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California to execute Williams tonight!!

Gov. Schwarzanegger denies clemency. Execution to proceed
California will execute Stan Tookie Williams at midnight tonight. The Governor of our neighbor state to the south, the very man who ordered the word Rehabilitation added to the Department of Corrections name, denied Williams request for clemency this afternoon. If Tookie Williams is not rehabilitated, no one can ever be. After a violent youth in South Central LA, Williams admitted Co-founding the Crips street gang, An organization that has spread violence across this country. He was also convicted of four murders, though he claims he is innocent of those crimes. Since being sentenced to death for the murders, Williams has turned his life around, writing childrens books and advising young people to avoid gangs. He has attempted to negotiate truces between rival gangs from his prison cell. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 5 times.

The execution is scheduled for 12:01 am tuesday at San Quentin Prison outside San Francisco, CA. Many people are already taking to the streets to protest this miscarriage of justice, both for Tookie Williams and for and end to the barbaric practice of capital punishment nationwide. Rallies are planned in cities all over America this evening.

What will Little Beirut do?
Riots? 12.Dec.2005 17:42


This execution is seriously fucked up. Tookie has a lot of support from around the country. This execution could quite possibly lead to massive riots. I wouldnt be suprized if there was some sort of riot in Portland.

this is horrible 12.Dec.2005 18:13

the real face of american democracy

this is horrible, and it is the real face of american democracy.

the prison system, modern day slave ships, are set up to produce more cheap labor for the prison industry. tookie, who very well participated in what the state of california would consider crime, has been reformed.

killing him tonight is the same as saying "we cant let anyone live that is actually reformed by this system". and its true, they cant.

tookie isnt a saint, but he has definately paid a healthy debt to society.

in death i feel that tookie would be a productive person offering more to the disempowered/disenfranchised youth than he would in death...but maybe the establishment sees that too and wants to kill him for precisely that reason.

Are there any Portland protests scheduled tonight? 12.Dec.2005 18:16


Please post them here asap if you know of any. Thanks.

Ah Sure...you'll be the first to know 12.Dec.2005 18:40


If there are any riots or protests be sure to let any cops who might be posting and reading know first ;)

If riots break out, will there be support in Portland? 12.Dec.2005 19:05

Marik marik@aracnet.com

If such a thing should happen tonight, will we be there to support the rioting working class in L.A.? If at 12:01, the proletariat surges forth, what will we be doing? We should show support if it breaks down. Perhaps the square? Somewhere else? We can't be afraid of the police, they will never go away. They can only be won to our side. We have strength in numbers, so we must post where we are meeting, otherwise we'll be lone individuals, waiting to be intercepted by the police.

Anyone been keeping an eye on southern cali indymedia? As soon as something breaks out, we need to know!

I think there is something in the air tonight.

think strategically 12.Dec.2005 19:16

and act

A vigil or a protest could be good, but I think flooding the phonelines of that CA gov would be much more effective in the short term. There are rallies all over CA so if anything will help those will. More creative actions might be better for those here in portland.

Charles Manson 12.Dec.2005 19:28


Why has Charles Mason given life, and this guy dies? The goverment should never be allowed to put its citizens to death.

A strange irony… 12.Dec.2005 20:35

Fred Bauer

Schwarzanegger denied clemency because "Without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings, there can be no redemption."

In other words, Williams will die because he maintains his innocence.

Governor Terminator having fun 12.Dec.2005 20:35

Leonard Bamboo

In a few hours another blackman will die at the hands of an oppresive society. It sickens me to watch all these white commentators spout off about how he deserves to be electrocuted. These elitist phony bastards who probably never had to struggle a day in their life to get lifes necessities.Tookie Williams may or may not of killed the four individuals at the crime scene,to me the point is this. He was, and is, a product of a racist world and a brutally oppressive one too. His life, I'm sure,was much different than mine. I'm a white male from a predominantly white society. My problems were miniscule compared to what Tookie went through. Every day of his life he was faced with racism, economic classism and internal stuggles within his own community. That kind of pressure is bound to make any person a bit more agressive and frustrated. Mr. Williams has done enough while incarcerated to warrant a Nobel prize nomination. To murder him now, when we all know that the evidence against him is questionable, is outright blasphemy.

Tommorow 12.Dec.2005 20:38


I don't think that anything will happen tonight, however I think the time is right for some anti-capitol punishment action. We can honor tookie's memory by advocating change in our system.

What good will this execution ever do? 12.Dec.2005 21:40


Look at Tookies current record, he has been trying hard to stop gang violence and has prevented gang wars in his prison. Seems like the guy is devoting himself to preventing deaths. Yet, here California is promoting death by killing him... cruel world we live in.

KPFA *live* from San Quentin RIGHT NOW 12.Dec.2005 21:41

Comandante Gringo

KPFA Pacifica - Los Angeles:
< http://www.kpfk.org/>

Live feed:
< http://www.kwire.org:80/>

And to Marik:

It's not smart to base a revolutionary strategy on bringing the pigs over to your side. Certainly soldiers. They're not the same. Not indoctrinated in class hate. But the pigs? Just accept any of them 'coming over' as 'found luck'.

The World is Watching 12.Dec.2005 22:55


This is sad, to watch such criminals acts of a man being sentenced to death by a rascist system. People not corporate elite rule.

That night should be a night of revolt, and not the Transaction of the States 13.Dec.2005 00:36

Abu Al-Jamir

If there is in the States a riot, than everybody should know that Tookie will
still save the Transaction between caution coercive structures and these, who exploit the mass with consumer fidelity to hazardous mask's of feudality in grievance of the religious term, he (Tookie) harms in its book...

Stay tumbed, White-Portland

That Explains 13.Dec.2005 01:31


That explains all the cops in groups around the square. There was alittle 5 little groups of police circling the square the groups had 6 or 7 police on bikes downtown around 5:30 last night.

State endorced murder must end 13.Dec.2005 05:04

Keri Spooner, Sydney Australia

We will never be civilised until we stop the death penalty. If it OK for the State to take a life, then it follows that it equally permissable for anyone to take another's life if it conforms to their belief system. The State is not some elusive body separate from its citizens, it is the expression of the will of its members. Every one of us is a party to the State's decision, willing or unwilling, no matter how we voted. The death penalty achieves nothing except to reduce the value of human life in our society, the value of each of us and the value of our society.



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contrast and compare 13.Dec.2005 15:45

zek gulag

...after all the support, tens of millions of signatures on petitions, marches, vigils et al, Tookie's dead, Mumia & Leonard are still in jail. Assata Shakur, freed by righteous comrades using direct action... maybe if we set ablaze ten thousand kop cars the bastards in power would listen better?