semi'.

Does anyone know of any specific crime committed by crips or bloods where a fully automatic weapon was involved? I can't seem to find one single instance of criminal use of a fully automatic weapon by gang members.

Every article I've ever read about gang violence and automatic weapons in this country has turned out to be false, when you get down to the facts. Journalists like to use the phrase, "automatic weapons", because it sounds so much more dangerous and sexy than "semi-automatic weapons". It's true too, automatic weapons are far more dangerous than semi-auto weapons; but calling a semi-auto weapon an "automatic weapon" is misleading. It's like calling a pocket knife a samuri sword.

crack cocaine, eh? 13.Dec.2005 05:42


It never really occurred to me how upset the feds and CIA, etc. must have been at Tookie for getting in the way of their business (flooding the streets of all the ghettos in this country with crack-cocaine). I highly recommend Gary Webb's book "Dark Alliance" on this subject ( http://www.sevenstories.com/book/index.cfm/GCOI/58322100705890). Interestingly, Webb died this past year in a truly bizarre "suicide" (I'm really not sure if he committed suicide or not, but either way, the feds helped with getting rid of him, either directly or indirectly.)

Tookie is dead, but let us remember that he was just a man and his message won't be destroyed as easily (or at all). We do however need to see this for what this is: a state-sanctioned lynching of a black man. Some people are calling to abolish the death penalty. That's not enough! I'm an abolitionist and we need to abolish slavery in all of its forms... read the Thirteenth Amendment of the US Constitution! It clearly states that slavery is legal (in the form of prison, or "state slavery" as it was called for many many years following the civil war).

RIP, Tookie. You shall not have died in vain.

--------13th Amend: Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Tookie murdered by state; Gary Webb's two bullet suicide 13.Dec.2005 12:15

luna moth

Found out with sadness last night that against all reason, the Nazi regime in Sacramento under Arnold the SS Actor murdered Tookie soon after midnight. This is murder by the state because evidence exists that the police informant testimony used to convict Tookie was false. Often in the final days approaching execution random people come forward to provide new info. In this case another inmate who knew the police informant told defense attorney that this same informant told him that he was fed info by police to testify against Tookie. Even if this is made up, the fact remains that no substantial evidence against Tookie existed and his conviction was based on the police informant's testimony, himself a former death row inmate convicted of murder, rape, mutliation. After the conviction of Tookie, this inmate's sentence was reduced to life with possible parole. That's enough of a bribe for anyone to lie, especially someone who probably lies anyway..


Gary Webb reported for the Sacramento News and Review following his termination from the San Jose Mercury News. The "Dark Alliance" story he reported on about the CIA importing crack-cocaine and various weapons into LA, Compton, Long Beach, etc. and distributing to street gangs recieved negative publicity from other news journals. This led to the SJMN dismissing Webb, though the info was verified years later by the CIA documents themselves. Before Gary Webb's two bullet suicide, he had written stories on US military recruiters tracking combat video game top scoring teenagers and offering them incentives if they join. In the age of military technology the combat video games are like practice for the real thing. Gary's wife claims he was depressed that he couldn't get his old job back at the SJMN. however, he was getting published in the SN&R with far less censorship than the corporate SJMN that canned him earlier. Why he would want that old job back is beyond me. Either way, even the autopsy report states that two bullet suicides are a rare occurrance..

"I could see it - the bullet (two bullets say the coroner: Gary was nothing if not thorough and persistent; imagine for a moment what strength it took to get off the second round) off in the distance somewhere over California, those bullets, the first one fired by that traitor-to-journalism-and-truth Jerry Ceppos in San Jose, those bullets that came out the other side of Gary's cranium in Sacramento last week and took a southern turn toward me."

Gary Webb: Do What He Did
By Al Giordano